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Hey there! It's Voidy! Looks like the time has come to bundle in my colorful cast of characters into this convenient one-stop shop of a pk3. Let's see who on the roster!

FL Studio Chan (3, 6):
FL Chan Speen.gif

Being the adorable anime mascot of Image-Line's FL Studio, my girl right here started off my whole modding "career" here on the SRB2 Message Board! First she was a Kart character, then she finally got into Vanilla after about 4 months of suffering, and now she's been resprited to better fit how she looks there. She has the same stats as Hatsune Miku, so no need to worry about adjusting to new stats.
FL Chan Select.png

Coconuts (7, 4):
Coconuts Speen.gif

After a recent promotion from Dr. Robotnik, Coconuts from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is now on the track with the task of embarrassing Sonic and Tails by winning races. Of course for personal reasons, Coconuts also wants to embarrass Scratch and Grounder. Thus, he's faster than Grounder, AND lighter than Scratch. Now use that and go burn rubber in the dungeon!
Coconuts Select.png

Hive Elementress (5, 7):
Hive Elementress Speen.gif

Inspired by TelosTurntables' A Mod That Ruins SRB2, finally comes the main attraction of the mod herself, the Hive Elementress! Due to her dummy thiccness, she's heavier than Ember, but at least she's faster too. She was originally supposed to have voice clips taken from Zipper's Industrial Valley Zone, but it turns out that it wasn't resuable, so she'll be going in silent. Not that there's anything wrong with quiet girls (in fact, that only makes them hottter)! Enjoy her, fellow degenerates!
Hive Elementress Select.png

Mung Daal (4,2):
Mung Daal Speen.gif

Coming from my favorite cartoon, Chowder, Mung Daal is not normally for this kind of thing, being lightweight and slow. But on the bright side, he gets to impress the "ladies" and he also gets to rub his future trophies in Ms. Endive's face.

Mung Daal Select.png

[NEWCOMER] Bounce Man (6,5):
Bounce Man Speen.gif

This big, bouncy fella from Mega Man 11 is not too fast, but also not too heavy. An all-arounder akin to Knuckles, albeit a bit faster due to being equipped with the Speed Gear. While sitting still is not his sort of style, at least there'll still be motion and bounciness to enjoy out on the track!

Bounce Man Select.png

More coming soon...

(Of course, I've also provided a zip file containing the separate characters if you're not interested in this whole bundle)
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