gametype: battle

  1. GomaTheMascar

    [Open Assets] Lunar Satellite + Moon Nucleus v1

    Hello, I don't have much to say aside from the fact this map has been requested a few times to be released as it's own thing, which I already wanted to do, with a big update and everything... Well, turns out that update is gonna be bigger than I anticipated and that's gonna take a little longer...
  2. A_3TO_GAS_MAN*(RUS)*

    SRB2 Battle mode tier list making

    In idea tier list needed for fan to helps choose good character for training But for me it's needed for other I just very love Maimy But I not so loves his update 1.6 Because as his too hard plays Castle Eggman art 3 as her it's real nightmare. Guess it's been maked for balancing Because his...
  3. Jesus.B

    [Open Assets] Modern Sonic BM Support

    Jesus.B submitted a new resource: Modern Sonic BM Support - Finally, Modern Sonic is fully compatible with BattleMod! Read more about this resource...
  4. Jesus.B

    [Open Assets] Modern Sonic BM Support v1

    Since kel, one of Modern Sonic's devs, confirmed that Modern Sonic wasn't getting BM support again, i said: "Ykw, imma do this myself", and here we are! Here is the stuff added: BM Ability: Sonic Wave:ripped from Sonic Battle,MS can use the Sonic Wave, summoning a wave attack that can hurt...
  5. klasky

    [Open Assets] Sunshine Isles

    klasky submitted a new resource: Sunshine Isles - The SM64DS-exclusive tropical level, now in SRB2! Read more about this resource...
  6. klasky

    [Open Assets] Sunshine Isles v1.0

    A SRB2 mod from 2023 that I, after months of not working on it, decided to finish in this year's March, this is a recreation of Sunshine Isles from Super Mario 64 DS! This was already mostly done when I abandoned it. I think I stopped working on it because I couldn't get my patch sky texture to...
  7. Benjitaysu

    [Open Assets] Dragon pack (a battle mod map pack) V1

    a map pack that i've been wanting to release after some time (nearlly half a year lol) all of these maps are for arena and survival a n y w a y here are the maps Battle hall (ignore the people in there, they are just watching the fun) Cloud citadel (assets from the community asset pack)...
  8. two people make maps

    Grassy Plains 1.1

    Grassy Plains me and my friend(s) made a cool battlemap, we spent alot of time on it (yes i know it looks simple as fuck) if theres any bugs, please post them in the discussion page Post by Astral
  9. K_Nooby007

    SRB2 Combat v1.0

    Hello, Today I came up with the idea of creating a serie of gametypes with a brand new system. I present: COMBAT MODE!!! In this submission, you'll get to know everything you need to know about this mod. So let's go! [/SPOILER] Credits: SRB2 BattleMod -...
  10. thesrb2fan12

    Frontiers Sonic MORE EFFECTS!

    Frontiers sonic is sonic but with some of his frontiers moveset the goal of this mod is to make frontiers sonic in srb2 without breaking the levels entirely This mod is more made for speedrunners but if your a beginner he will still do well feel free to add this lil guy to your servers if you...
  11. Spectra

    t h e b o x v1.0.0

    welcome to my house up to sixteen weird things happen here idk what cause them plaese fix them for me your goal: Survive. compete against others in stupid modes that include but are not limited to: Simon Says Item Rain Rogue Shooter Ceiling Crusher Ring Rush Please note that this will not...
  12. JABSphere94

    [Open Assets] Battle Mod JAB Edition V1.3.3

    Hi This is just some edits I made to battle mod 9.3 plus some things from Jab Patch (no wall combos...for now) If you have no idea what battle mod is please check out the original Reuse Disclaimer Receive permission...
  13. JABSphere94

    [Open Assets] Race Comp v1.1

    Its like competition you play through a stage and then are ranked on various categories to determine a winner but with a some changes... - All players start off with a pity shield. - Activating a checkpoint rewards 10 rings. - Flashing invulnerability at the start of a race is extended. -...
  14. Silveon22

    Silveonpack 2.1.1

    A collection of battle maps by Silveon22 (also known as SX22) MAPD1 (Originally known as Toxic planet) Toxic Ocean Zone (Arena, Survival, Capture Point) MAPD2 (Orignally known as Cloud Paradise) Elemental Skies (Arena, Survival, Capture Point) MAPD3 Desktop Warzone (Arena, Survival) MAPD4...
  15. Mylo T.

    [Open Assets] Mylo's Extra Battle Emotes! v1.3

    This is a custom build of Krab's Emotes mod, with a bunch of new emotes added for use with the custom gametype SRB2 Battle! These new emotes can be used by holding Custom3, then using the mouse to select an emote from the wheel. Alternatively, you can bind the command: "emote <number>" to any...
  16. Jared_Mcboomski

    The Doom Slayer 2.0

    The Doom Slayer is here to reign Hell on Mobius :Moves: Double Jump And Dash The Double Jump is pretty self explanatory and the Dash uses SPIN and take around 2.5 seconds to recharge You can also use it to bust through walls The Crouch to get into small spaces press TOSSFLAG Weapon...
  17. SeventhSentinel

    Official Level Design Collab 2022: Round 2 1.1

    SONIC ROBO BLAST 2 OFFICIAL LEVEL DESIGN COLLAB Welcome to Round 2 of the 2022 SRB2 Official Level Design Collab. That's right, the OLDC is transitioning from a contest pitting mappers against each other to a collaborative celebration of all the talented map creators in our community. Yes, we...
  18. LeakySponge

    I'm going to make a FPS on SRB2.

    Its going to be fast paced and class based. There are 4 classes: Melee Range Speed Mechanic Each class has 3 variations of Attack, Heal, and Defense. I am almost done the characters so I'll post about them soon. Sorry if this post seems rushed it's like 10pm here.
  19. BuggieTheBug

    [Open Assets] Shields, Parries and Dodges v1a

    Another funny mod! This time it can be used for battle. Anyway to use this mod you need a bind for a custom button like Customs, Tossflag or Fire and Fire Normal. The moves: Shield - Press your shield button to do block attacks. (Fang will help to demonstrate this, he will never be against...
  20. csean07 ☆Kori☆

    [Open Assets] Twilight Battle Maps (Demo) Demo v1.1.0

    Twilight Battle Maps is basically just a battle pack with extra new maps when it comes to recreation, or new creations. Before Continuing Reading: Note that the following content isn't final, so expect additional changes or edits later updates. This demo only contains 4 additional battle...