original character

  1. CryoGX

    [Reusable] Neon & Maxed Neon (Advent NEON) 1

    Hey everyone! I play SRB2Kart with my friends pretty regularly, and decided to make a mod of my own character! I've been playing it personally for a while, but I figured I'd go ahead and release it publicly too, along with this new art I made for the occasion. If you've never heard of them...
  2. FAVman33

    FaDChars - Frank & Dummie 1.2

    (Check out the trailer here!) The Dimension Duo finally make a comeback, ready for adventure! [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Credits Frostiikin - HUGE Help with partner swapping SMS Alfredo - Allowing me to use some snippets of code he made before The CSCS - For motivation...
  3. ImoTube

    [Reusable] Imo Character Pack 1.0

    Hi, and welcome to the Imo Character Pack. I present my first SRB2 Kart Mod, In which it's a Character Pack with Various Types of Characters. (for example, Okabe from Steins;Gate) I made this because there's some missing Characters for the Addons section and I decide to making them myself...
  4. Pure

    Pure's OC Pack [ V5 ]

    Hi, here's my character pack! It's got 7 characters, and maybe some of them might interest you? With OCs ranging from really small to really tall, hopefully some of these characters might get your attention!
  5. Restless Dipstick

    Dipstick Trio 1.0

    This is a small pack of racers that features my 3 Sonic OCs, Drago, Trina, and Zeal. I've wanted at least Drago to be playable in some form, and since I can't code, I figured I'd do the next best thing, and I'm pretty happy with how they came out.
  6. K

    [Reusable] Drawing Layne 1.1

    Layne (me) in my original artstyle! Layne is a 6, 4 character, focusing on top speed, requiring you drifting a good bit before corners, but if that's too much... may I recommend tails? also if you cant download him at the top...Layne
  7. Dee

    [Reusable] Dee's Doodle Character Pack! 1.0

    Dee (now basically a kart character maker) presents: Dee's Doodle Pack! These well known characters were remade in my "doodle" artstyle! plus i'm not very good at pixel art so Here are the racers! Link: Very light and slow character with great acceleration and handing. Uses Toon Link's voice...
  8. P

    Pointy Chili 1

    You ever have those times where you just wish you could play as a poorly drawn haha funny joke character thats the weird looking robot version of some dudes oc? Well now you can with Pointy Chili! Watch as she stylishly slides along the track with her rocket boots! Why rocket boots? Cause their...
  9. HunnyBon

    KC_Madeline ! 1.1

    It's maddie time. In collaboration between me and a friend, we've both banded together to present to you this thing: (oops, not my finest drift...) Okay, but for real: Madeline is a simple racer that focuses on speed and being lightweight, meaning you can do cool as heck drifts that feel...
  10. TessyBluez

    [Reusable] SpongeBob & Patrick riding in the Patty Wagon - Tessy's Character Pack 1.1

    Lightning McQueen Speed: 8 Weight: 8 Version: 1.1 Lightning McQueen has joined the roster! Being a race car, he has a high speed and high weight. Both the color of his body and the lightning bolts can be changed. Chick Hicks Speed: 7 Weight: 8 Version: 1.0 The Piston Cup Champion himself, Chick...
  11. flarn2006

    [Reusable] Sparks the Scarf Rider 1.5.2

    NOTICE: While this content is fully reusable, it is under a "copyleft" license. This means, if you reuse content from this mod in your mod, your edited version of my content must also be reusable, under the same condition. This does not mean your entire addon needs to be reusable, but the parts...
  12. StarrySunset

    [Reusable] [SRB2Kart] Browne v1

    A little OC for SRB2Kart v1.x Weight : 2 Speed : 7 Pref Color : Gold A model will come soon
  13. Nikos2433

    Nikos_The_Falcon_v1.1 1.1

    Nikos the Falcon join the race ! Info : Speed : 7 Weight : 4 Nikos the Falcon belongs to me and is my OC of the sonic universe.
  14. Marioblox

    Marioblox's Character Pack V2.1 2.1

    This is a character mod pack with 8 different characters as of now. More will be released soon so stay tuned if you're interested Characters: Among drip The funny crewmate from the funny meme Why don't you get among the racetrack? Stats Speed: 6 Weight: 3 $19 Fortnite card Remember, share...
  15. Logan8r

    Flame The Dragon v1.2

    Flame the Dragon! A warrior and champion of dragons, she guards her people with fiery determination, stubbornness, and her fists. A collab between me, my sister and our friends, to remake our first character mod to be much higher quality, we hope you enjoy! ABILITIES: Flame Crash! Press...
  16. Cyen

    Shino the Lesser Panda 1.2

    Shino the Lesser Panda Shino is a coop character that uses star boost rings to maneuver in the air and bring his friends with him. While in the air Shino has three charges of star boost. He can use these charges to get a vertical boost with jump or a horizontal one with spin. Once out of...
  17. someguyinthecorner

    [Reusable] Ada (Original Character) 1.3

    Ada is an original character who looks pretty eager to ride, I think. With her stats being [8, 6], she is bound to zoom past the competition like the cool (computer) cat she is. I hope you all have fun, give her lots of love, and I can't wait to see her on the tarmac. Credits: Voice clips -...
  18. antonretrojr

    Pyrkagia The Hedgehog

    Introducing my OC: Pyrkagia The Hedgehog A hedgehog lost in time and space, created by Mother Nature to help out Sonic... Pyrkagia can easily beat most levels, and specializes in fire magic. ACTIVE ABILITY: Drill Dash Yes, Pyrkagia carries over some NiGHTS stuff. Double jump to fly up in the...
  19. SupaCustardbro

    Jim!!!! v2.2

    It's Jim! Jim is now back with new and improved sprites! (and altered/changed abilities) Abilities Jim's moves are not easy to learn, but they can be very powerful once you master them. Homing attack Holding Spin after jumping or double jumping will allow Jim to home in on an enemy...

    Station Zero Pack 2021-03-21

    Welcome! The Mango Crew is here! Grin - Mischievous rebel who grew up on a floating city, loves mangos. Jazz - Taken away from her home as a child, she seeks refuge in her new enviroment. Nala - Young photographer, usually gets herself into trouble. Kovu - Lost his sister in an accident...