SRB2 Battle! Multiplayer Gameplay Mod

SRB2 Battle! Multiplayer Gameplay Mod 9.3

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SRB2 Battle!
Also known as "BattleMod"

SRB2 Battle is a gameplay modification which radically transforms multiplayer versus into an all-out brawl!

Console Commands and Configuration
Mapper's Manual
Scripter's Manual


  • New mechanics for PvP game modes
  • Ring-consuming special abilities for each character
  • Arena, a deathmatch game mode focused around small stages and close combat
  • Survival, to see who can be the last person standing!
  • Control Point, where players compete for dominance on one of several capture zones on the stage
  • Diamond in the Rough, a mad rush to steal a single diamond on the map
  • Battle CTF, a version of CTF that utilizes the new battle mechanics
  • Twelve maps, all designed with Arena and Survival gameplay in mind
  • User config included, allowing players to customize their buttons for Battle-specific abilities.
  • Modder accessibility, allowing scripters to create their own special abilities and interact with Battle's melee system
Many of the folks in SRB2 Discord #scripting for advice and troubleshooting support throughout Battle's development
Everyone on the Master Server who helped to test this and provide feedback while it was in beta
Krabs, for his tireless work on the Arena map visuals and design
FlareBlade93, for contributing his excellent Pumpkin Peak stage to the Arena rotation
Kays, for beta testing and helping to provide screenshots for the gameplay manual
SMSAlfredo, for his "guard" script which served as the foundation for parrying
Everyone here, for playing and supporting the mod with their creative content

Please receive permission and give credit to the below users before reusing the following content:
DirkTheHusky: Instashield graphics (from Insta Shield)
SMS Alfredo: Sonic Battle "shield" graphics, guard scripting: Sonic Battle Collection
Flame: 2D Dynamic Camera (from Smash Cam)
TehRealSalt: Fang targeting and shooting systems (from Simple character rebalancing)
Kaysakado: Respawning Objects and Bustable FOFs
Inazuma: Stun Break VFX sprites
  • Any lua scripting not listed above may be freely reused.
  • All audio assets (music, sfx) included with BattleMod may be freely reused.
  • HUD graphical assets not listed above may be freely reused.

Full Credits
Full Patch Notes / History
GitLab Repository

Supporters / CoAuthors
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Latest updates

  1. Version 9.3

    This update contains mostly bug fixes. A couple of adjustments have also been made to item...
  2. Version 9.2

    This update changes sudden death behavior to allow all living players to remain in the game...
  3. 2021/6/22 - Version 9.1

    Sonic Ground pound's drop dash now transitions into a grounded spin instead of bouncing...

Latest reviews

this is the best game mode ever
Upvote 0
Got on with some buddies and played for 5 hours straight, best time waster ever
Upvote 0
i am so bad at this but its so fun
Upvote 0
Simply Amazing. I can't believe this is from an employee at Sonic Team Junior as well! How can anyone else top this off!? 20/10!
Upvote 0
ITS GREAT but... Can there be like bots you can fight instead of just tails doll
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I've been playing Battle Mod since the start of the mod development around Summer 2020 so I witnessed the characters go through a lot of changes for better or for worse. While I admittedly do not have a lot of personal experience playing certain characters over the long-term as much as I do with Amy (who i think, has gotten the worst treatment in this battle mod over the years) my observational skills of analyzing other people's playstyles during multiplayer compensates for that.

Amy during the earlier versions was good, albeit flawed. Her charm beam led a lot to be desired as she was designed with a less offensive moveset in mind so it mostly only helped with teammates. Then came her piko tornado which was wonderful. Combined with her piko spin and her ability to strafe her piko hearts from her base move set she was a beast at battle. The range of her moveset gave her enough mobility to circumvent the traps of Sonic's speed thoks or punish Fang's obnoxious corks from stun locking her. Her impressive air control reflected on this underrated ability she had from the official Sonic games that well compensated for the lack of easy access to momentum that other characters had.

