Windows... the Computer?

Windows... the Computer? OSR2.5 (1.3)

Edit: one more update is planned in December or next year.​
This revision brings an update to the DirectX Boost, as well as adding .NET Framework to run those pesky applications to finally allow Windows into the Special Stages!
  • DirectX Boost now affects the thrustfactor part of the player instead, no longer pushing the player forward ever so slightly if they're standing still.
  • Token interactivity slightly changed for the Special Stage activities:
    • You will still collect the token and have to complete the stage to go to one, however, you will be playing the Multiplayer Special Stages instead of NiGHTS ones.
    • Continues can be obtained by collecting half of the total rings in those stages.
    • Of course, you can disable this and return the old "token-to-emerald" conversion with the TokenCompile variable.
    • Each token collected rewards the player with 10000 points.
  • In addition, Windows now carries the shields between each level - that includes the earlier mentioned Special Stages.
    • Be mindful of the shield with which you're leaving and entering a level.
    • Powered by KeepShield V3.
  • When exiting a level as Windows, the screen will dim (unless it's a Special Stage, in which case it won't) and, once the intermission begins, you'll see Windows now has a unique(?) act clear layout.
    • A flashing logo will display on the bottom left, as well as a message that will change depending on which level you play and/or if you are using tokens to go a special stage. This also accounts for the one-act levels (ala Secret Levels) that will return you to the Title Screen.
    • For the curious ones, this is referencing this one-time bootscreen from Windows 95.
    • Logo will still do the animation if SRB2 is not the focused window.
  • Some of the custom music was optimized.
    • Invincibility and Speed Sneakers now (more or less) loop to go along the timer stacking, as well as taking up less space.
    • Super theme also weighs a bit less and has a better(?) looping point.
  • File Toss is can now be used both with the Spin and Ring Toss buttons.
    • If the gametype is Match, CTF or Tag or if ringslinger is enabled, you can only use File Toss if there's a target which has been locked on. Players might still get in the way of it if they're quick enough.
  • Invincibility slightly buffed, accelerating to the top speed a bit faster.
Replays from previous versions might not play correctly because of the changes, so be careful when watching a replay. This took me a while to do because of some life events, but, hey, we're here now. Tried to make sure there's no errors or oversights... yet some might show up anyway. :worry:
Surprise bug... for me to fix. I am terribly sorry.
  • Fixed XMomentum overriding the special top speeds in 1.21 because that was the update that swapped the main player hook type.
    • The code responsible for setting top speeds is now outside the player hook.
  • Token interactivity slightly optimized to take advantage of the "toucher" argument.
Patch inbound to fix XMomentum speed integration.​
Unlike Windows 95's OSR2.1, this is not exactly a minor update. What's next, a Second Edition?
  • DirectX Boost has been reworked to be free and have a shorter cooldown. You already have the hardware to use hardware acceleration to boost your performance... just do it sparingly to not overload the system.
    • The boost still lasts for 3 seconds and you'll also have after-images showing off behind you in addition to the smoke.
    • Cooldown is cut in half to 15 seconds. Collecting rings and ring monitors still remains in place, 0.25s and 2.5s respectively.
      • If you are Super, the cooldown becomes 5 seconds instead.
      • If you transform whilst your cooldown is above 5 seconds, it is lowered to 5 instead.
      • Now technically, the boost timer can stack.
  • Especially prominent in the second act of Deep Sea Zone, some paths would not be accessible due to the inability to perform Spin Dashes or bust through the floor or ceiling.
    • Windows will perform a forced Spin Dash in those areas that do need it. DirectX Boost will be useful to actually go through the opened door.
    • Windows can now bust through breakable floors/ceilings as well with it's weight. You will still have to actually hit the floor/ceiling, though.
    • This doesn't still guarantee that all paths will be clearable, however - discretion is advised.
  • Spike busting requirements are slightly tweaked. The order of checks is:
    • If you're Super or have Invincibility (or, by extension, Growth).
    • If you are currently under the 3 second effect of DirectX Boost.
    • If your speed is above 35 FU/t.
      • If none are valid, no busting for you!
  • Growth timer now flashes accurately to how it does in Kart.
  • The rare special death has a 12.5% to appear instead and isn't restricted to just Windows!
    • funisdeath has now been introduced as a variable to disable it if admins/hosts see the need to do so.
  • Force Shield no longer has it's special ability by default, replaced by the protection from spikes.
    • This, too, is wonky, as it doesn't apply to vertical spikes, oddly enough.
    • Does protect from cacti in Arid Canyon. Not likely to protect from Cacee, though.
  • Wall busting also will not need the speed if you're Super, invincible or are under the effects of DirectX Boost.
  • XPerience Blast now consumes 5 rings instead of 10 if you're Super. Hyper's ring cost is not altered.
OSR2.1 / 1.21 is in the works, actually. Not an emergency patch.​
Further messing with Lua, I present an another update. Fingers crossed that I won't have to do an emergency patch again.
  • Remember having to install DirectX many times for some games? DirectX is here for you to take advantage of... and not as a renderer, but a booster.
    • For 15 rings, pressing Custom2 results in your top speed being boosted for 3 seconds. The top speed increase will depend on if you're Super/Hyper or not.
      • This will deduct the 15 rings only if you have 15 or more rings.
    • During said 3 seconds, you also will have a movement force applied to allow you to get up to speed easier if you suddenly lose all of it. It's 50% less effective when you're not on the ground, however, and also depends on if you're Super/Hyper or not.
      • You will also spawn player-colored smoke during the entire effect. By default, the color is Cerulean in single-player, however it will change if other colors are used (especially in Multiplayer).
    • The cooldown is 30 seconds between each use, however, collecting rings and breaking Ring Boxes will lower the cooldown by 0.25s and 2.5s respectively. If you die and respawn, the cooldown is reset.
    • The boost will be cancelled if you get hurt or die.
  • Growth will now check if you're actively are playing as Windows. If not, you're shrunk back down!
    • If the map has sections where you're shrunk or grown from the default value, this might cause issues. Not much else I can do about that other than to not have the feature, but that's no fun.
  • To track how much left before the next use of XPerience Blast, the newly added DirectX Boost or how much Growth time you have left, you can now look at the timers shown above the life icon on the default HUD. From bottom to top, they are as follows:​
    • The DirectX logo represents the DirectX Boost timer:
      • Hourglass - cooldown.
      • Greyscale logo - below 15 rings.
      • Colored logo - ready to use.
      • Will not show if DirectX Boost is disabled.
    • The shield represents the XPerience Blast timer:
      • Red - cooldown.
      • Green - ready, normal AoE attack.
      • Yellow (if XMomentum is present) - ready, dangerous AoE attack.
      • Will not show if not Super/Hyper!
    • The "Run" icon shows up if you currently able to burst through spikes. The conditions are listed lower in the update log.
    • Don't have the speed shoes/invincibility/shield icons? The Growth timer is now introduced.
      • Located in top right corner instead, the Growth icon and timer will be present. Former will flash always like it does in Kart, whilst the timer will only flash if you have less than 3 seconds left.
        • (Flash rate will depend if you are using stock or Uncapped builds of SRB2.)
      • Will not show if kartgrow is disabled.
  • Under certain conditions, Windows will plow through spikes:
    • If you are invincibile or Super/Hyper and the speed is above 24.
    • If your speed is over 35 regardless of powerups.
      • devmode 2 will be useful to measure your speed for these two.
    • If you are currently under the effect of a DirectX Boost if all also aren't valid.
  • Variables changes:
    • Addition(s):
      • DirectX (enabled by default) - handles whether the boost is available for use. Admin/host only!
    • Changes:
      • kartgrow is now enabled by default. Admins/hosts can change it back if one wishes to do so.
  • Other things:
    • Custom player initialization values are to be done when addon is loaded. Should prevent warnings about nil values.
    • Token interactivity has been more or less fleshed out by now. Might do an alternative for a possible future update, who knows.
      • If Windows collects the token with all emeralds, 50 rings are given to all players.
      • No more -1 tokens!.. at least, I hope.
    • The star formations during the ending have been neglected up to this point, despite being intended for the very first release. They're now present at long last!
    • Super and Hyper forms now have their skin color forced instead of having a flashing screen. Super retains the Sky color (as was used for the super color), whilst Hyper is now Azure to reference Microsoft Azure.
    • With XMomentum, if Hyper and the AoE attack is used, lives are no longer deducted from the player... doesn't change the fact that you should be careful with it, though!
    • Signpost now has an animated flag on top of it.
    • 10% of the time, dying might be a different.
Please let me know if you discover a bug or want to ask if some combination of things is intended or not.
Bug came outta nowhere related to the Token interactivity with Windows, despite a lotta testing. A condition wasn't defined for the token value to stay put when collected by Windows - this patch should fix that.

