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Roach when Sonic
Sonic Team Junior


Other than the familiar Dash Mode from the previous iteration, his gameplay has been redesigned a tad since the 2.1 version, in order to stand out a bit more, and feel closer to TrippleJaz's Sonic Freedom fangame. Much like said game, he's able to curl mid-air during a fall in order to feel more versatile, along with the following abilities:


Bullet Dash
Double jump to charge an air dash, and angle it to any direction before releasing it. If you manage to land a hit on anything with the Bullet Dash, you'll be granted another mid-air shot.
In case the default Y axis doesn't feel right with you, you can invert it with the console command "dashinvert 1".


While standing, hold spin to charge the peelout in order to get a running start, and activate the dash mode at full charge. While charging it, you can turn it into a spindash by pressing jump.​
Sprites drawn by TrippleJaz
Indexed, cleaned up, and imported by MotorRoach

Original programming by Lach and HellHawkX
Bullet Dash prototype by Tatsuru
Further programmed and finalized by MotdSpork

Sound effects ripped and edited TrippleJaz
  • Fixed a bug were Bullet Dash aiming affected all players in netgames
  • Fixed Bullet Dash aiming in 2D
  • No longer lose dashmode while charging the Bullet Dash
  • Fixed a bug where you didnt switch to falling frames while in peelout animation
  • You now gradually lose speed while beginning to charge a Bullet Dash
  • Fixed a bug where polyobjects could kill you while charging Bullet Dash
  • Now switch to spring frame instead of falling frame if moving upwards off the ground
  • Renamed Toei Sonic to Junio Sonic
  • Added Command "freeaim" allowing you to freely aim the Bullet Dash. Perfect for mouse aiming
  • Enabled dashmode for Super
  • Added Super flying frames
By TrippleJaz's request, he asked me to release a sprite sheet of all the frames we worked on, in case anyone out there has an use for them. Courtesy of TrickyTex, for compiling the sprites into a sheet.
Raw sprite sheet
Default color variant

Supporters / CoAuthors



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Yet another Sonic? This one's pretty good though, I liked Toei Sonic in 2.1 so it's good to see them again here, and the bullet dash is a pretty fun ability to play around with, once I got the hang of it anyway.
I'm glad to see him back. Truly one of the best (if not the best) design for Sonic ever made.
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This mod is really cool! But I think that it would have been cooler if he also had that smooth homing attack that he had before.

Also, after you do that air ability, it's hard to move. Like, I think it would have been better if after you did that ability you could move forward easily without delays.

Also, it could be better if it launches you more.
Another sonic? Wait a minute!

Glad to see him back in the right way.
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Oh hey, it's CDSoni- UMM, THE... Sonic from the intro from the game from the console that connects to the SEGA Genesis.

wow that's deep

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