music replacement

  1. MetalSonic1.0

    How to mod Music

    i wish to replace the current game over music with Sonic 3's game over music because yes. but i have no clue how to do so. if someone knows how to mod and/or replace a music file. please, share knowledge please.
  2. NedDaBom640

    Need help with lua for changing music!

    I made a mod which adds new super music to the game, but there is no current way of changing between super themes at the moment. Could someone help me with this?
  3. NedDaBom640

    Alternate Super Music v1.2

    It is simply just a different super theme. I made it myself, and them implemented it into slade to then post it here. Nothing more than that. Although, any other mod that had its own super music will not work, as the song in the .pk3 file just replaces the normal super theme and nothing else. I...
  4. TrainerRobo

    Arid Canyon Zone Act 1 - Waddoop Remix Replacement 1.0

    Yeehaw, partner. Arid Canyon - Act 1's theme is, in my opinion, the best piece of music in this game. This add-on simply replaces it with a more than suitable remix created by a wonderfully talented artist named Waddoop. To clarify, I did not create the remix, I merely created the add-on. I...
  5. TailsXHeeroes

    Star Light Zone [Match] (ok, it's already in release)

    Star Light Zone. Yep. I started doing this since yesterday... But, personally, I like how it turned out. (Given my mapping skills) Most likely (or maybe not), I will make a version for CTF, or for KotH. Will there be a big map ... I don’t even know, most likely it will not be big. So-as (as I...
  6. C̶a̶m̶p̶e̶r☻

    Camper's Chaos Map Pack

    The Idea: Welcome to my first set of maps that I started on a whim about 3 months ago. I had decided on 5 maps total so lets see if I can stick true to that. I'm very new to Slade & ZoneBuilder but wanted to give map creation a try especially since me and a friend have been playing Chaos mode...
  7. Gugam

    How can I change the invincibility music?

    How can I change the default invincibility/grow music of the game and that everyone who connects to my server can hear it? help pls :( 1681097041 Nevermind, I found it, I had to put the same name as the invincibility/grow music file that exists in music.kart in a new pk3 (I write how I did it...
  8. Gugam

    How can I change the map music?

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and to srb2 kart, these last few weeks I've played a lot with friends and we had a good time (I'm the server) And recently I discovered that it is possible to change the custom maps music to your own custom music, and that the rest of the people in the game can hear...
  9. Voidy2246

    [Open Assets] VoidyChars (Now With Motobug!) 1.0

    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN... BOYS AND GIRLS... ONE AND ALL... AFTER ALL THIS TIME, IT IS WITH GREAT HONOR TO PRESENT TO YOU: What originally started out as me wanting to bring a waifu into SRB2, now turns into a magnum opus of both my art skills and my coding knowledge. Whether you like strolling...
  10. SlainLBS

    [Open Assets] Character Specific Jingles V2.2

    This addon will change a character jingle music for the specific time era jingle that was (almost) introduced in time line. How does this work??? Here's an example: If you play as Sonic, grabbing a Invincibility will trigger the Sonic 1 Invincibility jingle, or if you play as Tails you will...
  11. jaybitts10

    [Open Assets] Jay T the Stickfigure 2.0a

    Its been a while since the Addon came out Right? So here it is. It has Sucessfully updated. Here are some Abilities. Ability: Multi-Fall switch Press Jump While Jumping/in Mid-Air. Ability 2: Knifes Throw (SPONSERED BY MYSTERY MURDERER 2) Press Spin to Throw Knifes. And here is the Dancing...
  12. T

    How would i add custom music to my level in zone builder?

    very new to this zone builder but im making good progress on my first map. i have made custom music for it but i cant seem to figure out how to add the music to the level would it be something i gotta do in the MAINCFG? or somewhere else?
  13. Glineo

    Should I post this?

    For those who are using retro SRB2 music: I made an accurate 2.1 midi title screen to match the digital version. Midis used: Original 2.1 Title screen melody (listen to the guitar) 2.2 credits Here's the original 2.1 and below Title screen midi if you want to know the difference: Reference...
  14. D

    SRB2 Cannont play my replaced music

    when I add an addon to the game, it shows that the music was replaced, but it doesn’t play it as if it wasn’t added, but the addon definitely has music in ogg format and in words O_ Nothing helps. How to solve it? I use the command (tunes *music*)
  15. SonicSpades

    about 2.2.10's stagefailed global

    So, I've been confused about the new stagefailed global and how to implement it correctly. Here's some example code, that uses Katmint's Character-specific jingles template as a base, that would change the clear music after the special stage depending on if the player fails the stage or not...
  16. C

    Custom Music?

    How can I change the music of zones, super form, end screen etc?
  17. Katmint

    [Open Assets] Character-specific jingles template 1

    Thanks to 2.2.9, it's now possible to easily set custom music and jingles for your character. This is a lightweight example script which replaces only Sonic's speed shoes, invincibility, super, and act clear themes with other in-game music. This is ready for use in your own character by simply...
  18. Gambit

    FMSRB2 - The Sega Genesis Cover Soundtrack [Work In Progress] 0.4

    This is a project that I have been working on on-and-off ever since last summer. It's effectively a "cover album" in the form of a music replacement mod for the vanilla game, with the aim of remaking all songs in the game using a wide range of Sega Genesis/Megadrive-styled instrumentation...
  19. RobTheIII

    Wave Race 64 Announcer! (Also Music) V1

    This mod is built upon the F-Zero GX Announcer mod made by DarkyBenji which you can find here: Anyways this mod does the same-thing however it is the very cheery and loud announcer from wave race from the N64, This mod also includes a Music...
  20. ThatOneGamingDude // T1GD

    NEStalgia Music Pack [Kart]

    Welcome to my new music pack for Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart, the NEStalgia Pack. Here, I will be recreating iconic tunes - from both video games and albums - in the NES style, using only the 2A03 (Standard / NES only) sound chip, and no DPCM samples. Round 01 First up is "Sonic the Hedgehog 2...