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This is a utility that allows the server host and/or admins to easily add, remove, and maintain bots on their server. It also comes with settings for allowing other players to do the same, at the server's discretion.

botperms - Allows all players to add and remove cooperative-type bots. (Default: Off)
mpbotperms - Allows all players to add and remove multiplayer-type bots. (Default: Off)
botleaderperms - Allows all players to move bots to a new location. (Default: On)
maxbots - Sets the maximum number of allowed bots on the server. (Default: 8)
botautomaxplayers - Determines whether the maxplayers should be raised or lowers as bots are added and removed (Default: Off)
botautojoin - Bots will automatically join the game if they are spectating. (Default: On)
addbot - Adds a cooperative-type bot to the server.
addmpbot - Adds a multiplayer-type bot to the server.
botleader - Teleports a bot to another player's location.
kickbot - Removes the specified bot node from the server. (Responds to botperms and mpbotperms respectively)
kickbots - Removes all bots from the server. (Admin only)
listbots - Lists all current bots in the server, as well as their respective bot types.

What's the difference between "cooperative" and "multiplayer" bots?
Cooperative bots are immortal and will spawn near human players if they are too far away. For example, the "Sonic & Tails" option in single player uses a cooperative Tails bot. Multiplayer bots are functionally identical to human players, up to and including having their own rings, shields, and lives system.

Can these bots be used on all gametypes?
Almost. Due to a bug, cooperative bots cannot be used on ringslinger gametypes such as Match and CTF. Multiplayer bots can be used anywhere.

Does this addon come with AI enhancements?
No. Without other addons loaded, all bots will run using the stock AI provided with SRB2. Additional AI-enhancing addons are recommended if you plan on running bots with specific characters or specific gametypes in mind.

Can I use code in this script for my own project?

Special thanks to SonicX8000, Not Tails, and Gabriel_Something on Discord for testing an earlier version of this mod.
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.2

    - Included addon-conflict prevention (Multiple addons can now include this script at the same...
  2. V1.1 Release

    - Added console variable botautomaxplayers - Determines whether the maxplayers should be raised...

Latest reviews

Awesome Mod! i can now it can be easy to beat WTFSonic
Upvote 1
This mod is AWESOME! I just wish the bots wouldnt switch leaders to someone else when i run by them..
Upvote 0
Im new to srb2 and this is the first mod i downloaded. I am confused on why their not doing anything but this is great!
Upvote 0
This mod is AWESOME!!! I can finally use the Singleplayer Fluffy Bot in Multiplayer for awesome tricks that i can show to other players in game.
Upvote 2
This is the type of stuff that makes me bless god for humanity and what it has brought us today! Litterly i can't think of anything negative about this its PERFECT!
Upvote 0
This is the AMAZING MOD IN EVER SRB2 LIFE. Thanks cobalt for this.
Upvote 0
Pretty good. Has the potential to be better than BuddyEX, even.

One issue, though - your other bot-related script (ExAI) breaks the bots created by this command (as well as breaking in general with 2.2.10).
Otherwise, good job once again.
Upvote 0
The bot mod looks awesome! Great job CobaltBW! =D
Upvote 0
Figured something like this would come out for 2.2.10, haha. Simple, but it works as it says on the tin. Pretty helpful commands all around, although I kinda wish there was a way to force multiple bots to not pile up and keep some distance between 'em.
Other than that, great work! Welcome Aboard!
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