After some months of deliberation Amy's piko tornado was moved because "it was too OP" (the obsession with balancing through nerfing characters but rarely buffing them really made this mod far less enjoyable for me) with a piko wave move which was alright, but obviously a less exciting replacement for her previously superior nado. She was given a hammer jump and a neat double jump that retained her mobility from the previous patch. After a few more patches,

Amy lost her ability to easily strafe hearts from her piko hammer because the wave move came with an awkward hop which made precision-based platforming or attacks a lot less efficient. Her double jump was also toned down for something lamer that seemed to be made with the false assumption that her character would be more "technical" this way. But the worst sin wasn't Amy losing her piko tornado hammer or losing her access of mobility through the manipulation of her piko hearts, no, it was the nerfing of her piko spin special attack that turned it from an aerial advantage that was guaranteed to knock out enemies with the right precision (like Sonic's thok or Knuckles dig) to a much more slippery, floaty, and inaccurate disappointment that entirely adds to the character's difficulty in being able to get a hit (along with increasing her vulnerability) without much upsides at all.

One thing that also really bothers me is the Fang and Amy matchup that suffered because of these changes. Before, Amy could knock out Fang with her nado (which always suffered from having too much vulnerability but the creator decided to make this issue worse in v9 for some reason) or sneakily get him with her strafe piko hearts but now, she has little advantage over him which is not something any character has except her. I don't see how the creator thinks there's nothing wrong with this considering it's only her that gets to have a strong mechanic disadvantage against another character that isn't dependent on the players' skill, unlike the other characters. What makes it worse is that Tails remains to have his low cool down with his persistent swipe attack while in every update Amy gets "punished" by being too OP.

Whew, I kept that one in for a while. That's pretty much all I have to say now, although my main issues are with Amy yes there are other things in Battle I dislike that could improved for other players' experience. If this was Fall 2020 I would have rated this mod 5 stars but since then it's been going down the drain. Hopefully v10 of Battle will get its shine back.
Upvote 1
A great mod for competitive srb2 play
Upvote 3
this mod used to be good, that is until calamity struck, the first sign was fang losing the amazing fun bombs that let you blow up anything you could hit and knock them back, and bomb jumping was fun as well! and it being replaced with some shitty fucking air dash that ended becoming even more useless after a future update, next something happened that gave anybody like me both hope and fear, sonic had his thok nerfed so you couldn't spam it, while this made it more fun for everybody else they could actually play in a fair environment, but this could've meant that the other characters were gonna get unnecessary nerfs and revamps changing them for the worse, but god decided to pity us as the other 4 characters were safe aside from tails who got the robots replaced with a tail swipe, which was for the better, cant think of anybody who liked the robots that got mad at the change, than we got the worst of them all... the air dodge! listen to my words very carefully and precisely. FUCK. THE. AIR. DODGE. It might of been a good solution to make sure fang cant infinitely stun lock people for any other characters it ruins the game more than the small maps with like 2 blocks over a massive pit! It just makes fights last forever, like 15 fucking decades, more than that 15000 decades, 15000000 decades! 15 billion decades! till the fucking heat death of the universe! It reintroduces the thing that the thok speed cap was made to get rid of, just being able to float through the air only being hit-able for a few frames. and it stinks! if you want the mod to be good again, keep the thok speed cap, make metal's shots do multiple damage if they hit 1 person, give fang the bombs back, keep tail's weird tail swipe thing with that multi damage thing, and for the love of god remove the air dodge.
Upvote 2
pretty much half the reason i still play srb2 nowadays alongside other cool mods coming out, it's just that Cool (especially when you add The Community Battle Map Pack™️)
Upvote 1
This addon is, in my opinion, the quintessential PVP experience in SRB2. Unlike Ringslinger which feels like an entirely different game all together, Battle takes the foundations of SRB2's gameplay and cleanly integrates it into a fun action pack brawl. I love how unique and fun the health system is and the attack priority, parry, air dodge, and special abilities adds such a really fascinating depth to the whole game mode.

If I'm being honest. I've stopped playing ringslinger entirely due to this mod. Amazing job.
Upvote 5