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Release reasoning:As many of you known at least on discord, I am putting project on indefinit hiatus and maybe even cancellation.
That's why this public build release even exists. Goal of entire project was ridiculously ambitious.

Anyway this SRB1 remake project is trying to reconstruct all concepts from original into something actually playable or even fun.
Current build contains 5 maps, which 2 of them are not accessible through normal means.
Project is heavily unfinished, but even then it already does enough.

Originally this project was suppose to be big thank you to all for all support and to STJR team as thank you for all hard work and my child hood memories, which by then expanded into project that supposed to "fix" SRB1.

>>>> SRB1 Remake Credits - Blue Spring Team <<<<

>>>> Direction & Production
*Dave lite

>>>> Level Design
*Dave Lite

>>>> Graphics
*Dave Lite

>>>> Background Music
*CobaltBW - Oak Falls Act 1
*Raze - Agate Heights BGM

>>>> Scripting
*Dave Lite

>>>> Play Testers
*Dave Lite

>>>> Special Thanks
Comes to entire SRB2 community.

-- Project can be edited, changed or some parts salvage for any outside use.


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I'm disappointed to hear that the project was canceled.. :(

The screenshots look amazing though...! Give me a bit to test and I'll release this after everything checks out!

Alright I tested this out! AMAZING WORK DUDE!!! THE FIRST TWO STAGES ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I The textures, the level design, the spritework, and just the pure feel of the level are just breathtaking. This is definitely the best 2D experience I've ever had in SRB2. The emerald hunt stage was also amazing as well. I love how the stage is big and exploration focused yet everything is so easy to understand. Finding the right path is very smooth and the emerald locations are well placed. Like your 2D stages, this is probably the best emerald hunt stage I've ever experienced in SRB2 so far! Amazing job!!

The blue castle level is also amazing. Breathtaking visuals and scale!

I only have a few critiques:
The titlecard thing for when you enter a level breaks in most resolutions. It would be nice to see that fixed.
I don't really care for the stat modifications. It would be nice if that was optional rather then required. I also think this mod would do a lot better with physics seen in mods like rumia's classic.wad.
Also, it would be nice if the emerald hunt level just took you to credits instead of looping you back to the second act. Even a loop back to the first act would suffice. I just think its weird how you are sent back to the 2nd act.

Great work! Welcome to Releases!
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These custom props and textures deserve to be in the main game, they'd be so helpful for mappers!


I really enjoyed that. It's a shame to see this project put on indefinite hiatus, but I can already see from the WIP release how much ambition went behind it. How I imagine it, if SRB2 could pass off as an official Saturn era 3D title, this would've been the 2.5D missing link between Sonic 3&K and SRB2. I also really like both of the "Sonic Electronic" remixes present in this WIP build. Really enjoyable stuff overall.


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I've said it before, and I'll say it again: This has risen the bar for 2D maps substantially. I have a feeling that this pack, incomplete as it may be, will still leave an impact on the mapping community. Phenomenal work here.


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Pretty much what inazuma said is how i feel about this. Fantastic work as usual.

I hope we can start to work on this more in the future and slowly add content from your original plan.
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Awww I'm kinda disappointed to see that it's cancelled. But yeah the project was maybe too ambitious for one single person here. Don't force yourself into finishing it because the game is pretty long (even for a 1998 TGF game).

As a consolation prize we'll probably see a 2.2 port of the 2.1 SRB1 remake someday.

Ace Dragon

I could easily see this as an unlockable bonus, but something of this scale (not to mention the number of custom objects) could make this better off as a community-powered mod.

That said, the levels you can play by normal means are all quite polished and good looking, making good use of slopes to carry you through the stage. Disabling Sonic's thok would actually be appropriate if the idea is to make everything play the same as the games on the Genesis (as seen by the use of Sonic 3 shields).
This thing give me nostalgia that I've never had.

This could've been the ultimate level pack for SRB2 if it weren't unfortunately cancelled. But this, cancelled or not, is still the ultimate thank you to STJR.
At least we can store this in the eternally filling box of cancelled treasures.
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I absolutely love this and hope it gets picked back up again one day with the time needed for the effort it would take, but here's my nitpicks on it in it's current state...

Like Ina said, the title card breaks in non-recommended resolutions, this mildly bothered me to say the least.
I hate that it touches vanilla characters, especially getting rid of the thok. It was almost a killjoy for me, especially in the 3D levels.
But I say almost because the levels were a blast to play through, even the unfinished ones!!

One last thing I would like to add; Many people have always hated the 2D mode, but I think that's because almost no one has even tried to make a good map designed around it. This changes everything and proves that the mode wasn't the problem.
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I think the 2D mode being limited to one plane is the major issue with 2D mode. Fickle created a very good and sadly underutilized add-on for 2.1 called Axis-2D that combined 2D mode with the much more robust NiGHTS camera, and made a level akin to Klonoa with it called Clock Towers Zone.

Anyway. This add-on is incredible. The raw talent for Doom and SRB2 mapping on display here is amazing. I'm not a member of the discord so I don't know what lead to its cancellation, but given the turbulent times we're living in I can only hope it's nothing too bad. I would love to see you pick this back up, maybe with some help from the community to take some of the load off your shoulders. Absolutely stunning stuff here.


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I think the 2D mode being limited to one plane is the major issue with 2D mode. Fickle created a very good and sadly underutilized add-on for 2.1 called Axis-2D that combined 2D mode with the much more robust NiGHTS camera, and made a level akin to Klonoa with it called Clock Towers Zone.

Yeah I usually call it the Kirby 64 Crystal Shard camera. I think 2D mode could get some tweaks in general, just to not be like an average 2.5D fangame.


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There is something wrong,when i complete the master emerald pieces of the first stage,i get sent back to zone II

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I'm not a member of the discord so I don't know what lead to its cancellation.
Basically because of how ambitious the whole thing was.
I was really on board to help Dave working on this in any way I could, so it's very disappointing to see it's being "cancelled". But I totally understand his decision.

There's nothing much I can say about it, since I've been playtesting it in its basically current state so far. It's amazing, I love the ideas and the maps are probably the best 2D maps I've played, even though there are quite none to compare. And with all the stuff he had planned, it really is ambitious.

Something I probably haven't said though, is just how much I'm against the characters debuffs. Especially in 3D.
I can understand Dave's intention on doing that, but honestly it really doesn't work.
Anyway, amazing stuff in general, I absolutely love the custom assets. I hope someday you'll continue this project and I'll be able to help you out.


At least this version of the remake is much more colorful and extensive than the one that was in 2.0. I just played this masterpiece and realized that it can not be left like this.

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