SRB2 Persona Support for Morshu!

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Morshu, a shitpost mod originally made by Micro from the SRB2 MB (Link), is now made into a playable character in SRB2P!

Morshu Select.png

With his custom Persona, Rubyn, he specializes in utility skills such as Patra, Recarm, and barriers to protect those in need. Although, he can also be a very strong Magic offensive with Bless, Expel, and unique Fire skills that do fixed damage. He can easily bypass resistances thanks to Lamp Oil, and can also buff Magic to mostly support other Magic attackers. Finally, he's also fairly tanky compared to most magic users thanks to his high HP and good Endurance. All-in-all, a good choice for an all-around team.

As a new Vision Quest, Ganon has invaded Tartarus, and is now planning to use it for a malicious purpose. He may seem like a formidable foe at first, but those who have played the CD-i Zelda games know that he always has one fatal weakness.

Want some more razzle for your rubies? Bring along Spamton of the Echo Fighters pack. With these stellar salesmen, Morshu can use a skill that inflicts Freeze on all enemies while also deploying the Agiverse field. From there, Morshu and Spamton can make technicals off of the frozen enemies while also building up Emerald Power for the party.

That being said, I hope you enjoy! <3
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Latest updates

  1. Another Bug Fix

    For those that know about the SRB2P modding scene, I fixed Morshu's Slush Fund skill to work...
  2. Ported to 1.3.5

    A small update that changes up some things for 1.3.5. Read the changelog for specifics.

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I am honored to have Morshu in SRB2P. Thank you so much.
Thank YOU for making Morshu in the first place! :)
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Since Morshu is marked as Reusable, this is all A-OK for releases!
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