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Pagoda park, back from the Autumn OLDC.

It was a rush job, being a last minute replacement for my initial plan.
So I figured I might as well properly finish it.
And learned a few tricks in the process. Improvements include:

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Minor cleanup like stairs working properly, the waterslide being more fair, fixed some linedef coding.

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A handful of new area's, rooms and alternative routes to try and help with the pacing of the level and give more purpose to the more empty area's.

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Hmm, a door.

View attachment 24645
Hooray, I finally figured out what went wrong with my sprite attempts, I had to center the graphics to avoid them spawning miles below the stage. So improved scenery, but also custom enemies this time. Such as the armored Eggpawn

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And Derpy.

View attachment 24653
And the thing people requested the most.
My custom graphics stand out as a sore thumb among the original SRB2 assets, so here's some brand new playable characters that look like a sore thumb themselves for a cohesive experience.
Not recommended playing them in the normal compaign, they don't look very well there. They're entirely made as aesthetics for my own levels, I guess.
Don't expect any fancing gameplay mechanics.
Hence why I'm not submitting them for the general character forum.
So, without further ado;

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The most conventional choice, Charmy Bee, everyone's favorite Detective. Mostly done as a favor to one of my voice actresses, and because he's one of the few official characters without an SRB2 appearence...Far as I know.

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Hhog. My first test. From my own webcartoon series from back when Sonic recolors were still cool.

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Chair Sonic, for when you want to save the world but don't want to leave your comfy chair.
I did initially say I wouldn't do ANOTHER version of Sonic, but when I got a request to make a Chair Sonic based on a running gag from my Sonic OVA parody
I figured it'd make for a fun character.
Aw, reminds me of being a 13 year old and finding a ToiletMario mod for Mario 1.

Update, Micro took the trouble mirroring the character, so ChairSonic faces "the right way" in version 1.2.
Altough I personally still prefer him facing the other way, but now you can pick which version you prefer. Him moving the chair with his mind, or like a vehicle.
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Honestly? You have me sold! I cracked up HARD when I saw a character that was a running joke in one of your videos translated into a mod!
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