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  1. kingofDUCKBUNNIES

    KingofDuckbunnies Character Pack v1.6

    Hullo, thank you for clicking on this mod. if it's out of curiosity or if you're clicking all addons, ty :) *non-in-game images are sloppily colored that's why their karts appear green (colors different ingame) Contains stuff from polandball, vinesauce, homestar runner, fnaf and honestly...
  2. Some_Toon

    [Reusable] Warlock 1.6

    Warlock emerges from his solitary tower to wreak havoc on the tracks of SRBK2 with his tomes of dark magic! (And wings full of orbinauts...) Stats: 6 - 4 I decided to make a character mod of my own villain OC, Warlock. Perhaps he can pick up a few tips on villany from Robotnik? My first...
  3. ARC-FOX

    Universal Tails! v1

    Universal Tails! This is only an oc so there is no point of making this description.. ON TO THE MOVESETS! ============================== ]Basic Moves[ -FallSwitch (Flips falling speed into flying) -MultiAbility -CanBustThrowWalls -RunOnWater...
  4. DragonFromGigiza

    Rust the Mole

    This killer of a passion project started around mid-January, and after several screw-ups and revisions (as well as help from Roach among others), Rust is starting to go down a more correct path. He's still far from finished, but I hope to be done with him by next summer. Rust doesn't move fast...
  5. A_3TO_GAS_MAN*(RUS)*

    Who Is your favorite srb2 oc

    This post was made just out of boredom. Here we are (so far I am alone) discussing srb2 oc I don't mean as a "playable character" I mean as a Most cute Most cool Most favorite Talk who is your favorite(s) "srb2 original Character" My favorites is Jana the fox Skip the fennec...
  6. Cheese-boi

    Cheeseboi V1.5

    Nothing much to say. edit: added a higher quality image for the new STNDA1 sprite
  7. PaperDawN

    Periwinkle! 1

    Periwinkle! A very cute little robot girl is ready to race! Periwinkle is the main character of my webcomic, Platinum Dreams! In my on-going mission to mod her in as many games as I can, she is now in SRBK2! She's got good handling and acceleration because uhh, that's my favorite stat type...
  8. Mushsect

    Glint The Moth v1.0

    After I found out about srb2 and it's kart equivalent a while back I wanted to make a mod but didn't get around to doing so until now. So I decided to put my own little gremlin into one, I might add more and make this a character pack but for now its just moth boy. Glint the Moth A...
  9. Icezer

    Winnie! v1

    My main OC isn't Bite the Snapper? Shocking to some of you, I know. From out of nowhere, Winnie's here to race in Kart 1.x! She sports a stat set of Speed 3, Weight 9, she's a big girl so even if she's not the fastest she'll definitely bump around any racers on the lighter side. I hope you...
  10. ChairGTables

    ChairGTables 1.0

    ChairGTables approaches the racing track in SRB2Kart as part of her journey to find the tastiest burger in the whole universe. This racer comes with voicelines from various stream clips and FGC commentary reels. Chair's appearance in SRB2Kart has been completed from the efforts of Seth Windam's...
  11. SpinSlash165

    Flare the Tyrannosaur 2.0 2.0.1

    FLARE THE LIZARD TYRANNOSAUR returns! Kidnapped from his (first) adoptive father and experimented on resulting in monstrous side effects, Ryder's little brother makes his long-awaited return with 2.0! New yet familiar skills, a new look, more personality - it's everything 1.x should've been...
  12. BrianFan

    BrianFan The Hedgehog

    BrianFan submitted a new resource: BrianFan The Hedgehog - Green Sonic anyone? Read more about this resource...
  13. BrianFan

    BrianFan The Hedgehog 1.0.1

    This is BrianFan The Hedgehog for Sonic Robo Blast 2! Abilities: Multi-Jump Thok Boost Mode Credits: Cosmetics by Krabs A'Dillaz Hat Shop by A'Dilla Overhauled Legacy Trio by Elyos03 XMomentum/CrossMomentum by Frostiikin Crystal Sonic/Alt Sonic by Icezer
  14. CodeKirby

    CodeKirby 2.0

    This is my very first attempt at making an SRB2 Kart (or srb2 related for that matter) mod. View attachment 78050 For those who had the pre-release version, here are some big changes- Drifting Sprites Fixed! Went on in and fixed up the drift sprites! Voicelines CK no longer has Sonic's...
  15. Matt Frostpaws

    Demi the Aardwolf 1.0

    Meet Demi! She's an aardwolf that's a princess from a faraway kingdom who's anything but regal Don't let her small size and friendly face fool you; She's a feisty kid with a need for speed, a love for adventure, and way, way too much sugar (and Hyper-go-on energy) in her system. This was my...
  16. Aidenmash

    Aidenmash The Wolf!

    Aidenmash The Wolf! 🔥 I'm working on my first character mod! And of course, it's gotta be of my OC, Aidenmash! He is very VERY early in development, with only some HUD elements and a front standing sprite finished, but i'm sure he'll come out great by the end of this! He has fire...
  17. SilverVortex

    Legacy Hibiki v1.0.2

    Introducing (Legacy) Hibiki Kuruumiya, an abrasive and angsty young man with some (very literal) massive firepower! (Wait, Legacy? What's that all about?) Hibiki is a simultaneously fast-paced, reaction heavy but also patience testing character, with a myriad of abilities that make use of...
  18. Mizzhap

    [Reusable] Mizzy The Silverfish v1.4

    The reality-hopping invertebrate, Mizzy The Silverfish comes to SRB2! After having been manipulated by Dr. Eggman into fighting Sonic and Tails in Crazy Space Zone, Mizzy is ready to take her revenge on the Doctor!
  19. Roy3314

    [Reusable] Majid V1

    Majid bust in SRB2 Double Jump: Melee: Run on Water: Credit: Thanks to Blu The Hedgester for his custom charachter preset (permission aquired) Thanks to me for the sprites Thanks to S_SKIN SRB2 Wikia documentation page
  20. U

    koral (OC)

    Here Come the disfigured Bunny Koral! He'll have a doubleJump, and a leap for now but here is the sprites. 1659977209 And of course OC [/SPOILER][/SPOILER]