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PrincessPeachfan2017 07-31-2020 03:42 AM

Reminiscences Character Pack (Dr.Pepper) - Version 1.0!
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A collection of characters from the 1.0/2.0/2.1 eras.
For now, we've got Dr.Pepper's characters, more coming soon.
Attachment 44211
Dr.Pepper's Characters:

Attachment 36027
As for Tails, his moveset similar to Adventure 1, he has his Tailswipe attack, and the Hold Fly, which allows for an even faster and easier flight, now speedruns should be as twice as easy.

Attachment 36029
Mighty has the Wallkick, Hammer Drop, and the Hardshell. The gameplay is very similar to Mighty's Mania/Chaotix gameplay. Now with the new update, Mighty has the Stomp-dash, inspired on the Bullet Drop Dash from Sonic GT. Mighty can also keep moving during his Drop Dash with no cooldown, so he's much faster.

Attachment 36025
I wanted to give Shadow his SA2 gameplay but with a certain twist, he doesn't has as many skills as Sonic does, however he's twice as fast, and he has the Light-Dash. If you use the Light-Dash's psyhics and his speed to your advantage, you might come across shortcuts and clear the level just as fast.

Attachment 36028
I went through the list of skills Sonic's had in both Adventure 1 and 2, and I picked the ones that felt the best to play with, so Sonic's got the Spam-dash (SA1 Spindash) Which is cancellable and works just like SA1's spindash, and he's also got Adventure 2's Bounce Attack, which can bounce up infinitely, and it bounces much higher underwater, Sonic's not as fast as Shadow but he packs quite a punch with his skills.

Legacy Blaze:
Attachment 36026
I already released Blaze in the past at the MB, so she's got her hover move that increases her momentum constantly, and the spindash which also makes her move really fast, Blaze is slippery and tough to control, but if you get the hang of her gameplay, she's as fast as Sonic.

Attachment 43520
This Amy's been released past these days, but she's completely different. She has a new Charged Jump, inspired in her Sonic 06 Double Jump ability, and the more you hold the Jump button while in the air, the higher you go. If you hold Spin while stopping still, Amy will do the Hammer Rush: Pretty much a Super-Peel-Out, except it can destroy anything in its path, Badniks, spikes, walls, you name it!

Attachment 43521
Dimpsuu's recently ported Sally back on the 2.1 era, and we re-coded her moveset based on that, except she has much less inputs and her somersaults/slides work all with the Spin Button. If you hold the Spin Button while standing still, Sally will crouch (This also makes her able to dodge certain hazards that fall on you and try to crush you, like the ones at Egg Rock Zone 1) and if you press the Jump button, she will do a Somersault. If you press the Spin button while running, she will do a slide, and if you press the Jump Button during the slide, she will do a Somersault, too. She's a bit more complex to control, but we'll try improving her more on the next releases.
MotdSpork - Bounce Attack, Super Peel-out
DerpyBubblez - Tailswipe attack
Badz/Badnik - Light-speed-dash
Golden Shine - Lua help with Blaze/Sonic
Myself (Kasumi) - Adventure 2 jump glow for Sonic/Shadow
Appleblurt - SSNMighty Lua
TeriosSonic - Helping developing Lua, bug fixes, character ideas, etc.
Xstatic - SA1 Spindash Lua
Other credits:
Dr.Pepper/.Luke/Lilly - For making their characters, (NOTE: I don't have personal permission from Dr.Pepper, however they allowed Legacy Blaze to go through and they also allowed the same RE characters to be ported and welcomed anyone to do so in another 2.0 release thread.)
Myself (Kasumi) - For porting the characters, and giving extra sprites (NiGHTS, etc..)
Zolton - For putting all the characters together in a .pk3, giving suggestions and ideas, can't thank you enough for this.
Glaber - For SallyRE's original character select art
Upcoming characters!
- Donnyku Amy, Donnyku Shadow

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did porting them!

Version 1.0 Changelog!
-Everyone has an actual transform animation that isn't just rolling into a ball
-Sonic, Mighty, Tails, Shadow, and Amy will be able to transform into Super.
-Super Tails has his flickies with him during his superform.
-A duo system for SonicRE and TailsRE (and also a secret duo if you use Modern Sonic)
-Most sprites look smoother and more detailed (Mighty's hammer ball, the new superform sprites)
-Everyone has actual spindash sprites
-Superforms actually have a glowing color right now instead of a slate color
-Shadow's coloring is now his dark parts of the fur instead of the red stripes
-New icons that were missing for certain characters were added in
-Legacy Blaze got more fixes about her superform sprites.
-SonicRE can bounce infinitely now, just like Adventure 2.
-SonicRE's eyes are red during his super form, and TailsRE's eyes during his super form are orange
-Mighty has a new move called the Stomp-dash. Hold the Spin button while stomping to instantly release a charged spindash.
and much more!

