A Character That Ruins SRB2 (Ember)

[Reusable] A Character That Ruins SRB2 (Ember) 1.1B/1.2

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Hey there! It's Voidy! Today, I have a real treat for you all! Inspired by Telos Turntables' A Mod That Ruins SRB2, now comes the more popular star of the show, Ember! With her abilities, you can do almost anything your heart desires!

Character Select (V1.1).png

Primary: Flight

First and foremost, Ember doesn't have a jump like everyone else. When holding down jump, you'll start ascending. Letting go of it will let you descend.

The best part is that it works in any situation. Accidently fell off a ledge? Don't worry! Just give that button a good ol' hold!

It's important to note that this ability will be nerfed underwater seeing that she is a bee. What this means is that you'll ascend more slowly to promote flying underwater as an unreliable option to getting through it.
Nerfed Flight.gif

Tip: Whether or not you're nerfed, there's no limit on how high or how far you can fly.

Secondary: Flame Stinger
Flame Stinger.gif

Functionally similar to Fang, pressing spin will have Ember shoot a fireball. If a target reticle appears, the shots will automatically be aimed at said target. Unlike Fang though, you can also shoot fireballs while flying.

If you hold spin for a little bit before releasing, you'll charge up a powerful fireball. This fireball not only covers more area, but it'll pierce through badniks and damage them twice. Those pesky Hive Elementals and Facestabbers won't stand a chance!
Charged Stinger.gif

This can also be used to break bustable walls and floors, allowing you to explore places you couldn't before!
FOF Breaking.gif

It even works underwater, but it'll last for a shorter time than it does on land.
Underwater Charged Stinger.gif

Tip: The more enemies you defeat with the Flame Stinger while flying, the more points you'll score!

Passive: Smol Size.

Tapping jump while holding the direction of a Spin Gap will have Ember slide in it as if you were doing it with a Spindash-based character.

Passive: Stronk Will

Like Knuckles, Ember can naturally break walls just by walking into them. How can she do it? Who knows? Either way, this makes sure to maximize the places she can explore.

Passive: Water Run
Run On Water.gif

Since her flight gets nerfed underwater, she also has the ability to avoid the water by running on the surface with enough speed. Make sure you can keep up that speed, though.

Passive: Super Form
Super Charge.gif

Since Ember's an OC based out of this game, it would be no surprise that she'd have a Super Form.

Unnerfed Flight.gif

Along with the usual perks, the Flame Stinger will be permanently charged with a reduced cooldown while the Flight ability won't be nerfed underwater.

Finally, press Custom 1 for a special taunt. (It's a toggle by the way, and you're completely invincible during it.)

Ember Drip.gif

But that's not all! Along with ruining vanilla, she can also ruin SRB2P!
Persona Select.png

With her guardian, the Hive Elementress, Ember is a physical user who's more focused on dishing out criticals thanks to her high Luck and Crit Rate buffs. She also has auxiliary Ice magic to freeze enemies along with Death-based instant kills to whittle down enemy groups. HP drains also help in making her self-sustainable akin to Shadow and pre-1.3 Metal Sonic.

In the dungeons, she has access to a Flight ability. Hold the jump button to ascend while letting go will descend. There's no limit on it, so use it to your advantage to do things like skipping fights you don't want to do.

In a new Vision Quest, a gigantic Hive Elemental forgotten by Eggman threatens Ember's homeland, Aerial Garden Zone. Bee careful, for it has many tricks up its sleeve. It doesn't have a weakness, so criticals from Ember and the others will bee the way to go.

Want to bee even more powerful? Add Vespiquen from Cool2Smart's Pokepack to your team. These bumbling brutes will allow Ember to physically charge all allies, essentially made to deal out a lot of damage against bosses provided that you set up buffs beforehand. It's fairly expensive for her, so bee sure to use it sparsely.

That being said, I hope you enjoy! <3
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Latest updates

  1. Ported to 1.3.5

    Persona file slightly updated, vanilla file is the same. Read changelog for specifics.

Latest reviews

I don't think she derserves the tittle of "the caracter that ruins srbee2" because it's actualy a good character and very fun to play and not cringe and OMFG SHE HAS DRIP
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really simple character that brings an interesting gameplay to srb2. it's like mech levels in sa2 but if they were fun. just a nice way to lay back and relax as you commit mass genocide on the badniks in the level
being able to reach and keep the speed cap easily really fits this character's playstyle and makes for a relaxing runthroughs for levels, but at some point it can make gameplay really monotonous. the fact that she can ignore level design means that there's no communication between the player and the level, which, again, really nice for short-term fun but can become outright unstimulating after a while. i feel like doing something to change her movement would benefit her and make her on-the-fly playstyle more interesting, like making her lose speed while rising and gain speed while falling, or doing some sort of combo system that dynamically changes how she moves or shoots
this character made me want to play the game like i never have before- i actually wanted to shoot the badniks in my path for once. however, after testing her on a normal stage and a water stage, i felt like i saw all there was to see, do all there was to do. there's beauty in that simplicity knowing that this character is consistent, but i think she can keep this simplicity and still do more than what can essentially beecome (im sorry) just a run and shoot autoscroller
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Just beat the whole game as Ember, and safe to say that I love the character. Small bee lady is fun to play, and finding new routes to be fast is fun as well. One suggestion though, PLEASE add a flight cap. I don't think bees have infinite stamina, even if it's a humanoid bee. Infinite flight is way too op, she can literally beat ACZ1 in under 50 seconds. I'd recommend a little bit longer than tails' flight, so it's still good flight, but not busted. I'm gonna love to see the updates on this mod to polish it, so it's the top-notch bee mod. This is a certified bee moment in my book.
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A mod that some people may have been asking for a long time.
It has phenomenal abilities, they are too varied which gives it the original touch.
I love it!
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Welcome to releases!
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