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[Open Assets] ExAI - Extended Behavior for SP Bots 3.0

ExAI is a small project of mine which expands on the behavior of single player bots to make the AI more intelligent and versatile.

  • Built from the same code used to create 2.2's standard AI.
  • All six vanilla characters now have AI custom-tailored to make use of their abilities. (Usable with botskin)
  • Optional: Bot is customized to engage in combat (enabled by default)
  • Various other tweaks and added quirks to give the AI a bit more personality.

Commands are as follows:
ai_sys - Turns on/off all ExAI script functionality.
ai_attack - Turns on/off AI aggression against enemies.
ai_seekdist - Distance to seek out enemies. Measured in fracunits.
ai_debug - Streams local variables and cmd info in the console.
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Latest updates

  1. Version 3.0

    - Updated mod to be compatible with 2.2.10, including the ability for the AI to be run by...

Latest reviews

Absolutely love the mod, it gives the AI more life, however I believe there is a glitch with using Sonic and Tails with this add-on, when I use Tails to fly with Sonic, the controls get a bit messed up, and sometimes trying to move backwards makes me go foward, I don't really mind the bug but it would nice if you could fix it
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This is a very good mod. Personally, my favorite thing to do with this is set the enemy radius to the max, add 31 Sonic bots, and then see the chaos in the Fang boss fight, since it's the only one I found they actually learned they could thok. Amazing.
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