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I've never really been a fan of SRB2's shield sprites since they cover so much of the player sprites, especially compared to the Sonic 3 shields. So I went and made my own visuals for them, which uses transparency, and makes the very big layers into background layers, to make them much less intrusive.
- Force: Entirely new animation.
- Elemental: Water bubble became a background layer and is now additive, matched the flames themselves color to the actual fire sprites.
- Attraction: The solid color is now a background layer, with only electricity being in front of the player.
- Armageddon: The red bit is now additive + a background layer.
- Whirlwind: I never minded this one since it was so transparent anyway, so I left it alone... for now.

Additionally, makes ring attraction act much more like Sonic 3.
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Fantastic work! I used to often intentionally avoid picking up force shields to avoid having my character covered, but now I'll go out of my way to pick them up
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Even with how weird it feels to be infront of the shield instead of inside of it, this looks really cool, it just need short couple of tweaks to be perfect
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love the sprites! defiantly using this every time I play!
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These shields look much better than before. Props to you for pulling this off. And making the ring attraction for the Attraction Shield and Lightning Shield identical to Sonic 3 was a nice nostalgic touch, too, for those who grew up with Sonic 3.
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Simple, but very pretty indeed! Being a character modder myself, i really appreciate being able to look at the sprites without shields covering them up :P
Welcome Aboard!
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