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SRB2 Battle! Multiplayer Gameplay Mod 8.6


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A lot of the internal code was borrowed from SMS Alfredo's "Sonic Battle" shield ability, but the exact mechanics are a little more closely in line with Shovel Knight Showdown and Rivals of Aether, which both have parry mechanics.


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A lot of the internal code was borrowed from SMS Alfredo's "Sonic Battle" shield ability, but the exact mechanics are a little more closely in line with Shovel Knight Showdown and Rivals of Aether, which both have parry mechanics.

Oh, alright then.

I played a certain platformer game with something like this parry ability before, but it functioned diferently.


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Version 8.2

Just a hotfix for scores being improperly carried over between matches.

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ATLEAST put a limit on how many mines you can place down so you can't just put an infinite amount on the map. Yeah I know it's to keep matches from "taking too long", but that's the point of the players trying to survive, they WANT the game to go on until the timer runs out because otherwise egg robos have a soft guarantee to win.


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The Major CTF Bug

I've discovered a bug that literally causes a CTF round to become unplayable if someone activates it.

Have you ever heard of the "suicide" command? This command allows you to kill yourself instantly in Co-op, Competition, Race, and apparently Battle. I personally don't think Battle should have this command available for several reasons, but that's a different topic.

Now let me explain how to activate this bug. If you type "suicide" in the console with the red or blue flag in hand, you won't drop the flag. Instead you'd keep the flag in hand even though you're dead. Here is a GIF for visual understanding, but it's pretty easy to replicate.

Now you may be thinking you can respawn with the flag still in hand, but actually it's quite the opposite. Instead the flag literally disappears. It doesn't even return to its base.
Here's another GIF for visual understanding.

Now that I've explained how to replicate this bug, let me explain why this effects gameplay tremendously. The reason is that the flag doesn't respawn. This is a major problem because you absolutely need your flag in your base to capture the other team's flag. So, if the flag disappears, the teams cannot capture each other's flag, thus the players will have to suffer an eternal round of CTF because of overtime. Also, the red or blue team can assure their victory by capturing 1 flag, then activating the bug to make the flag disappear.

Oh yes, you can also sort of carry the flag over to the other team by switching. The flag still disappears upon respawn.
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Version 8.3

Suicide bug fix, modifications to collision knockback (including a new console variable).

	Fixed the "suicide" command not dropping the player's collected items
	Made several adjustments to the strength of battle collision knockback
	Significantly reduced the likelihood of collision feedback loops between bashable objects

	Added netvar "battle_launchfactor"
		Adjusts the strength of battle collision knockback (note: projectile collisions are unaffected)


Multiplayer is getting more interesting. If you are very lucky, the 2.3 version will be unrecognizable at all)) I wish I could handle the C and right Ctrl buttons. I can't move, jump, or shoot at the same time.


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This Mod Is Amazing. You Don't Even Need To Battle People For This To Be Fun!

Metal Sonic Is... Still Overpowered, Sure He Has A Cooldown, So That Would Make Him Bad? That Instant Speed Button Literally Makes It Equal Again.

Fang? Air Shot, Perfect.

Sonic? Uh... Higher Jump? And A Slam? Cool I Guess

Tails? Tail Swipe, Ehh...

Knuckles? He Gives Me Sonic Adventure 2 Vibes

Amy? Hammer Spin? Ok I Guess.

But Metal Sonic Is The Star Of This Mod.


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Version 8.4

Arena now supports the Match TypeOfLevel in map headers. (Survival still requires the Survival TypeOfLevel.)

This update is otherwise strictly focused on bug fixes and net stability improvements.

* Fixed errors and cfails when players joined a server loaded with custom characters 
* Fixed Tails being unable to throw or carry allies under certain conditions
* Fixed the wrong priority being applied to Tails when using certain shield abilities
* Fixed Fang remaining in popgun fire state indefinitely on certain conveyor floor types
* Players will receive credit for throwing opponents into hazards using projectiles
* Fixed players being able to stand on the spire in Pumpkin Peak

	Added TOL_MATCH to Arena and Team Arena's supported TypeOfLevels
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Love this mod like always but.. there's wayyy too many pits. It's actually difficult to play one on one because of this. Always getting knocked out of the arena.

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I'm still standing by making it so the Egg Robo bombs are more limited. Because honestly it's just not fair on the other players. Cause really you can just spam them with no consequence since egg robos don't get hurt and you don't need rings to place them. NERF THE EGG ROBOS PLEASE.


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Playing as unsupported characters gives them the Gunslinger Battle flag. This makes the characters not work correctly, and mostly give errors because their revitem is nothing, or doesn't have any speed.
Umm Cobalt... you forgot to disable Fang's dodge roll in the air...
I say forgot because
1. it doesnt make sense for you to be able to do it
2. the animation

another thing, i dont understand dodge roll's implementation. I presume it does help Fang get away from big scary things like uh... maybe Dig. Fang now isn't helpless in the air (thank god). I like how he has a bounce-mode move... don't know if its actually useful. Maybe.

AND you added a Parry mechanic...dunno why u did that but i mean maybe its a good thing to add.

Anyway I presume you removed bombs because how easily Fang could control wherever you go, and controlled the area, making it super annoying in Control Point. Seems like a good idea, but perhaps Bombs didnt have friendly fire, and didnt activate on touch maybe? Maybe itd still be OP, and I think it was a good idea to remove the bombs even if some may miss them. Good job.

the Piko Tornado looks cool, I presume it acts similar to the charm beam as in it still gives teammates a charm shield. But it does take a while to activate, but also considering the spin Amy does at the start has a hitbox it looks fine. Further balance changes may be made if you seem fit.

Metal Sonic... I don't know what you did to him to be honest. Dont have any thoughts on the charge... i don't know exactly how good it is yet.
I love how you nerfed the float ability, though I wonder if Metal Sonic can overheat in Meadow Match if you just spend the whole entire match in Dash mode whether charging a spindash and having invincibility and also a super fast spindash to help you away from said danger of getting hit by sonic's ground pound, and of course if you dash for a long time you become super annoying to actually hit... meadow match is probably just a bad stage since Metal is perfectly designed around it.

Tails... while i'm gonna miss his mechanical prowess, or mechanical related abilities (when i played last he had the stupid buzz things from techno hill), the tail ability probably coming form Sonic Adventure looks nice. He also has a flight version of it too.

Knuckles... good job. You did good on Knuckles. I love his dig animation thing and how he's left vulnerable after using it. Removed the cost on the rock blast and made dig cost rings now... that does mean that ejecting is no longer cheaper than rock blast... One time (back in like prolly 6.1 or something idk) i made eject free and put you into jump mode so you could glide and even dig under someone if you're good enough, and I made Dig leave you in punishable state.

Sonic... Looks the same other than his ground pound being cooler. Looks like the rocks that come out mightve been slightly nerfed. His thok has a limit now so Sonic cant just spam thok or be super aggro with it, fair.

Any balancing thoughts? I don't know if I have any... I have no idea if Metal is good or bad yet, or if I like dodge roll yet, or anything.
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Also I hate the Piko Tornado, it's super slow (both the actual tornado and the startup), hard to aim... long cooldown, and IMO there's no need for a weapon to have such high knockback and may be overly useful ONLY on maps with pits
oh and bring back charm shield

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oh and chasing after someone feels kinda one sided which is why I don't like CTF and Diamond very much. It's much easier to run away and dodge than it is to attack someone running.
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