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Could you please add an option to vertically aim the Bullet Dash with the mouse? Using the forward and backward keys make it hard to aim precisely.
How many Sonics do we have for 2.2 so far

So far on the MB, we have Toei, Modern, SRBii, 2 FSonics, SMS, XSonic, Alt Sonic, SSNSonic HD, Werehog, Almost Super, EarlessRE, Mecha, Flare/FSonic, Neo, Hard, Earless, Early, SSNMetSon, and Hand Drawn
What happens when the creator of a mod doesn't want to port them? Can someone who knows how to make a good port get the authorization?

At this point it doesn't even matter, considering how servers are FILLED with unofficial ports of stuff.
So, as pointed out by Hisashi Eguchi himself, it turns out the CD opening design for Sonic is not actually Toei's design, but instead it was made by Junio Studio. And due to his resquest and out of respect to the original creators, Toei Sonic has now been renamed to Junio Sonic... I know, hard to believe it wasn't actually Toei all this time.

Rename aside, v1.1 is out, and it got some massive changes, once again thanks to MotdSpork for the great work. In case you felt like the bullet dash slowed you down too much... well, the ability has been tweaked a tad to keep the fast flow of the rest of Junio Sonic's gameplay. Not to mention the inclusion of free aim as a console command, for those who prefer aiming with the mouse, and... well, super running frames, for the ones who like making everything super.

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