sound replacement

  1. haya__

    [Open Assets] HORNMOD: RING EDITION RR.3

    An unofficial update to HORNMOD. Press the action button to honk. Features: 300+ abrasive sounds i've gay
  2. ehlp

    Whats the audio filename?

    What's the audio filename where a player collects rings?
  3. ArtoMeister

    [Open Assets] Lethal Landmine - A Mine reskin V1

    Yes, that's right! Now you can experience 'Kart in a more lethal manner, by obtaining the Landmine from Lethal Company! These are definitely made by the company and are not stolen property at all. Replaces all the Mine's sprites, also makes it more paintable than before. Replaces the...
  4. Sailor Muffin

    Genesis-Fied Songs (SF2's)

    Yeaaah I prefer to use SF2's But anyways Here is a beta build (Includes _TITLE,_DROWN,_1UP and an unfinished version of SPEC1/Floral Field Zone) (BTW _TITLE is an older,new version on the works!) 1695161069 Eh,just finished Floral Field
  5. danenuna

    I need help with custom SFX

    hi im danenuna and im making a character addon based on zanspine (a gundam mobile suit) and i wanted to replace the sound of the dash (the sonic shoe) with other sfx. i found the file to replace but it replaced the sound for every character and that is a nono. i would be more than thankfull if...
  6. Jonloo1

    [Open Assets] LowTierShield - A silly reskin of the Thunder Shield item 1.1

    WARNING THIS MOD CONTAINS HARSH LANGUAGE BECAUSE I FIND IT FUNNY IF YOU DO NOT FIND HARSH LANGUAGE FUNNY PLEASE DO NOT LOAD THIS ADD-ON WARNING Many moons ago, my friends and I were playing this game and kept quoting the now iconic LowTierGod rant whenever any of us got the Thunder Shield...
  7. ASCII_guy

    Old SRB2 Sounds ported to 2.2

    Yeah, SRB2 Sounds from older builds ported to 2.2. This includes (for now since it's a wip): Halloween Tech Demo Christmas 92 & 96 (will port more) Final Demo 1.09.4 Final Demo 1.08 IRC Match Demo Showcase:
  8. Gugam

    How can I change the invincibility music?

    How can I change the default invincibility/grow music of the game and that everyone who connects to my server can hear it? help pls :( 1681097041 Nevermind, I found it, I had to put the same name as the invincibility/grow music file that exists in music.kart in a new pk3 (I write how I did it...
  9. Bandder

    [Open Assets] Morbius Bucks v1.1

    So one day I was thinking, "Yeah so Sonic and his friends live on the planet of Mobius. So, Sonki and his friends would live on the planet of 'Morbius' cuz funny." And then I had the idea to change all the rings into Morbius bucks. And here you go. Ok this mod does what you expect. Replaces...
  10. Mari0shi

    Monitor Shatter from Triple Trouble 16-bit 1

    A simple mod that adds glass shards, a sound effect, and a small screenshake for when you break a Power-up Monitor If you want this mod to apply to custom monitors, load this mod AFTER any Custom Monitors are loaded Credits: GFX32 - Sprites from this Sonic 3 A.I.R mod Noah Copeland - Idea...
  11. L

    [Open Assets] Ridge Racer 7 announcer v1.6

    Built upon DarkBenji's F-Zero GX Narrator mod, this mod brings over the chill masculine and enthusiastic feminine announcers from Ridge Racer 7! Commands Description Default Value rr7_shutup Clientside command for muting the announcer Off rr7_enable Serverside command for enabling the...
  12. Eiko

    Hornmod Community Expansion 0.18

    Hi friends! I figured the concept of a community-sourced Hornmod expansion sounds like a good idea, so I've created this project that anybody can contribute to through GitHub! This page should hopefully be updated with every major release (v1.00, v2.00, etc. (every 100 sounds)), but there may...
  13. GamerLuna2020

    Pac-Dots 1

    In celebration of the reveal of Pac-Man World Re-Pac, I decided to release this: A simple ring replacement mod with sounds from the original Pac-Man, and a few sounds from Pac-Man Arrangement! Credits to The Sounds Resource for the sounds from Pac-Man and Pac-Man Arrangement I hope you enjoy...
  14. Invert_Tails

    SRB2Kart - 3-2-1-Go countdown

    I have been noticing lately that some Kart servers have had actual voiced countdowns for the 3-2-1. Based on the SRB2Wiki I found the default countdown is the same sound (DSS3KAD). My question is, is the implementation of the custom individual sounds for 3-2-1 something that is script based...
  15. HatsuneZaku

    [Open Assets] The Peanut Podium Bonkpak, for Bonkmod! v1.0

    An add-on for Bonkmod (available here: ) that adds more bonk sounds! 24 more! When combined with the base Bonkmod sound set, that brings your aural bonking experience up to a bonktacular 40 bonks total! The Big Four-Oh! And the ones that are voice...
  16. Togen

    [Open Assets] Bonkmod v1

    This addon plays a random sound when a player bumps into something. Currently includes a very modest 16 sounds (4 of which are repurposed sounds already present in SRB2Kart.) CONFIGURATION Set "bonk_mode" to On or Off. That's it. ADDING NEW BONKS Create an archive with the sounds you want...
  17. SinCama

    Sin Cama's WrestleKart Community Pack! v18 (now w/ zip)

    Hullo! I wanted more people in the wrestling community to try out SRB2K, so I decided to gather some artists together and put some of our favorite wrestlers and wrestling personalities out onto the race track! If you make a wrestling-related character and want it featured here, just let me know...
  18. Lianvee

    [Open Assets] Personal Sounds 1a

    DISCLAIMER: This is a client-sided mod. It'll only affect the local player - other players will NOT hear your choosen sounds, only yourself. (Let's pretend this gif has sounds, alright? Captions aren't enough to tell you fully the story.) If you're ever tired of hearing the same ol' jump sound...
  19. MaxTheMurdererV2

    [Open Assets] Pizza Tower Horns! - A script for Horn Mod. 1

    This mod is an extension to HORNMOD, which can be found here: This mod adds 12 new horns, all from the in-development indie game, Pizza Tower! The horns are all the voice lines currently in the game, from the random enemy death...
  20. NerfPlayeR135

    [Open Assets] Microsoft Sam Sound Replacement Pack v1

    This mod replaces every sound that has a subtitle with Microsoft Sam, in all his text-to-speech glory, reading out the subtitles. Yeah. This mod comes with a LOUD SOUND WARNING due to sounds stacking together in certain situations. (If you want an example, just use the Armageddon Shield in...