Release Note: Project was overly ambitious, therefor it was first and foremost cancelled by its developer.
Soon this project will blossom into a community-driven one, therefore it is no longer "cancelled". Original pretty much is, but the project will continue, maybe.

The goal of this project was pretty much to reconstruct any... tolerable idea the original SRB1 had and give it a different spin in style similar to SRB2's. Pretty much the goal was to "fix" the gaping hole in quality between SRB2 and SRB1. Due to similar project running alongside this one, held by a different team entirely, leaves this project without a point.

The current build has 5 maps, 2 of them are not even accessible through normal means.

>>>> SRB1 Remake Credits - Blue Spring Team <<<<

>>>> Direction & Production
*Dave lite

>>>> Level Design
*Dave Lite

>>>> Graphics
*Dave Lite

>>>> Background Music
*CobaltBW - Oak Falls Act 1
*Raze - Agate Heights BGM

>>>> Scripting
*Dave Lite

>>>> Play Testers
*Dave Lite

>>>> Special Thanks
Comes to the entire SRB2 community.

-- Project can be edited, changed or some parts salvaged for any outside use.
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