FL Studio Chan tunes in to Sonic Robo Blast 2!

[Open Assets] FL Studio Chan tunes in to Sonic Robo Blast 2! 3.1A/3.3

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Hey there! It's Voidy! Today, I give you FL Studio Chan, Image-Line's adorable anime mascot! There's much to discuss, so settle down.
FL Chan.png

Primary: Slow Fall
Slow Fall.gif

On land, press and hold jump to gently float downwards using her poofy vest. It can be used to descend from high places or to land on enemies safely. Initially, you can only use this ability once per jump.

Tip: Being a dancer, she naturally has a higher jump than everyone else. Use this knowledge to your advantage!

Primary: Swimming

Underwater, her ability will be changed to swimming in order to increase mobility. Double jump to start it up. From there, you can tap jump to swim upwards or hold down spin to swim downwards. Unlike Tails, you can swim indefinitely, but just keep in mind that you can still drown being that she's part human and that this is a Sonic game.

Tip: If you have an Elemental Shield or a Bubble Shield on you, your ability will still be the Slow Fall.

Secondary: Mic Drop
Mic Drop.gif

Press spin to create radial damage below you using a microphone. The radial damage can also destroy spikes while the microphone itself can break floors. When used on the ground, she'll stop in place, but you'll be able to attack quicker. When used in midair, she'll gain a little upwards boost at the cost of a longer cooldown so that it doesn't get abused.

Tip: The aerial Mic Drop can be used to either save yourself from danger, or save yourself some time. Although due to the aerial Mic Drop, she can't use most shield actives.

Passive: Dash Mode
Dash Mode.gif

She may be slow at first, but like Metal Sonic, she can overclock herself into phenomenal speeds if you can keep up your initial speed for a while. You also have the added benefits of running on water, breaking through spikes, destroying enemies, and tearing down spin-bustable walls while in this state.

Tip: You can't use Mic Drop while she's spinning around.

Tertiary: Kaboom Box
Kaboom Box I.gif

Press Custom 1 while standing still to set up her explosive boombox. Then, press spin to detonate it, which in turn will produce a large sound blast that melts through those annoying multi-hit badniks.

Kaboom Box II.gif

Alternatively, you can also spring off it by simply running into it. Unlike other springs though, this will allow you to chain into your other abilities. Doing this will automatically detonate the Kaboom Box, but no sound blast will come out of it.

Tip: If the Kaboom Box is placed inside a bustable wall or on top of a bustable floor, it'll break them when it explodes. Although, the effectiveness of this will vary depending on what's on the other side.

Passive: Emerald Upgrades
Emerald Upgrades.gif

Instead of a super form, FL Chan will get permanent upgrades to her abilities when you get all of the Chaos Emeralds. You'll have to read the console if you want specifics, though.

BattleMod: Siren Song
BattleMod Mic Drop.gif

In BattleMod, the shockwave that comes from Mic Drop can hurt opponents. This makes her a good area control character in that regard.

BattleMod Ability.gif

But for a price of 25 rings, she'll conjure up the vocal chords of a god in order to blast out everyone's eardrums. Although, it'll take a while before you can use it again. Just to keep things fair.

Not only do you get the awesomeness of FL Chan herself, but she can also join Metal Sonic to benefit him on a multitude of journeys.
Metal & FL Chan.png

Boombox Buddy
Boombox Buddy I.gif

Stand near FL Chan and press Custom 1 once the indicator appears to set up her Kaboom Box. From there, you can run into it to spring off of it and then use your hover to travel greater distances at greater heights.

Tip: The Emerald Upgrades also apply when FL Chan's with Metal, so use this to your advantage to get even higher.
Boombox Buddy II.gif

Finally, she has support with a few mods. Including SRB2 Persona, which has recently been updated to v1.3.
Persona Select.png

What was originally an ailment-based fighter akin to Blaze is now an all-arounder who can practically fit any role thanks to the mixture of skills provided by her custom Persona, Sirius. You need healing? She's got it. Buffs? Got it. Debuffs? Got it. Ailments? Got it. Offensive prowess? Got it.

Although at the cost of this power, her Endurance and HP are low along with being weak to Slash. These factors combined make her particularly frail early game. Mid-to-late game, however, she can easily make up for this with passives made to avoid her weakness, as well as combining buffs and debuffs to provide maximum evasion for the party.

As a little demonstration of her power, she will bring along a new Vision Quest allowing you to take her on with Metal Sonic in tow. These two make a powerful combo. Not only due to fact that they can help each other where one is lacking, but Metal Sonic can also make technicals off of FL Chan's Shock-based ailments. There'll be items to help you out, but a certain kind of team comp will be crucial for an easier time with the fight.

Last but not least, she later gains a skill (via implicit) that can only be used if you also have Sky Fox's Hatsune Miku on your team. With these musical mistresses together, she'll gain an all-target Heavy damage Strike skill capable of inflicting enemies with Brainwash. From there, FL Chan can then make technicals off of any Brainwashed enemies thanks to her Psy skills. Perfect for shutting down small encounters.

With that, I hope you enjoy this little passion project of mine and I'll catch you on the flip! <3
One more thing: She also replaces the radio graphic in the Sound Test. It should look awfully familiar for those Sonic CD fans out there!
Sound Test Secret.gif
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