D00D64 08-01-2020 04:03 AM

Welcome to releases!

ClassicNC 08-01-2020 04:05 AM

Oh ffffffffffffFUCK YEA

Aight, you need to nerf TailsRE. His flight is broken af
Other than that, a w e s o m e

little guy* 08-01-2020 04:35 AM

Ah... This was coming wasn't it.

here before you recolour SonicRE into green instead of using start colour

PrincessPeachfan2017 08-01-2020 05:55 AM

Version 2.0 is out!
Quick patch adding one of the mystery guests:

Donnyku Amy! Giving her the Super-Peel-Out and the Hammer Ball move, she can run twice as fast as Vanilla Amy, but still get advantage on extra routes. Use those skills to your advantage!

Next updates' gonna have another Mystery Guest with a fix to SonicRE's eyes, and misc details.

izzy 08-01-2020 07:00 AM



Jer the Hedgehog 08-01-2020 10:32 AM

Finally. A partner for modern sonic.

ClassicNC 08-01-2020 07:17 PM

Aight, said this before, and I'll say it again, nerf TailsRE's flight. It's too broken.

DakotaSpine 08-01-2020 09:29 PM

Oooo, these are pretty neat. Cool to see some of what I missed out on catching up~

Mighty is one of my favorite Classic characters, and I can appreciate the approach to making him heavy but strong, though he's very very slow to start and feels sluggish. And playing as him underwater is a task and a half xP
I also think his Hammer Drop should destroy a ring around him rather than what's directly below him, the 3D space makes it slightly less effective

Also Tails' Rhythm Badge spin here is similar to something I want to do, think maybe some time you could teach me how to make a move similar to it?~

MADVAL2 08-01-2020 09:39 PM

Hey Medic,I Like Sparta REmix

PrincessPeachfan2017 08-03-2020 04:17 AM

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by ClassicNC (Post 831311)
Oh ffffffffffffFUCK YEA

Aight, you need to nerf TailsRE. His flight is broken af
Other than that, a w e s o m e

I'll see what I could do about his flight, The point was it to be a little broken, but I'll fix it on the next revisions.

For now, a newcomer is arriving..
Attachment 36188

Jer the Hedgehog 08-03-2020 05:49 AM

SSNShads! Aw yeah!

The_Oofer 08-03-2020 05:56 AM

if we have these characters why not the 2.0 inazuma

Mr.HooHoo 08-03-2020 05:55 PM

Preety gud

TeriosSonic 08-09-2020 06:33 AM

3 Attachment(s)
To fix SonicRE's eyes, you could go the easy way and grab the original blue sprites and set the startcolor on the S_SKIN to 144. Or go the hard way and recolor Sonic's eyes in the sprites to the secondary green [112-119 on the palette] to make them not change color. If you can't find the original blue sprites, I have them, and I could give them to you.
Edit: I did it myself :P
I also added back the missing life icon for Super SonicRE. If you want I could send you this wad so you can update it.
Also, I did a script a while ago for a better SA1-style Tails flight. It's much shorter but much faster, like in SA1. I could put it in TailsRE and send it to you too.
Edit: Gif showcasing my flight script.
I also did a small edit to the tailswipe to make you able to tailswipe while walking, because in SA1 you needed to start running to be able to roll.

Jer the Hedgehog 08-13-2020 10:48 PM

TeriosSonic is the hero we deserve here.

PrincessPeachfan2017 08-13-2020 11:40 PM

Version 3.0 is out!
Thanks to TeriosSonic's help, a couple of bugfixes are now available!

Version 3.0 Changelog:
-Removed Donnyku Amy to turn this into an only Dr.Pepper character pack.
-Fixed ShadowRE's lightdash and skating sprites with a new sound effect.
-TailsRE's flight is now nerfed. It's much more similar to his SA1 flight, so it should be still easier to fly around. Use it wisely though!
-SonicRE's eyes are actually green no matter what your color is.

theoofer 08-14-2020 12:14 AM

this is pretty good

ClassicNC 08-14-2020 12:54 AM

Thank you Terios

Thank you Terios

TeriosSonic 08-15-2020 08:59 PM

For those wondering what specifically changed on ShadowRE's abilities [even though it's pretty obvious lol]:

Spoiler: ShadowRE changes
*Running animation [skating] now goes at a fixed speed. It also has multiplied frames so it looks like actual skating.
*Skating now does sounds.
*Light Dash damages enemies and curls you afterwards, no more bumping into enemies just after lightdashing and losing all the rings you just collected.
*Light Dash now uses falling sprites, like the old 1.09.4 lightdash.
I'm also helping Kasumi with the upcoming characters.

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