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syncs the escapetime in a netgame (thanks xian for telling me that it doesn't sync by default)
example level header:
#anything starting with a (!) HAS to be set for the script to work.
#escapestartsector is the sector that will start the escape sequence, if you wish to do it via button.
#(!)escapetimelimit is the amount of time to escape before you DIE.
#escapestartsector does NOT change the music automatically, please use a linedef executor to change the music.
#(!)escapepunish changes what happens when the timer hits 0.
#1 = KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#2 = Drain Score.
#3 = Drain Rings.
#4 = Drain Score DURING escape.
#5 = Drain Rings (although very slowly) during escape
#DO NOT write *TICRATE when setting the time limit variable, the script does that for you.
Level 98
Levelname = Escape Test
Keywords = test
Music = TUTORL
TypeOfLevel = Singleplayer
NextLevel = 2
SkyNum = 1
RecordAttack = true
LevelSelect = 1
SaveGame = true
SkyboxScale = 64
FlickyList = Bluebird
Lua.escapestartsector = 5
Lua.escapetimelimit = 30
Lua.escapepunish = 5
Lua.escapequake = 1

updated the SOC to make it more clear what's marked with an !, it's now (!) so you can see the ! more clearly, !
added an option to shake the screen when an escape is active
added an option to drain rings and score during the escape
also, I wanted to mention, pizza tower is out now

BOSS 4 IS..................................................
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added 2 functions:
StopEscape and ResumeEscape
they do what they're supposed to do
and you can probably tell by the name
added the ability to drain rings at 0 time
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made a new function, if you know lua you can just mess with it to start the escape sequence anytime
added escapepunish, a new variable that changes what happens when the timer hits 0