Sheesh... this might've given me a headache. As well as for the approving team because of my hasty nature. Sorry!
Edit: guess I foresaw a patch to be released. Look out for 1.11.​

Whoo boy, here we go. After finding out the original release had unintended issues, finally I am feeling confident enough in releasing this update. Here's hoping that I won't have to do a hotfix update!
  • "winflash" & "ssd" variables introduced.
    • "winflash" (disabled by default) - controls whether screen flashing happens at all. Takes priority over XMomentum's check - if both are enabled, the screen flashing will occur.
    • "ssd" (disabled by default) - controls the rate at which the files are shot at. If enabled, the cooldown between individual File Tosses is reduced. Admin/host only!
  • Enhanced compatibility with XMomentum. Windows will overwrite the normal speed if it's below it's own check, otherwise, the rest is handled by XMomentum.
  • The "XPerience Blast" has been moved to Custom1 and will no longer activate from every player that is using the skin. Cooldown is 5 seconds when Super, but a whole minute when Hyper.
    • Cooldown is set to 0 if you pick up an Armageddon Monitor.
    • When ready to use, a sound effect will play.
    • Hyper's range extension actually working this time! Although...
    • Because the Super/Hyper forms are considered overclocking... you might want to be careful with using this move when Hyper.
      • Performing this move when Super will have the same range, but the cost of 10 rings is also present.
      • Performing this move when Hyper, however... well, let's just say it's more than quadrupled than in the RTM version. Oh, and the cost skyrockets to 150 rings and 2 lives... There's more to it than just the cost, though, so be careful using it with other players in the map. I'm not just talking about the potential lagspike, either.
  • File Toss overhauled - now able to lock on and fire at targets on the move, as well as having the choice of manual aim. See a life monitor in the distance? Fire away!
    • Cooldown is usually half a second, but it is reduced whether you are Super/Hyper or the "ssd" variable is enabled. Or both?
    • Direct, manual hits can stun Super/Hyper players if you enabled Friendly Fire.
  • Additional skin replacement sounds added.
  • Token-to-emerald conversion improved. Checks against the emeralds directly and rewards those that aren't collected yet. Still going from first to last, however.
    • If all 7 emeralds are collected and Windows picks up a token, every player gets 50 rings.
  • Speed Shoes and Invincibility timers will stack on Windows. Applies to the Growth replication, too - if that's enabled, the speed shoes will give 12 seconds instead of 20.