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This script makes boss HP scale with the number of players in Coop, but without making the boss flinch more than the original fight. This makes bosses have a bit more staying power and can actually get to attack, instead of being clobbered to death within seconds by 20 Thokking Sonics and 1 Fang.


Tested with all of the vanilla bosses, as well as Sunset Over Chaos. If a boss uses Lua for wacky health system changes, I make no guarantees about it working. Add-on load order may help for those instances.
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Latest updates

  1. v3 release

    Exposed most functions to a global table, so mod interop is easier. Adding "raid_miniboss =...
  2. v2.0 release

    Minor update to improve performance by adding less global hooks.

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Wow! Amazing! Wow!
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this + high player count = 11 minute brak fight
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It does what it says, but I wish the bosses were changed.
As it is, its not really interesting to fight the same old bosses but with more HP.
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