Contains some visual updates to the HUD, as well as a layout update for Noxious Factory Zone.

Full changelog
  • Minimap player icon color made to match player skincolor
  • Spectators are visible through the tab HUD
  • Spring Yard Zone: Fixed incorrect nonsolid midtexture
  • Noxious Factory Zone: Updated map terrain and layout
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Resolves a crash on Linux/Mac caused by certain enemies using special info.color arguments
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This update introduces a new minimap by Krabs, which replaces the old radar off to the side. Opening the TAB menu will display a fullscreen view of the map. In addition to this comes a handful of minor map layout adjustments and a couple of bugfixes.

Full changelog:
  • New minimap: Press TAB to view fullscreen map, even if the minimap is disabled.
    - Player score and lives is now shown in condensed view on the side of the TAB screen.
  • All maps now contain mapthings 98, 99 (minimap top left corner, minimap bottom right corner)
  • Spring Yard: Various bug fixes and layout tweaks
  • Greenflower 1: Tweaked spawnpoints, center room, spring placement, added new texture GFZINSIB
  • Infernal Cavern: Updated layout - adds more breathing room and alternate paths to make navigation easier
  • Fixed players being unable to act or move freely as spectator if choosing "Spectate" after receiving game over
  • Allowed "grounded" objects (i.e. turrets, eggplant capsules) to stick to floors inside goowater


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