NOTICE: This is NOT Mystic Realm Community edition. If you want to see beta development of MRCE,
go to this thread.
Mystic Realm v5.2, including a few quality of life changes over Mystic Realm v5.

Mystic Realm is a level mod for SRB2 with over 30 stages, a bunch of secrets, and a lot of stuff to do. Being originally created in 2003 and last significantly updated in 2006, Mystic Realm is one of the oldest SRB2 modifications. As such, the levels here feel dated nowadays after the vanilla game updates included far more interesting single player stages with far more depth. On the other hand, an insane amount of love and devotion was put into this, and while the stages lack in modern size and depth, they do still have it where it counts. If you're looking for a bunch of moderately decent single player content or have a nostalgia for older versions of SRB2, Mystic Realm should last you quite a while.

Mystic Realm v5.1 features:
* -You can no longer skip emerald collection during the emerald stages.
* -New texture patches for Tempest Valley.
* -Too many minor changes to count.


[Update 5] Mystic Realm v6 (one week belated) Halloween Demo - & Mystic Realm v5.1

It's such a relief to finally get this over with.
Happy Halloween!... one week late. Yeaaahhhh this one's a bit overdue.






Mystic Realm v6 development and Mystic Realm 5.1 development started at roughly the same time.
I had originally pitched a retextured Verdant Forest to Prime 2.0 back in late June or so, asking if would work for a potential Mystic Realm v5.1

His response went beyond what I was hoping for. He said it was too much for a v5.1, but that he'd work directly with me for a v6. Unfortunately I had to leave for a two week vacation around that time. But that didn't stop me. I decided to bring a shitty laptop with me.

I got a dev team set up of respected artists, mappers, and coders. Dave, Zipper, Krabs, So2ro, Zolton. At the same time we were all working on v6. We were also going back to v5 to do some polish work for a v5.1

It was by far the most productive I've ever seen a project in the span of 2 weeks. We had managed to make new enemies, new sprites for enemies, a revamp of Jade Coast 1, 2, 3, and Tempest Valley 1 to match the quality standard of 2.2. We had gotten full redesign of Mystic Shrines, new textures for stages. New emerald gathering system for v5.1. We had big plans to rework movement and abilities.

And it all fell apart in a day.
Some drama went down. People didn't want to work with Prime out of fear of their reputation. Most of the dev server left. Prime got banned.

Almost symbolically this was the day I left home from vacation.

Months later after development stopped, with anticipation still high. I decided I would release everything we had made for it. I figured Halloween would be a good date. I could give it a festive twist for its campaign and package all the normal stages as unlockables. I ran into quite a few hurdles, which was why it wasn't released on Halloween. But oh my god this is better than I could ever hope it would be.
Setting the Halloween demo up brought some new faces to the dev team, as well as some new contributions from original members. Seaballer helped finish and polish the Jade Coast revamp. RalphJeremy65 contributed these really clean HUD elements. Dave contributed new title cards and helped me with the Halloween conversion process. Apollyon contributed new recolored GFZ textures for Jade Coast.

Mystic Realm v6 Demo features:
* -Slopes!
* -Halloween Versions of Jade Coast Zone and Tempest Valley 1 and 3.
* -An all emerald final boss! (The emeralds are scattered around the Halloween stages, Master System style)
* -Every updated non-Halloween stage as emblem unlockables
* -Jade Coast (4)
* -Tempest Valley (8)
* -Verdant Forest (12)
* -Flame Rift (16)
* -New Title Cards by Dave Lite
* -New HUD by RalphJeremy65
* -New custom enemies by Zolton and Dave
* -Most of the SOC by Zolton
* -Final Demo homage voiced by CrystalCore
Also attached with this is a short mishmash of reusable mods that I tested with titled Styles. I figured I'd put it because this is how I tested and designed the maps for. It includes
* -Rebound Dash and Uncurl, by Krabs,
* -Spring Frontflip by Crum,
* -Sloperollangle by Golden,
* -Classic physics by Rumia (I had set it up when Classic was reusable. Don't worry, I've gotten her permission.).
I made this pk3 initially because I was tired of having to go to the addons menu and load all of them at once during dev. It also served as a guiding prototype because we had wanted to make reworked physics and abilities. I had set up something that worked and was fun to play.
Just a fun tidbit, Styles at its core was one of the reasons for XMomentum, which also happens to be made for use in level packs.

