original character

  1. Exodus-

    Exodus' Exoding Character Pack v1.1

    I have made myself a Character pack for SRB2Kart! So far this pack contains 7 characters, with more to come... ...eventually. Shortly after I released Kalie, I promised that soon enough I would release a character pack, luckily I got a few more characters up my sleeve, some of them are as it...
  2. Exodus-

    Kalie's Plush (OC) V1

    The Marketable Plushie, a.k.a Kalie's Plush is here, yet alongside Kalie herself! They are somewhat of an absolute lightweight speedy, with their ability to surpass any other characters at a high speed. She was sprited by a friend called UnlicensedDoc- - Stats: Speed: 8 Weight: 1 Enjoy!
  3. Exodus-

    Kalie (Original) v2.1

    Exdesia's best friend Kalie joins the race! Kalie is somewhat of a lightweight semi-accelerator, she is herself more lighter yet slightly taller than Exdesia. She is another one of my OCs, and I plan in the future to make an OC bundle with her! Speed - 4 (V1), 1 (V2), 2 (V2.1) Weight - 3...
  4. BlueSwitchPalace

    Chubbz Chars v1.0

    A simple Character Pack named after the unannounced Chubbz Minecraft Mod. Current List of available/planned characters: Switch Peak Ben (upcoming) Yosh, NOT YOSHI (upcoming) um... Credits! BlueSwitchPalace - Main Spriter and Creator of Switch HyperC@T - Creator of Peak and the Chubbz Mod...
  5. VichogGD190

    I need spriters for my character.

    I'll get to the point, I'm looking for sprites to make my only oc because I suck at making sprites. If anyone helps me, I'll be very grateful.
  6. SonicBenSeven

    [Open Assets] SonicBen7's Characters Pack 1.0

    Ok now i made a first mod of srb2 kart which is really cool, by the way, there should be 3 characters i think. There's All you need it to mods. And here's this
  7. waffletoast215

    Waffle's (Fan) Kids of the Future Character Pack 2.2

    Waffle's (Fan) Kids of the Future Character Pack I have updated this pack to include a second character, and changed the name to fit the theme I have going with these two. Please enjoy my and my friend's fan characters, if you like. They are mostly for my and my friends' personal uses, but...
  8. Sky Sonic

    Sky Sonic (W.I.P)

    So I'm making my own addon all by myself. Starting with my CSS art 128x128 version: this is actually a scrapped version (which i made) of the sonic pose from the credits I had already making work in progress since 2021 and now I'm making a post about it. My progress was complete but, I was...
  9. Voidy2246

    Voidy the Alien Succubus (A Progress Report)

    Hello, it is me once again. Now that I've found a bit more motivation, I shall now begin progress on my final character for vanilla SRB2! This time it's my own OC, Voidy. If you're familiar with the Kart version of my character pack, then you've probably already seen her. And like I said there...
  10. Almulescent

    [Open Assets] Almond - The "Hiatus" Build V1.1

    Alm is finally "released"! (I say this in quotations as I decided to release his almost complete self to the Message Board, due to mental health problems.) His moveset consists of a double jump, walljump, slide (custom 3) and a peelout type move bound to custom 1. He is loosely based off of a...
  11. Linksab

    ChrisKart v1.0.1

    Chris, from my series, David & Chris. This is probably the first srb2 mod I've ever made. The voice clips and older sprites in this mod date back to 2019. I have been working on it since then. OLD SPRITES Thanks to fickleheart for making this possible with Kartmaker! Thanks to Angular for the...
  12. thesrb2fan12

    thesrb2fan12 in srb2

    So i decided to try making a mod using my own sprites however this also is UNFINSHED so please dont criticize me on sprites i havent made yet For abilities most are just fangs abilities for now although he has the dash mode because without it most likely black core 1 would be unbeatable
  13. YairKirby

    YairyChars 1

    Welcome to YairyChars! This is a small pack that currently includes two characters. One is my OC while the other is from a video game. I hope you will enjoy playing as them! (Includes individual downloads as well) Character list:
  14. RetroStation

    [Open Assets] Power Drift Bikers V1

    Two new bikers enter the fray, each with their own unique mechanics and powered by BikeMod! "If you wanna whine and cry like a spoiled brat, I'll gladly bend you over and spank you like one." Taiga Saejima (6, 8) Taiga "18-Counts" Saejima, legendary captain of the Tojo Clan, joins Kiryu and...
  15. Jonloo1

    JonChar PR v1.0

    The following is evidence that I can sprite characters and mess about enough with them to create something I'm happy with, be it messing with audio enough or adding compatibility with whatever cool stuff I come across. Originally I wasn't going to just upload the self-insert avatar, but I didn't...
  16. Emmette_Clyde

    Emmette Clyde 1.8

    Here she is! My first ever character addon! ...Wait I shouldn't start with that- Emmette is a pegasus with tiny wings, but that ain't gonna stop her from experiencing flight. To make up for the whole "no flying" thing, she has wind powers that can make her do all sorts of things! For...
  17. BlueSoD

    Lapis "Blue" Adair 1.2.0

    Introducing Blue, the Dissonant Descendant! 📖 Overview Blue is a highly movement-based character with powerful skill in the right hands. Although a bit slower than most of the cast, and unable to spinjump, he makes up for it with an incredibly high jump, exponential acceleration, and extremely...
  18. Lixpull

    I need help i just make this...

    i want someone to make my oc into a srb2 mod i've tried and i just cant... the oc is ashes the hedgehog comment on this post if you want to do this. btw i do not care what you do just make the abilities and stuff related to this i'll just put some lore in here: Ashley Tilyanel Hedgehog is...
  19. Geometrybro

    Geobro's Otherworldly Racers (5 Racers) 2

    Hey all, I'm a new face around here lol. I discovered SRB2Kart not too long ago and I love it already, so with prior knowledge of making stuff in another game I like, I decided to take a shot at this game, and I think the result turned out pretty well. Obviously this is my first attempt at this...
  20. SeasideDoe

    The Duet Pack 1.2

    "Y'know, we've been racing here for a while in a few parts Uranus, but I have no clue how we even got here, and neither does Caos. Any ideas?" "Frankly I don't have a clue Onda. Either way, I know we don't exactly see eye to eye on a lot of things, but I think we might have to work together...