The "Toxic" Person.
It's probably just me but... the BattleMod ZoneBuilder configuration file in the Mapper's Manual word doc is still broken, putting that file in the configuration folder still gives me an error that renders me unable to make a battle map.


The "Toxic" Person.
this is the message i get; and yes, I put the config file in the configurations file where the manual says it should be. (PC username) is just a substitute name for what my laptop username actually is:

Unable to load the game configuration file "SRB2-Battle-70.cfg". Error in file "C:\Users\(PC USERNAME)\Desktop\SRB2 zone builder\Configurations\SRB2-Battle-70.cfg" near line 9: Unable to include file 'C:\Users\(PC USERNAME)\Desktop\SRB2 zone builder\Configurations\SRB2-22.cfg'. FileNotFoundException: Could not find file 'C:\(PC USERNAME)\Desktop\SRB2 zone builder\Configurations\SRB2-22.cfg'.
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Cobalt I have just figured out one thing that is wrong with your mod and always has been. It's the instant retaliation. You hit somebody, and they can just thok you and you're unable to do anything to not get hit, as most super moves will leave you vulnerable. Getting hit allows you to do a Energy Blast, (Fang was able to use Popgun, i dont know if he can still), and this is even more of an issue now as you dont even need rings to use special moves, you just have to wait very very very slightly longer.
Most may disagree with me on this but I do not like the arena maps, there are usually pits everywhere and even bouncing off an enemy with the bounce move will just bounce you into a pit, punishing the player for hitting the enemy. I do not know if the ring and shield system is good for this kind of battle game, as hitting enemies in survival feels like you aren't doing anything UNLESS you knock them into a pit. It overall doesn't feel fun to play. You're punished for attacking enemies like metal sonic, who can energy blast, and Sonic who can insta-thok. Maybe there's some way you could disable abilities while you have invincibility from being hurt? Maybe you've already done it and the code is broken because you have put enough work into the mod as is and you have a life outside of SRB2? I mean, it's a possibility. I've always been a fan of Battle, but I don't know what exactly changed in the newer updates, it seems kind of weird. Maybe it's just some sort of nostalgia thing and I remember it being better than it actually was. Or just personal preference. Anyway thanks for making this mod, I know I often say dumb shit or act like I don't know stuff, or am just annoying sometimes, so sorry.

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Cobalt I have just figured out one thing that is wrong with your mod and always has been...
Well there is a way you can prevent this instant retaliation from a player, that was necessary since 6.1 and that's the parry. The parry meta is kinda difficult to understand, but the shortest is that if you hit someone and then if you manage to parry them, they will lose their invincibility frames allowing you to hit them once again, giving the oportunity to do this until they die or stop falling in the parry. About the arena/survival maps, I kinda agree with you here since they have a ton of pits but this is necessary in order to have punishment for doing a bad move in these. In fact, survival would be only running from the enemies and... that's it? since there is no pits and no punishment for running everywhere. Yeah, survival may not feel like the most competitive gamemode but let me tell you, if the point of that match is a 1v1 (since arena is kind of unfair in this) and you and the other player are trying to fight eachother and not running. I like your point of view, but I think that battle mod has improved a lot in terms of playability and game modes and there's also a meta game since then. Also one last thing, if you didn't knew, parry is normal fire.