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Well Well Well, if it isn't Sonki's "best friend" Talez
Ya'll remember her right?


I hope ya do, because she is back to tormenting Sonki and now she's got some new tricks up her non-existent sleeves.

Flight Burst
Use 3 Flight Bursts to gain quick height, and then it reverts to Vanila Fly after all 3 are used up.
Press Spin to Stop flying and quickly fall to the ground

Tail Spin
Hold Custom1 On the ground to do a Tail Spin, it damages enemies pretty well!

Press Custom1 In the Air to dive into the ground! Press Custom1 While in the ground to jump out, and you can press space to do a small jump. You are limited on how long you can stay down there though...

With that Being said I think Talez is and probably will stay the most overpowered character in the Sonki cast due to how she can get around pretty much anywhere.

That isn't all! Talez has one last thing up her sleeve!
The Punchball

Walk up to the punchball to pick it up. Press Fire to throw it. It may be hard to use at first, but once mastered (which isnt hard to do), it can be a very fun weapon to use. The Punchball 1-Shots everything, with the drawback being that you have to pick it up yourself to use it again.

"Bu- Banddy, what about other characters!? I feel as if it is not fair that Talez gets to use the punchball and not my favorite character!"
Well you're wrong! We hired Gamma to help us with this part. While only Talez can spawn the punchball, if she isnt holding it, any character can run up and grab it themselves! The controls are the same for throwing as Talez

Well now Talez is pissed. With the command "friendlyfire on" she can stun other players with the punchball!
This is a good time to show off that holding FireNormal turns on autoaim. While this is a useful feature, its best if you learn to not use it.

Ok Now Talez can attack Gamma now.

With that being said be sure to report any bugs, and yall have a good day!

-New Gamemode(s)
-New Punchballs
-Persona and Battlemod Support

(also while you are here, there's functioning Punchball Monitors in the files, not sure how u gonna use em but I digress.)

Me - Creator of Character and Main Spriter
LuigiBudd - Coded The PunchBall
TGTLS (or JaylenwasTaken) - Coded Talez's Moves
Unmatched Bracket - Punchball Monitor Coder
Avery and JatDaGamer - Monitor Spriters
Sonki Discord Members - Beta Testing

Reusable Stuff:
Zarosguth - Sonic Heroes Jump Animation
TGTLS (or JaylenwasTaken) - Knuckles Dig
Sonic 12 - Fly Drop
NeonSRB2 - Squash and Stretch

Lemmie Know if i forgot anything!

the link is only gonna work for like 7 days
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Legitimately my favourite mod. You can get around with Talez really easily by combining Dig's dive cancel with slopes for speed and Dig's superjump + Fly for height (And add on Flight Burst for some REAL height.) Def deserves it's spot in Zyphyr's.
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Finally she is back
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This is amazing, her moveset is very good
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This mod is even better THAN THE LAST! Now that they have more abilities, they have even MORE ways to be unique! Great job, Banddy!
thank you good sir
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