I can't believe I finally get this over with. I've been stressing over this for a long time. It's a lot to get off my chest finally getting it out to the public.

I will do small bugfix updates. Please report bugs to me. I will probably not add new features, sorry. I'm done with this for now.

I hope you all enjoy this!

And a shout out to all of my playtesters!
* Slow
* Sylve
* DaJumpJump
* Inazuma
* Logan8r
* Frostiikin
* PencilVoid
* Tatsuru
* Appleblurt
* RalphJeremy65
* Starlight

* -Release

* -Amy now playable (lol)
* -Fixed a typo in the emblem unlockables
* -Fixed brightness issues in Jade Coast
* -Fixed a missing texture in JCZ1
* -Ending credit now works in green resolutions

* -New capsule at the end of Tempest Valley 3
* -Knuckles can beat Mystic Realm Zone
* -Updated the unlockables list to reflect the actual emblem unlock amount
* -Raised the brightness in Jade Coast again

* -Fang now playable (lol)
* -Fixed credits flowing off the screen in green resolutions
* -Fixed some untextured walls
* -

* -All emblems are now collectible (lol)
* -Fixed line overflow in Extras Checklist
* -Blue Emerald is now more easily accessible
* -New ending artwork by DaJumpJump
* -Loads of polish and bugfixing
-Emerald Key when starting the campaign
-Edits to the custom capsule at the end of TVZ3
-Inner Sanctum is accessible through Record Attack and Level Select


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Latest reviews

In contrast to what Shadey said, this old thing holds up surprisingly well despite not really having been actually updated (level design changes) for a Final Demo-ish level pack. Multiple paths is nice, and the new emerald collection method of Mystic Shrines is pretty cool. Though the true final boss is... pretty bad and tries to be way too hard, and Prismatic Angel doesn't have too much depth being platforming that is very cheeseable as Sonic + Tails, there's still pretty good levels here. Labr. Woods is a maze with well-designed clues to escape. Not saying other things here except the Bumblebores are a pain to deal with and Aerial Garden relies purely on death pits.
Great pack, but there are some problems. I get this is old but dude PAZ should've been better than this.
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I played the hell out of Mystic Realm before 2.x dropped, and when 2.x finally came out, I was so disappointed in the new level designs, by comparison, I wished they had just cancelled it and called Mystic Realm the real version.

Yet everywhere I look are these posts dumping on it for being less inspired than new 2.x content. Baloney. It took the main team years to make a full level pack that had some semblance of the same quality, and it wasn't that good.

Mystic Realm is king. The only question for me, are the newer versions a downgrade because it keeps getting changed by the people who aren't happy with it?
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One of my friends told me to try this mod, unfortunately, it was not up to my expectations. After completing the base game entirely, I can safely say that the levels and overall design of said levels could use some critical work, while it may be true that mystic realm was out at 2.0 or 2.1 era, which probably would be good at the time, does not hold up to today, If I may give suggestions, I think slopes in some of these levels would work rather nicely, such as some sections where they use stairs and some hills that requires jumps, some of the enemy placements and obstacles in levels could be better too. Out of all the levels Aerial Garden was the worst experience out of its entirety, sure its the last level, its supposed to have some challenge I presume, but the challenge does not seem fun and I do not really learn anything other than just having a very precise jump, as a Sonic player (Mainly cause i view sonic as the main experience of the game), Doing this kind of platforming kinda sucks, especially when you have to go max speed to reach certain distances. The final levels in the vanilla experience, like Egg Rock, I viewed as challenging, I died numerous times when I was a beginner, but there are cool things to learn from it, it has unique ways of designing traps and obstacles, which isn't presented in this mod. Some may have a distaste towards what I'm saying, I think this mod can have much more potential, but at its current state it feels rather boring and very short for my play style, please listen and learn from this.
It appears you missed the hyperlink on the second NOTICE in the Overview thread. This is an archive of The Mystic Realm as it was in Final Demo (circa 2006). It will not be changed. The second link should provide a proper rework of The Mystic Realm with updated level design with slopes, a proper physics system, and remade unlockables. That is the mod that you are looking for. I hope this helps!
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For the first level pack for SRB2, it's still holds up till this day (in my opinion)
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