original character

  1. Aidenmash

    Aidenmash The Wolf!

    Aidenmash The Wolf! 🔥 I'm working on my first character mod! And of course, it's gotta be of my OC, Aidenmash! He is very VERY early in development, with only some HUD elements and a front standing sprite finished, but i'm sure he'll come out great by the end of this! He has fire...
  2. SilverVortex

    Legacy Hibiki v1.0.2

    Introducing (Legacy) Hibiki Kuruumiya, an abrasive and angsty young man with some (very literal) massive firepower! (Wait, Legacy? What's that all about?) Hibiki is a simultaneously fast-paced, reaction heavy but also patience testing character, with a myriad of abilities that make use of...
  3. Mizzhap

    [Reusable] Mizzy The Silverfish v1.4

    The reality-hopping invertebrate, Mizzy The Silverfish comes to SRB2! After having been manipulated by Dr. Eggman into fighting Sonic and Tails in Crazy Space Zone, Mizzy is ready to take her revenge on the Doctor!
  4. Roy3314

    [Reusable] Majid V1

    Majid bust in SRB2 Double Jump: Melee: Run on Water: Credit: Thanks to Blu The Hedgester for his custom charachter preset (permission aquired) Thanks to me for the sprites Thanks to S_SKIN SRB2 Wikia documentation page
  5. U

    koral (OC)

    Here Come the disfigured Bunny Koral! He'll have a doubleJump, and a leap for now but here is the sprites. 1659977209 And of course OC [/SPOILER][/SPOILER]
  6. jayflamestar

    Terra the Pangolin v1.2

    Terra the Pangolin After overhearing a conversation about the destruction of Greenflower Mountain, Terra the Pangolin, a resident of Alpine Paradise Zone, decides to take matters into her own hands! Abilities: Super Sling Press Jump in mid-air to exchange your forward momentum for a good...
  7. juralumin

    Eggbox Character Pack [10/50 Complete] 10.0

    Introducing the Eggbox Character Pack, featuring a handful of goofy OCs from games we've made and some bonus third party characters! There are currently 24 base characters in the works, all of which are getting 1 alt skin, and 2 bonus characters who won't be getting an alt. In total, there will...
  8. furrless

    Furless the cat for SRB2K (OC) v1

    Like the tag line says. its just my oc in kart, and nothing else. (yet) His stats are 7 , 5 and his default color is cherry. And that's about it! enjoy! special thanks to @Chuckles troll for additional sprite help, @SuperPhanto for helping me with the gloat SFX, and any other friends that...
  9. realmoc1105

    realMOC1105's Character Pack V1

  10. cjkittykarter2010

    [Reusable] Cjkitty da boi 1.Cocomall nut

    uhh the og version broke so a remake i guess (9,5)
  11. JakyCracky

    Jakly And Luca 1.2

    NOTE: please give me feedback on bugs and issues and i'll fix it Have some kart racing fun with these two, jakly and luca are now in srb2 kart NOTE: Make sure to check the updates down below
  12. SparkWolfHunter

    [Reusable] Bakoura 1.0

    Meet Bakoura, a small and sweet ghost, ready to take on the courses, will he win, lets find out! (Bakoura is made by me and I figured I want to try something, so enjoy, Spark Out and Howl On!) SparkWolfHunter P.S: Sorry if his voice is a bit quiet, I had to use FL Studio for it
  13. ScrappedPumpkin

    Scraps The Pumpkin [SRB2 Kart Custom Character] 2

    Got Bored™ and decided to add my OC to this game. however this is my first mod for this game so dont expect it to be high quality and fancy Credit: Nintendo (Voice Lines)
  14. Detour

    Elementourney Pack 1

    Elementourney is a crossover event in which characters hailing from video games, cartoons, or even real life duke it out in a 16-contestant bracket to win a day of music all to themselves. This project's development will be similar to that of the Super Smash Bros. series, by revealing the...
  15. FunkySpaceAlien

    Funky Characters Pack! (OCs) v1

    The Funky Character Pack is comprised of commissions I've gotten of my characters from various artists. With permission from the artists, I'm putting these up for easy download! The pack includes All-In-One and separate P3K files (Y'know, just in case you don't any gross blue guys in your...
  16. Kirb

    Nuko v2

    your 'lil fella enters SRB2! note that i did not start this mod, and i didn't make the sprites, Niko made it, that isn't even registered on the MB lel i made some lua for this, Niko putted some reusable stuff before me Abilities bounce jump midair zoom downwards with a bounce peelout...
  17. Misty

    Misty the Aqua bonny 1.0

    She's ready to race and be chased by everyone. Misty is ready to bun rubber and get karted....wait. Thanks to FaboulsNinji for help with making her real.
  18. Tempest97 (Krimps)

    Tempest the Axolotl 1.1.2

    Tempest the Axolotl joins SRB2! Coming from a body of water somewhere, Tempest brings a powerful set of moves to navigate difficult areas at a good pace. He cannot spinjump, use shield abilities or get consistent bursts of speed, but makes up for it in sheer versatility! -Abilities-...
  19. Dee

    Pencil Drawson (WIP that's actually being worked on again)

    Hello! It's been a while! I've been a little on and off on my character, but for the past 3 months, I've been working with my pals on the SRB2 discord to ACTUALLY make progress on... Pencil Drawson! He's a character with slow acceleration, but has a double jump. So far, I've completed the...
  20. JohnSilver

    [Reusable] Nitro: The Dragon 1.0

    My First Mod for SRB2/SRB2Kart, brings My Game Studio, Team Ink Interactive's, mascot character, Nitro! He's a Dragon that has to stop the evil "Blook" from taking over Pax Island! In this mod, you get to play as him. he's very similar to sonic, albiet he has better handling, and goes slightly...