1. TehRealSalt

    [Open Assets] Custom HUD Library 2.1

    This file provides ways for custom HUDs to properly interact with each other without conflicts. If you're writing a HUD addon and you use this, then every other HUD addon also using this will be compatible with yours! FOR USERS This add-on does nothing when added on its own, since it's...
  2. BuggieTheBug

    [Open Assets] Pit Saver v1

    Ever wanted a good enemy? Something interesting? Well there it is. Pit Saver. If you fall into a pit it will pick you up and take you back to land. There is 2 types, a normal one and a one use one. Normal one will pick you up when you are close enough to a pit (640 Fracunits near the pit) A...
  3. indev

    [Open Assets] Graple points 1.8 (map 1.12)

    This script adds new mechanic to kart - grapling. When near graple point, floating grey indicator will become green. When you in air (and not in pain :P) and you see green indicator, press BRAKE to start graple and release it to stop. I hope that will help create more interesting maps :D You...
  4. glaber

    Tikal's Emerald Locator Orb the Open Asset. 1

    This is the Tikal Emerald hint orb system. Based on what was there in Sonic Adventure and SADX, Tikal will point you in the direction of the closest emerald shard. It's up to you to find your way to the shard though. Using the orb in your map is very simple. All you do is place it and you're...
  5. Cosmic Emerald

    [Open Assets] Crouch Ability Base 1

    Not much to say, this script will make sonic crouch when you press spin, replacing the roll and spindash. (set it to a different skin in the code if you want) you can reuse this mod if you want, just give credits.
  6. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Open Assets] Escape Sequence v1.2.1a

    NOTE: this wasn't made with multiplayer in mind, I might make a few changes in a later update adds wario land 4 like escape sequences, for use in your maps included is a test map to test this, use this as an example ig Level Header stuff: #anything starting with a (!) HAS to be set for the...
  7. Princess Plushima

    [Open Assets] Emerald Hunt Hint System 1.0

    This is a system inspired by Sonic Adventure 2 for adding "hint monitors" to emerald hunt stages. This is the same system I used for Tarnish Ward in the 2022 R1 OLDC. It has two major effects: It causes each emerald shard to spawn in a different 'region' of the map- forcing them to spread out...