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[Open Assets] More Act Clear Themes v2.1

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changes the act clear theme
there's 2 things, a command and a consvar
the command (listactclearthemes) that shows you which number is which theme
there are 4 pages to list to not clutter up the console
the consvar (actcleartheme) is what actually changes the theme
there are 123 themes right now
WAYYYYY too many to list now
note: I take suggestions for these, just be sure to post a link so I know which one you want in specific
oh yeah there aren't any midis
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Latest updates

  1. update

    added 2 new themes and fixed 2 bugs the DKC themes apparently didn't work (I forgot to add them...
  2. the big one!

    2.2.11 is OUT!!!! (at least, on github it is)...
  3. v1.8.1

    fixes being unable to pick any theme past 32

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Maybe you can add a contra theme?
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A nice mod. I like the idea of being able to customise your act clear theme.
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A simple but convenient script! Welcome to releases!
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