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TehRealSalt submitted a new resource:

Raid Bosses - Longer boss fights in Coop mode

This script makes boss HP scale with the number of players in Coop, but without making the boss flinch more than the original fight. This makes bosses have a bit more staying power and can actually get to attack, instead of being clobbered to death within seconds by 20 Thokking Sonics and 1 Fang.

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Tested with all of the vanilla bosses, as well as Sunset Over...

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after having actually tried it out, i can confirm that this doesn't go well with multiplayer ultimate mode; either use one or the other
what ends up happening is that half or more of the players will die early on, and then the boss just has a ton of hp left
TehRealSalt updated Raid Bosses with a new update entry:

v3 release

  • Exposed most functions to a global table, so mod interop is easier.
  • Adding "raid_miniboss = true" to a boss's mobjinfo will halve the scaling factor, intended for bosses at the end of longer levels.
  • Bots no longer add to player count.
  • Bosses with only one spawnhealth now don't get their health scaled. (FDZ fix)

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