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Have you ever wanted to fight other players while super?

No? ok.

This mod adds two gamemodes:

You start super, and if you're not super you die.
(Except Super Mystic Sonic or Samus.)

Use (toggle) sc_hud in the console to turn off the emeralds in the bottom left.
Use (on/off) sc_nodrain in the console to turn super form drain back on.
Use (toggle) solclash to use your sol form if your character has one.
Use (toggle) darkclash to use your dark form if dark.lua is loaded.
Use (toggle) mysticsuperclash to use SMS' powershare form instead of super
Use (on/off) hyperclashisreal2401 to allow certain characters (for example MCSonic) to go hyper whenever they want (unbalanced)
Use (on/off) sc_ringlimit to turn the ring limit off/on
Use (on/off) sc_nohypermysticsonic to make sure SMS players can't transform HMS

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Metal Sonic have extra abilities in this mode.
Sonic and Metal don't change much, they just have spring recurls. (Activated by pressing Spin)

Tails has a dash that boosts you to full speed instantly, a bit of a situational ability. (Activated by pressing Spin)
Knuckles can dash forward by holding Spin after a glide, if you hold jump it's turned into a super jump.

Amy can do a hammer jump by pressing spin during hammer endlag and a hammer drop activated by pressing C1 during a twinspin attack.

The Weapon Rings have also been changed.
The Scatter Ring makes your target lose 5 rings, and deals double damage to the force shield.

The Bounce Ring makes your target lose 1 - 10 rings and gives you 90 - 110 rings.

The Grenade Ring makes your target lose 8 rings, but 12 bursts out and sends the target flying.
Note that anything wacky going on with this Weapon Ring is completely normal.

The Auto Ring makes your target lose 2 rings, weak right? except it can deal damage twice, allowing you to combine it with other Weapon Rings for extra damage.

I'll let you experiment with the rest.
let me know your thoughts on this. I'd like to know so I can improve this
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Latest updates

  1. v2.9.1b

    the mario bros now get speed shoes, cause apparently you didn't get both before
  2. v2.9.1a

    should fix blaze and marine not being able to spawn in (again) fixes super sonic being unable to die
  3. 2.9.1

    fixes custom forms, hopefully for good recoded damage fixes samus should fix super sonic being...

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This is a surprisingly fun gamemode! Changing ringslinger so that battles don't end just from a single hit does a lot to make engagements last longer, and feel more meaningful. Though in practice you're more likely to kill yourself from excessive shooting than you are to get killed by your opponents.

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