SRB2K Blender-only MD3 model tutorial

SRB2K Blender-only MD3 model tutorial 1.0

The above video is a tutorial showing how to animate and export a MD3 model from Blender into SRB2K, without using the much outdated Misfit/Maverick Model 3D.

There are now 2 versions of the needed plugin, one for up to 2.92. and one for 2.93+(updated by warpKaiba).

The attached file is all the Blender templates I've created so far. They are as follows:
  • 1.0 OG - Original SRB2K kart, made by Jeck Jims. Has near original animations.
  • 1.0 Alt - Original SRB2K kart, made by Jeck Jims. Has additional animation flairs, added by me. Flairs are: rotating steering wheel, pulsing engine pipes, and front wheels that steer into the drift.
  • Pipeframe - Mario Kart 64 kart, made by me . Same animation and flairs as 1.0 Alt.
  • DKR - Diddy Kong Racing car, made by me. Same animation and flairs as 1.0 Alt, minus pulsing engine pipes.
2 additional templates to come at some point in the non-defined future; Crash Team Racing kart, and SRB2K 2.0 kart(when released).

Let me know on if you're using my templates. I'd love to see them in use!

No permission required to use, just credit where due. Modifications/edits are allowed.
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The templates themselves were very helpful on their own, especially with the labels for the poses in the animation timeline. It would have been much harder to figure out how to do it without your work. Thank you! =)
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Oh yeah, I remember seeing this video before! And I'm sure these templates will come in handy!
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