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This is a resource designed for other AI scripters, and reproduces several functions, constants, and a table that are associated with source code AI behavior. I've also provided a hook within the script which will replace the native C logic with the Lua version of the code.

There are a few reasons why this might be useful to modders: It gives AI scripters a means to make the AI run the standard AI logic under conditions where a hook would normally disable the default behavior. Modders may also find it useful to use these functions as a base for their own AI modifications, choosing to create variants of the code catered toward their specific characters or with special objectives in mind.

This resource also exposes 2.2.10's AI_ constants, as well as reproducing the read-only player.botmem bot struct as a table under the name player.botmemory. It's worth noting that these were originally not exposed to lua for 2.2.10, due to concerns over the fact that both the struct and the constants were subject to change in future updates. As a short term resource though, I think modders will find it a useful infrastructure for building their own AI logic.
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