original character

  1. FunkySpaceAlien

    Funky Characters Pack! (OCs) v1

    The Funky Character Pack is comprised of commissions I've gotten of my characters from various artists. With permission from the artists, I'm putting these up for easy download! The pack includes All-In-One and separate P3K files (Y'know, just in case you don't any gross blue guys in your...
  2. Kirb

    Nuko v2

    your 'lil fella enters SRB2! note that i did not start this mod, and i didn't make the sprites, Niko made it, that isn't even registered on the MB lel i made some lua for this, Niko putted some reusable stuff before me Abilities bounce jump midair zoom downwards with a bounce peelout...
  3. Misty

    Misty the Aqua bonny 1.0

    She's ready to race and be chased by everyone. Misty is ready to bun rubber and get karted....wait. Thanks to FaboulsNinji for help with making her real.
  4. Tempest97 (Krimps)

    Tempest the Axolotl 1.1.2

    Tempest the Axolotl joins SRB2! Coming from a body of water somewhere, Tempest brings a powerful set of moves to navigate difficult areas at a good pace. He cannot spinjump, use shield abilities or get consistent bursts of speed, but makes up for it in sheer versatility! -Abilities-...
  5. Dee

    Pencil Drawson (WIP that's actually being worked on again)

    Hello! It's been a while! I've been a little on and off on my character, but for the past 3 months, I've been working with my pals on the SRB2 discord to ACTUALLY make progress on... Pencil Drawson! He's a character with slow acceleration, but has a double jump. So far, I've completed the...
  6. JohnSilver

    [Reusable] Nitro: The Dragon 1.0

    My First Mod for SRB2/SRB2Kart, brings My Game Studio, Team Ink Interactive's, mascot character, Nitro! He's a Dragon that has to stop the evil "Blook" from taking over Pax Island! In this mod, you get to play as him. he's very similar to sonic, albiet he has better handling, and goes slightly...
  7. SMS Alfredo

    Piroli the Butterfly v1

    It's Piroli the Butterfly, a new original character created by me, SMS Alfredo! STORY After finally getting permission from her father to set out on a mission to expand the family tailoring business across the world, Piroli arrives at Greenflower City only to find it overrun by robots! This is...
  8. King the Memer

    [Reusable] The Hedgebois Beta 14.1

    aight, so u remember there was these different abilities for the custom colors king added?? no? well, who gives a shit now theyre actual characters lol (kinda) say hello to The Hedgebois: King the Memer: Faker: Freezer: Billy: Funky: Credits: Sprites: Me...
  9. Yoko

    [OC] Myra 1

    Here's Myra, a blue haired fox girl with a drive to speed through any tracks that come her way! This was originally supposed to be with a circle of friends, but I decided to release it to the public in case others would enjoy her. This was a commission made by the amazing FabulousNinji! I thank...
  10. Evil Sonic

    Evey's Character Pak! v1.0

    A majority of these characters are commissions, WARNING: Some of them have vulgar language In order of the image from left to right, starting from the top:
  11. Whispfest

    [Reusable] Avery the Slimy Person 1.0

    Avery finally debuts as a Kart character, and she's sure ready to get out on the track! Sporting the stats of 6 speed and 3 weight, her trusty beanie and glasses, she's gonna teach the other racers a thing or two! Due to not having any arms (she's literally made of slime), she uses her hair to...
  12. TrickyTex

    Ryder The Falcon - The Rock-Solid Dark Destroyer 1.0.2

    Ryder The Falcon - The Rock-Solid Dark Destroyer! Ryder is a Dark Gaia-corrupted heavyweight wrestling champion from the mean streets of Westopolis, ready to dig and battle robots for you. With the power of splats and papersprites, Ryder has full 3D abilities that are sure to be fun to tear...
  13. Hallan

    [OC] Atoll Summers 1.2

    People seemed to really like her in Original Server (Do Not Steal) so I figured there wasn't much harm in uploading her to the forums. Might expand into a pack or something later on? Jury's still out on that one. You're free to host my characters on your own server (I'd love if you let me...
  14. Boi Rocket

    Sundae Rakieta v1

    Here she is! Sundae Rakieta, is a bunny driver that was sprited by @deloadrenxi (also heavily inspired by me playing cream so much) Character: Sundae Rakieta a rabbit ready to become a fierce driver on the track
  15. D

    (OC) Alyssa Aspen 1.0

    Alyssa Aspen joins SRB2K as a racer! This friendly dragon is here to represent the Mentali species in SRB2K! This 23-year-old has a mind like a steel trap, a heart of gold, and a love of music. Alyssa is a fairly light character due to her wings, as well as being pretty fast but not impossible...
  16. Starlight

    Willo The Cat v1.1

    Willo The Cat blasts off into SRB2! CREDITS Spritework: me lmao Sprite Assistance: Iceberg, Saneko, DrStephen (you especially helped make the ghost design, thank you) Coding: SMS Alfredo, Frostiikin Orchid Skincolor: Saneko Moveset Tweaks: SMS Alfredo, Inazuma (single-handedly made this mod...
  17. CommodoreSkulkin

    Kat (cannot legally) join the race! V1

  18. Dr_Zeos

    Elegy hits the track! V1

    My OC DZN-00 Elegy enters SRB2 kart Thanks to the wonderful help of https://twitter.com/Dimpsy_Boots for doing all the sprite work and just in general making my character come to life, Elegy's voice lines are Marta Lualdi from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Stats: Speed: 5 Weight...
  19. Joshimations

    Joshimations Character Pack 1.1

    Please check the updates for the character pack! Thank you! <3
  20. Milo

    Raccy The Raccoon

    The Raccy was a project of mine when I was creating a game but I decided to bring it on the kart,made it together with my friend Halzenut15 Stats: - Speed: 5 - Weight: 3 Credits: - Audio: Eggman (sonic adventure) Deem Bristow Trailer (pt-br)