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The Bullet Dash doesn't behave well in 2D...

(Or is it the map? Gee, idk)


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Maybe the real Toei Sonic was the friends we made along the way

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just noticed now
June is the month Sonic does the years
AYYYYYY i see what they did there
What do you mean by "true"?
My bad I thought they made the Sonic OVA.

Let me rectify my comment: I'm hoping to see a "Pierrot Sonic" coming as well.

PS: Junio made a pretty good job as doing something as good as Toei.
since this character is, well, a Sonic, that means that this character can transform into Super Mystic Sonic
however... this happens


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Wasn't Dark City a scrapped level from earlier versions of the game?
I thought it was an actually planned level inspired by that area from the OVA where Brak would get relocated in while Grand Eggship would become the final level.
Dark City and Grand Eggship are still planned, always have been, and Egg Rock is still gonna be the final level. Info is readily available with quick searches.

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