sound replacement

  1. Mari0shi06

    Monitor Shatter from Triple Trouble 16-bit 1

    A simple mod that adds glass shards, a sound effect, and a small screenshake for when you break a Power-up Monitor If you want this mod to apply to custom monitors, load this mod AFTER any Custom Monitors are loaded Credits: GFX32 - Sprites from this Sonic 3 A.I.R mod Noah Copeland - Idea...
  2. L

    [Reusable] Ridge Racer 7 announcer v1.6

    Built upon DarkBenji's F-Zero GX Narrator mod, this mod brings over the chill masculine and enthusiastic feminine announcers from Ridge Racer 7! Commands Description Default Value rr7_shutup Clientside command for muting the announcer Off rr7_enable Serverside command for enabling the...
  3. Eiko

    Hornmod Community Expansion 0.18

    Hi friends! I figured the concept of a community-sourced Hornmod expansion sounds like a good idea, so I've created this project that anybody can contribute to through GitHub! This page should hopefully be updated with every major release (v1.00, v2.00, etc. (every 100 sounds)), but there may...
  4. GamerLuna2020

    Pac-Dots 1

    In celebration of the reveal of Pac-Man World Re-Pac, I decided to release this: A simple ring replacement mod with sounds from the original Pac-Man, and a few sounds from Pac-Man Arrangement! Credits to The Sounds Resource for the sounds from Pac-Man and Pac-Man Arrangement I hope you enjoy...
  5. Invert_Tails

    SRB2Kart - 3-2-1-Go countdown

    I have been noticing lately that some Kart servers have had actual voiced countdowns for the 3-2-1. Based on the SRB2Wiki I found the default countdown is the same sound (DSS3KAD). My question is, is the implementation of the custom individual sounds for 3-2-1 something that is script based...
  6. HatsuneZaku

    [Reusable] The Peanut Podium Bonkpak, for Bonkmod! v1.0

    An add-on for Bonkmod (available here: ) that adds more bonk sounds! 24 more! When combined with the base Bonkmod sound set, that brings your aural bonking experience up to a bonktacular 40 bonks total! The Big Four-Oh! And the ones that are voice...
  7. Togen

    [Reusable] Bonkmod v1

    This addon plays a random sound when a player bumps into something. Currently includes a very modest 16 sounds (4 of which are repurposed sounds already present in SRB2Kart.) CONFIGURATION Set "bonk_mode" to On or Off. That's it. ADDING NEW BONKS Create an archive with the sounds you want...
  8. Lianvee

    [Reusable] Personal Sounds 1a

    DISCLAIMER: This is a client-sided mod. It'll only affect the local player - other players will NOT hear your choosen sounds, only yourself. (Let's pretend this gif has sounds, alright? Captions aren't enough to tell you fully the story.) If you're ever tired of hearing the same ol' jump sound...
  9. MaxTheMurdererV2

    [Reusable] Pizza Tower Horns! - A script for Horn Mod. 1

    This mod is an extension to HORNMOD, which can be found here: This mod adds 12 new horns, all from the in-development indie game, Pizza Tower! The horns are all the voice lines currently in the game, from the random enemy death...
  10. NerfPlayeR135

    [Reusable] Microsoft Sam Sound Replacement Pack v1

    This mod replaces every sound that has a subtitle with Microsoft Sam, in all his text-to-speech glory, reading out the subtitles. Yeah. This mod comes with a LOUD SOUND WARNING due to sounds stacking together in certain situations. (If you want an example, just use the Armageddon Shield in...
  11. RobTheIII

    Wave Race 64 Announcer! (Also Music) V1

    This mod is built upon the F-Zero GX Announcer mod made by DarkyBenji which you can find here: Anyways this mod does the same-thing however it is the very cheery and loud announcer from wave race from the N64, This mod also includes a Music...
  12. MauriceOglevie

    Pointy and Obnoxious: A Sonic Robo-Blast 2 Sound Effects Mod for Sonic ft. Jaleel White 2021-03-15

    There is a disturbing lack of Jaleel White Sonic mods out there so here I am to fill the void. All in 16-bit sound to give you that nostalgia boost! I give you: Pointy and Obnoxious. A complete sound mod for Pointy Sonic specifically. The inclusion of emotes as well as the peel-outs autonomous...
  13. Strife

    Realish Engines - Sound Pack for SRB2Kart [v1]

    Need some new ambience for your SRB2Kart races? I've mixed together a set of complete engine sound replacements based on audio samples of real go karts and various other small engines, trying to match the style of all 9 kart classes as best as I can. A list of sources can be found inside the PK3...
  14. G

    Gaudy's Horns Pack (v2.0)

    This is an extension of hornmod that add 135 new horns. These sounds come from animal kingdom, vehicles horns, anime, memes, videogames, animations, youtubers, etc. In this case 2 versions are offered, the first one is the international version, while the SPA version is the same as the...
  15. Tyron


    Press the Item button with no item to honk. zgziYXKypZg Features: 300+ incredibly abrasive noises i've gay (HORNMOD v5+, and all versions of HORNMOD: CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION, are non-reusable.)
  16. MechaDeka

    MDHorns - Yet Another Hornmod Expansion (V3 UPDATE)

    A hornmod expansion now with 158 horns and 28 hellhorns. There's an assortment of various annoying sounds I like for some reason, including some stuff from Nintendo and Sega games, some anime crap, and various other dead memes. I tried not to put anything too annoying in the standard horns, but...
  17. B. Comet

    [Reusable] SEGA Classics Horns - A Rather Nostalgic Expansion for Hornmod! (v5)

    A hornmod expansion that contains 261 more horns and 58 more for hell maps, all ripped by me (even if there was no need for that). It's sound effects from Genesis/Mega Drive, Arcade and Saturn games, with some extras from external media and others. Some of the game sounds that are on this mod...
  18. ZeverousNova

    Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Commentator! (KL_Commentator_V3.pk3)

    One of the things that always stood out to me about Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing was the commentator. Even when I bought the game when it came out, I always liked it. So now, it's time to hear him again! This scripts adds the commentator from Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing into SRB2 Kart, with...
  19. Icezer

    [Reusable] Ice Horns 2

    I made this horn pack because I thought it'd be fun lol Not much else to explain, really. I'll give the details anyway. This pack includes 14 horns (along with a special horn for when you might head to a hell map.) Any server hosts/ pack makers may also use any of these as long as I am...
  20. PizzaDarius25

    PizzaDariusHorns V3 - a script that makes additional PizzaDarius Noise

    Just a little something something to do because someone else is doing lol. These are 97 horns that I added for Hornmod. You can use these to piss off and confuse anyone everytime you use them anytime you want lol. Enjoy!