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Chaos mode is a reimagining of an ancient gametype not seen officially in SRB2 since the Final Demo era. Unlike its predecessor, which was a simple and repetitive onslaught of enemies, this remake sees players completing timed objectives, exploring environments, and maybe even helping a friend or two along the way.

  • A cooperative gametype supporting both solo and multiplayer gameplay
  • Eight maps total; seven familiar, and one built from the ground up
  • Music: 4 new bgm tracks and 2 new jingles
  • Randomly generated spawnwaves
  • New enemy challenges, reworked enemy mechanics, and overhauled AI
  • Cooperative ring sharing mechanics
  • Automatic server difficulty scaling
  • Type chaos in console for a list of useful cvars and commands for players, server hosts, and modders
  • Supports most custom characters



In this mode, you must destroy egg capsules and other key targets before time runs out! Enemies and objectives appear in waves, and the level is completed once all waves are cleared.

Life is easier with company! Press tossflag to share some of your rings to an ally. If you don't have any rings, tossflag will signal to other players that you need help!

Heads-up display & more:



To configure ZoneBuilder for Chaos mode, simply add the main Chaos pk3 as a resource under SRB2 2.2 configuration settings. See the wiki documentation for more details on mapthings and mapheader settings.

For enemy configuration, two example pk3s have been included with Chaos mode, including lua documentation that can be viewed using SLADE.

Sonic Team Jr.
Maps: Greenflower Zone Act 1, Castle Eggman Zone Act 2, Noxious Factory Zone, Tidal Palace Zone, Infernal Cavern Zone, Celestial Sanctuary Zone, Frost Columns Zone
Main design, coding, audio
Music: Spring Yard Zone (Acts 1 & 2), Castle Eggman "Bridge" extended, jingles, MIDIs
Maps: Greenflower Zone Act 1, Infernal Cavern Zone, Spring Yard Zone
Textures: Spring Yard Zone
HUD: Radar code/graphics, combo meter code/graphics/sfx
Ice Face
Maps: Noxious Factory Zone, Frost Columns Zone
Textures: Spring Yard Zone
Sprites: Eggplant Capsule, Flying Saucer, Enemy Spawner
Maps: Celestial Sanctuary Zone, Castle Eggman Zone Act 2, Spring Yard Zone
Textures: Celestial Sanctuary Zone, Frost Columns Zone
Music: Frost Columns remix
Maps: Castle Eggman Zone 2
Code: Silver ring palette
Sprites: Bird statue
Sprites: Lilypad Capsule
Code: Copper ring palette
Music: Spring Yard Zone 2 MIDI bugfix
Dedicated server beta testing
Shotzo enemy
Splats enemy

Unless otherwise specified, request permission from the respective author for asset reuse. Music for Spring Yard Zone (Acts 1 & 2), Castle Eggman "Bridge" extended, win/lose jingles and all lua code may be reused freely.
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Latest updates

  1. Version 2.2

    Contains some visual updates to the HUD, as well as a layout update for Noxious Factory Zone...
  2. 2.1

    Resolves a crash on Linux/Mac caused by certain enemies using special info.color arguments
  3. v2.0

    This update introduces a new minimap by Krabs, which replaces the old radar off to the side...

Latest reviews

I love Chaos mode. This mode is at it's best in single player (solo). I didn't enjoy it as much in an online game (with friends or randoms) but it is still enjoyable. Plus, the addition of Spring Yard Zone made it much better. Every other map (except for Tidal Palace Zone) are very solid maps as well (Techno Hill Zone is probably my favorite zone in this addon). It kinda suffered some of the issues with Battle mode in Kart racing games, but these issues are very small (and more noticeable in multiplayer) and can be overlooked. Overall, I love this mode and would recommend to anyone.
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I am absolutely blown away.

I had a chance to play it solo on the Iron-Turret-looking zone. I was surprised at how well the waves would flow from one to the other; despite the map size being relatively small, each wave would introduce elements that kept exploring the map fresh. It would produce a non-linearity that was very Sonic Jam meets SM64 to me, and the difficulty kept it engaging to the end with only 1 player.

It honestly made me tear up a little as I made my way to Eggman. It's fantastic how even the least-played game mode of the 108 era could inspire such a creative re-imagining over a decade later. This is a perfect encapsulation of the spirit of Chaos mode. Great job!
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Gotta say, I feel bad for making that crappy old Chaos mode I made when I first signed on, at the very least I could try updating those maps to make more sense and work with this instead of being its own thing with the same name.
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Spring Yard!? I'm sold.
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Gave this a whirl and no dissapointments! just CHAOS!. THIS IS A MASTERPIECE!
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Gave this a whirl yesterday with a group of friends and i loved it!

The amount of polish in the mechanics is great and the little details like boss/mini boss health in the corner to that last few enemies location after the wave end.

The feeling is so strong I hope we see this in the next major version of Srb2.

Speaking of end of waves, i would prefer if it was a button press rather than looking for an emblem near by, i.e toss ring to ready up, just to ready up faster
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This mode. This. Mode.

I've been playing about with the betas, but now that it's fully released I can actually give it the appreciation it deserves! Plus, love how you've addressed some of the issues I had with some of the betas by adding a ready system to help with getting Perfects, as well as making getting all the rings an actual *good* thing instead of a hinderance.

I think I'll be playing this mode for a good while!
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I only know one thing: I want to kill Chaos. I need to. It's not a hope or a dream, it's like a hunger, a thirst.

Ok but chaosposting aside I really enjoy playing this gamemode. Some of the most fun I've had playing multiplayer outside of vanilla co-op.
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Genuinely the most fun I've had in netgames in a long while. It's such a polished, unique experience that I frankly wished it was vanilla. It's THAT good.

It rewards cooperative play, incentivizes competition AND completion. It's just so much fun with friends, and even alone. I really hope we get a ton of custom content for this, because it really deserves a lot of expansion - be it new maps, new enemies, or characters built around combat to thrive here.
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I have been playing the betas that'd go up in the Master Server, and I can't describe how exciting it was to come back to it after a few days, and see that it was an updated version. You really knocked it outta the park with this mode.
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