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Title Screen.png

Shut Up and Get On It, or SUGOI, was a community project meant to encourage people to make a level. And so was SUBARASHII, and KIMOKAWAIII. Over the years, the SUGOI series was beloved by SRB2 v2.1 players alike. After several years, it's been finally remastered for SRB2 v2.2... although it is not as straight-forward as it seems!

Let me sell you...
  • 140+ levels in total, from over 80 different contributors!
  • Several hub levels, secrets, and bosses to tie the thing together!
  • Original music provided by AxelMoon and Lach!
  • Lock-On Technology, turning the trilogy into a huge marathon!
  • 430 total emblems! It's too many!
Repository (PK3): https://github.com/TehRealSalt/sugoi
Repository (EXE): https://git.do.srb2.org/TehRealSalt/SRB2/-/commits/sugoi
  • MAPAD - Lilac Conservatory Zone.png
    MAPAD - Lilac Conservatory Zone.png
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  • MAPBJ - Abandoned Airbase Zone.png
    MAPBJ - Abandoned Airbase Zone.png
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  • MAPD8 - Scarlet Palace.png
    MAPD8 - Scarlet Palace.png
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  • MAPE8 - Glacier Glaze Zone.png
    MAPE8 - Glacier Glaze Zone.png
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  • MAPEA - Nova Shore Zone.png
    MAPEA - Nova Shore Zone.png
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First release
Last update
4.18 star(s) 17 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. v2.2a release

    Minor patch to fix unlockable update on level load clobbering netgame loading. This version can...
  2. v2.2 release

    EXE: Fixed the last remaining crashes caused by the game trying to use a flat as a patch...
  3. v2.1 release

    Added a TEXTURES loading crash fix to the SUGOI EXE. This bug appeared randomly depending on...

Latest reviews

The SUGOI trilogy was my jam back in the 2.1 days, and I'm very happy to see it return with a vengeance five years later in the 2.2 era. For the most part, it's even better than before. Being able to play through all three campaigns in a row using 2.2's engine is a real treat; and I very much appreciate now having the ability to see which levels you've yet to beat on the save you're on. I also like how several of the levels even got substantial overhauls.

It's not perfect, though. This port is a bit scuffed in a number of ways. Some tracks don't loop properly; Amethyst Aqueducts and Bio Satellite are literally impossible to beat; you slide off all the shop pedestals for some reason; the thok in Greenflower Grove only blasts you in the camera's direction; the windowed resolution is inexplicably doubled compared to base SRB2; etc. The inability to return to previous hubs until you beat the game at least once also kind of sucks, especially since I wanted to do Final Tower first and Star Genesis after.

There's also a couple things missing: Emerald Practice (from SUBARASHII) is inexplicably gone, and the lack of any equivalent to KIMOKAWAIII's Boss Rush mode is noticeable (I get that Star Genesis is long as heck, but still, that one could've just been excluded if you were going to update it). I also don't think the Level Select should be locked behind all emblems, especially when the standalone SUGOI releases just gave you it for beating each campaign.

Still, I had a ton of fun getting to play these again for the first time in forever (especially KIMOKAWAIII, which I never beat). I hope all the remaining issues get patched sooner or later so that new generations of players can experience this piece of SRB2 history in all of its glory.
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This mod is a lot better than it was at launch, thought I feel like the purist in me is kinda disappointed by the cut levels and some levels that have been so altered it's hard to call them ports.

There are also some strange oddies that anyone will run into and notice on their first run that aren't fixed. The first special stage as sonic will break the thok if you aren't playing on a specific play style. Green Flowers 1's major set piece has been replaced with nothing but a broken wall that extends to the ceiling. All of the shops push you off to the left for some reason.

However despite all of the complains, I do respect the vision of having the whole project all in one mega pack. And all of the added flair is a nice touch.
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The mod is really good so far im having a lot of fun with some friends, but we encountered a bug that after the true boss in subarashii (hope i spelt that right) goes to its 2nd phase, the game crashes after a while. so we have been unable to progress, aside from that tho im loving this so far and i hope the bug can get fixed soon
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cool patch, but i have to update 2.2.13 to 2.2.13? what?
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I'm honestly shocked at the current state this port is in.

