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Hey there! It's Voidy! Looks like the time has come to bundle in my colorful cast of characters into this convenient one-stop shop of a pk3. Let's see who on the roster!

Features characters from these series:​
Wave 1 Logos.png

With faces such as:​
Wave 1 Roster.png

FL Studio Chan
FL Chan Speen.gif

The adorable (and official) anime mascot of Image-Line's FL Studio.
Uses Sophia's voice from Persona 5 Strikers.

Coconuts Speen.gif

The third, but underappreciated member of Dr. Robotnik's Super Special Sonic Search-and-Smash Squad.
Voice clips were manually recorded from AoStH.

Hive Elementress
Hive Elementress Speen.gif

A Hive Elemental that was resprited into a thicc anime bee girl thanks to TelosTurntables' A Mod That Ruins SRB2.
Uses 5-Volt's voice from WarioWare Gold.

Mung Daal
Mung Daal Speen.gif

The head chef of Mung Daal's Catering Company.
Voice clips were manually recorded from Chowder.

Bounce Man
Bounce Man Speen.gif

1 of the 8 Robot Masters Dr. Wily had implemented the Double Gear system on.
Voice clips from Mega Man 11.

Carmine Speen.gif

A tempermental teenager who uses his own blood to attack his foes.
Voice clips from English dub of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.

Mama Speen.gif

A mother of many hobbies, but prefers cooking.
Voice clips from various Mama games.

[NEWCOMER] Yumi (Senran Kagura)
Yumi Speen.gif

The ice-cold leader of a team of shinobi at Gessen Academy.
Voice clips from English dub of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.

More coming soon...

(Of course, I've also provided a zip file containing the separate characters if you're not interested in this whole bundle)
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