group: mega man

  1. gamthegamer

    Favorite Biometal? (Mega Man ZX)

  2. TheUltDark

    [Reusable] Vile MK2 1.0

    This time as a different experience from what I have done so far, I decided try adding one of my favorite characters from Mega Man X to SRB2 Kart, Vile MK2! Basically he is a heavy character with (4,8), based since he was already a heavy war machine, but with his extras upgrades it reduces his...
  3. Tyonic

    Community Models + [V2] 2

    This is more so a side project from my main two kart mods and something i've had recent fun in doing so. Community Models + is a model expansion pack that aims to give support to various Community made kart characters mdl support over time. it is not expected every character will get a model...
  4. barkley

    [Reusable] BarkPark v3.9 3.9

    Since rush adventure is one of my favorite sonic games, I thought it would be a good idea to try making a pack featuring every level from the game as a kart map! This pack currently features 3 race maps at this first beta release, with the final release ending at 6 total tracks (since sky...
  5. Brainfrost

    [Reusable] Serpent Shrine Zone v1.3

    Hello, I am Brainfrost, and I like Mega Man III so much I made a track inspired by Snake Man's stage. I'm very new to map making, but after stumbling my way through the helpful tutorials the community has put out, I've managed to piece together a complete track. I'm very curious about any...
  6. FrostBrush

    FrostBrush Character Pack (UPDATE: Dixie Kong) 6.0

    Here is my character pack for SRB2Kart! This pack mostly consists of many of my favorite video game characters, that i have wanted to play as in Kart. Also may one day include some of my own characters. Hope you will enjoy using them! - Frostbrush The Character roster: Sprites: 3D Models...
  7. dinghy

    [Reusable] Dai's (lancerforce's) Character Pack

    I've put all of my completed characters into one .pk3 file, I hope people find it useful. Character List: Trunks Piccolo Android 16 Vegeta Bulma Rika (Phantasy Star IV) Terry (Fatal Fury/King of Fighters) Zero (Megaman X) (Plus alternate X4 English voice version) Charlotte (Samurai Shodown)...
  8. Lynk

    Jack in! MegaMan.EXE, Transmit!

    Heya, this is my first time posting an addon for SRB2K. I brought to you, MegaMan.EXE from the MegaMan Battle Network/ RockMan.EXE series. His stats are 8 Speed and 3 Weight. (similar to Vanilla Sonic, just a bit lighter) His main color is Sapphire. His voice lines are from MegaMan Battle...
  9. LadyKuki

    [Reusable] LadyKuki Character Pack! (V1)

    It's been a long time coming! Kuki pack is finally here, featuring characters from several franchises! There will definitely be more, but updates (aside from sprite and stat edits) from now on will be coming a little slowly so bear with me here.
  10. TimeChamber

    [Reusable] TimeChamber's character pack! v1.4.9 v1.4.9

    After days and days of making characters and getting a good abundance of some, I think now is a great time to present: Hey guess what? After months of this thread existing, it actually got updated!! Character list Credits Atticus - Sprite assistance and coloring Sounds resource -...
  11. InstableGR

    "InstablePack" [v1.3 - Proto Man (8-bit)]

    No introduction fanfare is needed for this pack, I think the title image is self-explanatory so let's get on with it! Characters Patch Notes Credits Even more characters may or may not be added in the future, only time will tell. Please enjoy!
  12. G

    [Reusable] The Starlight Character Pack (new racers 5 delux)

    this here be is a pack of characters that you race like a shooting star in the vacuum of space update: I manage to improve some of the sprites replace some voice lines and fix some of them CHARACTERS Eddy (ED EDD n EDDY) SPEED 7.5 the leader of the Ed-boys is here to in himself some money...
  13. Scootie

    [Reusable] It's Kart or Nothin' v7.5(Fire and Lightning)

    It's been sometime coming, but here it is, the first character pack of mines also with the release of a new character that I had been working on with more soon on the way! As requested, there are now individual character downloads, so now if there are only certain characters you want in the...
  14. Pogofenn

    Maestro v2 [Mega Man 8 Bit Deathmatch]

    I decided that I would make a big deal out of this... making redundant logo! I, once again as I occasionally do, got bored and made another character. It just so happens that around the same time I decide to make a character, I discover that MM8BDM updated to v5d. ...and then, v6...
  15. ☆Joker☆

    ☆JOKER☆ Chars Pack v6.1 PLUS [Pikachu]

    Welcome to the new release of the ☆Joker☆ Pack, this started out as something for personal use, but I continue to improve it. This pack contains more than 27 exclusive characters from each universe Current Version: 6.1 Plus List of features include: • Update Kid Goku & Kid Krillin • Plus Mode...
  16. Ganbare-Lucifer

    [Reusable] The Ganbare Rapa-Pack! V1 [Dark Arle]

    Finally! I am proud to present you the first pack of mine! The Ganbare Rapa-Pack! Racers Ahead! So anyways, enjoy!
  17. Gunla

    The Box - A Character Pack by Gunla [v7] v7

    Looking for semi-obscure characters you may or may not have heard of? Are you a fan of bottom right statblock oversaturation? Not tired of anime in your kart racer? Welcome to... The Box. It features characters done by Gunla, from wildly different mediums. Characters listed below include their...
  18. zxyspku

    Z-Chars 1.9

    What does the Z stand for? Who knows! This pack is just a dump of characters that I've wanted to make without any specific direction as with most, expect everything from actual Sonic characters to literal whos from series or other things you probably don't know or care for. As such I've decided...
  19. luckykid7

    Kalinka Cossack

    I've Seen Character mods of Megaman, Roll, PharaohMan, etc. If PharaohMan and Roll can race in the game, Why not Kalinka Cossack from Megaman 4? Stats: 5,4 Made with the help of Kartmaker: Credits Changelog
  20. Dimpsuu

    Dimpsuu's Kart Pack (RC.9 PRIME/MISFITS UPDATE)

    The Dimpsuu- Kart Pack Now that v1.0.2 is out, and .pk3 file types are supported I figured this would be a good opportunity to just re-release a bunch of my standard kart wads under a pack which should make it easier to load them for servers. This includes 7 characters that were already...