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So what started as a model just for Junio Sonic, has now evolved into an expanding model pack. Here's a list of the included models:


Here it is, a 3d model for Junio Sonic by MotorRoach

Had a model of the model sheet version of Junio lying around unused, and after playing with the Junio addon for the first time recently, I decided I needed to have a 3d model for the mod, so I did it myself. 100% modeled and animated in Blender. Only used Misfit/Maverick to split up the animation into sets.

Only know issue is that the model does not rotate/angle in the Nights stage. This is known, and is an issue with the original mod, not the model.

It should also be noted that this is not Logan's model, nor does it have anything to do with it. It was created entirely independently by me, from start to finish.

Included is a version of the model for Max Control Sonic by Inferno. Supports all animations and transformations. Can also be used to replace Default Sonic, but needs some tinkering with file names, or models.dat.


Here's Junio(?)/CD Metal Sonic. This model was created using the model sheets used for the production of Sonic CD. This is just a straight replacement for the default Metal Sonic Model. Both Player, and Boss versions.

This also has compatibility for the Metal/Maximum Overdrive and Ring Spark Field mods.


A model for the Surge the Tenrec, made by light dasher.

Very cool mod and character, wanted to be the first to release a model for it.


A model for Eggette, made by light dasher.

Been wanting to make this model(not for SRB2) for a while. Figured since I have it now, I may as well animate it for SRB2 as well, since no one else has done one.


A model for Tangle, by light dasher.

Another I've been wanting to do for a while. My favorite design from the IDW comics. Probably one of my favorite mods too, with a very unique playstyle.

To install, simply extract to the SRB2 models folder, overwriting when asked. Then open models.dat in notepad(or something similar) then copypaste the needed lines from the readme into the dat.

Make sure the renderer is set to OpenGL, and models are turned on.

Model animation interpolation is against the artists intent, but if you really want it, for some reason, set it to "sometimes", not "always". Some animations break when forced.
Ambient lighting should be off, as it doesn't work with how the models are shaded.
All instructions, model.dat lines, and credits are included in the readme file. Please check the readme before asking questions.

More to come maybe.
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I love this models!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!iiiii!!!
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make junio tails pls
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These might not be as good as it was before but you can still improve
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Pretty cool model pack :], yes i still have problems with changing metal but this is still arguably (or whatever you call it) one of the best model packs ever released
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Update's pretty nice, really like the new added support.
Hats off to you, man!
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about the "supports all animations and transformations" with max control sonic,for some reason,the dropdash model doesn't work,still,this is amazing as hell
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For what ive sawn this seems pretty good but i dont know how to install so yeah.....Anyways cool!
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I came here for Junio... but to my surprise you also gave Max Control Sonic, my favorite character mod a model? Max rating for me
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Metal Sonic looks good tho
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Now that Metal is here too, it makes it feel like Sonic CD but 3D! I hope to see more of these models soon!
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