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    • Julia replied to the thread Speedruning Thread!.
      this is what we like to call convenient Red Volcano as S3 Sonic in 1'38"54 Greenflower Zone Act 2 (also as S3 Sonic) in 0'27"54
    • That part is pretty annoying, but I feel like it's manageable once you take your time with it.
    • Julia replied to the thread Post your pics/art here!.
      He's actually a full callback to both classic Super Sonics. Super Sonic was more muscular in Sonic 2, and he had the green eyes in 3...
    • oh shit marisa anyways pretty much every challenge level besides haunted heights AGZ and ATZ both are unreasonable, AGZ cuz it's long...
    • Julia replied to the thread Post your pics/art here!.
      Drew this Super Sonic a bit ago.
      • supa sonic.png
    • Julia replied to the thread S3 Sonic.
      This mod convinced me to finally do my first full singleplayer run of SRB2 and god he fits right in
      • srb20006.png
    • Julia reviewed the resource S3 Sonic.
      5.00 star(s) quite literally perfect, did a full playthrough with him and he feels right at home, moreso than vanilla sonic honestly
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