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Will they update the engine to a version of 2.2 or is it gonna be stuck on 2.1? Not being impatient or anything, just curious as to why it's on a pretty outdated engine. Probably a case of "began and finished development on 2.1 and is too hard/unstable to port to 2.2"?
If you look in the discord they said that they were putting kart in 2.2's engine. So all the features that 2.2 has will be available in kart.


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Can u make this a mod for srb2 so people on mobile can play it
I don’t think you know how this works. Kart is its own game built off of SRB2 in the same way that SRB2 is built off of Doom. You don’t run Doom and then add SRB2 to it


I don’t think you know how this works. Kart is its own game built off of SRB2 in the same way that SRB2 is built off of Doom. You don’t run Doom and then add SRB2 to it
They could make a mod for srb2 that adds srb2karts levels physics and some mechanics

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Anybody know if there's a way to use the OpenGL launcher on Mac? I cant seem to find it, and I'd love to be able to use models I've downloaded here. Doesn't seem to be like regular SRB2 where OpenGL can be switched to on the fly
idk if its the same as Windows, but...Stilll
You need this file, just open it and done, if you dont have it i can give it to you, if you want via discord idk
Hope it helps!


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2.0's cancelled, go home
Just because there hasn't been any news about SRB2Kart lately doesn't mean that the game is canceled.

That aside, I've been playing SRB2Kart for a long while and it's time for me to give it an honest review:

SRB2Kart is, without a doubt, the best kart racer I've ever played. The various maps, the gimmicks, it has everything I wanted in a kart racer, and it has some features that even Mario Kart can't hold a candle to. I've been following this game ever since it was announced back in 2014, and when it finally released on November 16, 2018, the game was just hard for me to put down. It's just that fun!

The main things I like about V1 Kart are the diverse stats, where every character (Custom, base, or bonus) has an equal chance at winning a race. I also like the variety of tracks the game has to offer, especially since there are levels that are based on the Sonic Adventure era, the Sonic series as a whole (both the Classic and Modern eras), as well as some other stages based on Sega's other franchises such as Persona. I also like the distance-based item roulette, as items that I can get by being in a specific place wasn't my idea of a kart racer.

If I can be honest, I, like many other people, did not like the SMK maps, mainly Vanilla Lake 2. I also did not like the level Balloon Panic from Sonic Drift 2. I found the track entertaining at first, but over time, I grew further from it.

My most favorite track in this game is Megablock Castle. I just love the effort put into the level since it was made to take place in a Lego-themed environment. Other than the scenery, the track plays so well and it's something I come back to from time to time.

I'm going to beat a dead horse here, but the main complaint about V1 Kart is the lack of a proper single player mode, which is coming to V2 Kart once everything is ready and accounted for. However, this doesn't mean I'm saying that Record Attack as a whole is bad. In fact, I actually like this mode, since it pushes me into finding shortcuts for every track in the game so I'll remember it the next time I race online.

All in all, SRB2Kart is one kart racer that's definitely worth checking out, even if you aren't into kart racing games. Seriously, play it.

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