We've been aware this port was in the works since 2.2 was initially around with pushback after pushback of the port supposedly utilizing things that would use the most recent version of SRB2. In retrospect I think it was probably worth to ask "why" and "what reason" but alas it is here.

I think everyone is well aware that the respective level packs mark pretty significant milestones in terms of modification for SRB2 as well as housing some pretty fun levels which technically saw the first use of elements in SRB2 like slopes and polyobjects. Stuff that we generally take for granted today with what people have been able to make for 2.2.

More towards the levels in these packs before we get into more of the technicalities; some of these levels offer fun usages of slopes, some have really creative asthetics, others are there to just look technically impressive and some are neat as an idea but otherwise aren't typically too much fun which these levels are typically ones that deviate from SRB2's core gameplay. Call it a skill issue but these deviations are probably some of the weakest levels in the pack as a whole and with all due respect, make the "completion" requirement too much of a tall order. To each their own in terms of that.

Inoffensive by itself... But there's more that make this port pretty poor in terms of how things are put together.

You can't select a pack individually in the game initially. You have to go fully through SUGOI, SUBARASHII and KIMOKAWAIII respectively in order to get to each pack. If that's not enough, the method of progression is just incredibly scuffed where at least in the SUGOI pack there are still issues where in the middle of a session, parts of the hub map don't open up unless you reload your save.

Certain levels also use 2.2 versions of enemies in place of where there were initially versions of 2.1 enemies and it kills a lot of the flow some of these older levels had, introducing problems that were never initially considered for these levels.

For some cutscenes also, the resolution for things like borders and text boxes for more elaborate ones are completely unoptimized to consider SRB2's current resolution sizes. I get it's a tall order but for something highly touted as professional, it cheapens the experience for it not being considered on top of the fact for some of them, there isn't even a skip function for them. Again, pretty egregious especially for the TLB of SUBARASHII.

I think it's been since patched out now but for whatever reason, there's an item set to only appear for 2.2.14 in the modpack... for a bunch of 2.1 levels... I'll bring this up again more genuinely; why and what for?

I want to rate this higher, especially as someone who enjoyed these level packs back in 2.1. To see these levels in a new engine and with a new level of polish that the pack deserves.

I honestly hope this stuff gets addressed as this feels like what we would see from one of those portleg things people go on about.
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It's SUGOI, SUBARASHII, and both parts of KIMOKAWAII. Of course it's going to be amazing. I would have liked to see a standalone release for all 3 so that server hosts can pick and choose, but I get combining them all so that people can go from one to the next.

Another complaint is that you should be able to fast travel to previous hubs the moment you get to SUBARASHII. If you have unfinished business in any previous hub you have to beat the full campaign, all 3/4(!) parts just so you can get a few more emblems.
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The first time I fully experienced the SUGOI series in one giant port, great job!
Although the SUGOI to SUBARASHII cutscene still crashes, and before the 2.1 update, it crashed when I beat Star Genesis/Ristar, now one of his attacks kind of freeze the game during his 3rd phase and a white screen blinding my vision, therefore I put this at 4 stars.
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but i cant re-put the mod in my folder it says the archive is corrupted
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Beautiful level packs, shame the pack is fundamentally broken currently

[!! SPOILERS !!]

Currently, Both VadaPEGa levels crash, one from sigsev, another from a memory error


There are other misc SIGSEVs, but only appears in loading complicated/LUA heavy maps.

MOST IMPORTANT: the KIMOKAWAII ending is UNBEATABLE. the rest of the platforms do not apear.

Please fix these issues ASAP :,^)
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Anime Memes
I thinked it's been addon for 2.1 lol
and why that addon so fat?
We can't download it in srb2 because maxsend is only 204800 MB!
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