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[Reusable] Squash and Stretch in 2.2.9 1.2

So one day with a 2.2.9 prerelease in hand I checked the wiki, and low and behold there was already some info there. So I used it. :wow:

Anyway one of the things i saw was first, splats, of course.
And also a few variables controlling sprite scale, so I made it so that if the player jumped, it would stretch them out for a brief second.


Also Fang bounce look cool I guess.

Also, these values do not work with models I already made a bug report for that complaining to me about it is just wasting your time.
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  1. Knuckles and Goop fixed

    I never actually tested knuckles, so when blacc reviewed me down because of one of the bugs that...

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Honestly, it feels like there is too much squash and stretch here.

When you start using an ability it squashes and stretch, when you climb up as knuckles it squash and stretches, the addon is nice to see, yeah.

But the squash and stretch being used nearly for every player ability when it doesn't need it just feels like it's overdone in my opinion.
Knuckles doin that is a bug, will be fixed as well as a bug with the same activation causing stretch in goop
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It´s so simple, but it makes the game feel SO. MUCH. better.
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Welcome to releases! 'm sure it'll be put to good use!
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