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New phone who dis

oh thats right its

the Steeckhog, big sister of the Blue Funni, Sonki the Hedgehawg!

Due to Sonki and Sunkeeck being siblings, they play similarly, but Sunkeeck has some major differences from her younger brother.

Main Move: MultiJumpthok

Ah yes, the thok. This thok is a jump thok that gives some extra height on the first use. Any use afterwards just acts like a normal thok.

Spin Move: SpinDash

What you see is what you get! Just a fuckin spindash.

Custom1: BodySlam

Press Custom 1 in the air to slam to the ground, producing a shockwave that kills enemies.


Lets address that number in the corner. Those are your rush points. When you reach 100 of them, you go into rush mode, getting a speed boost and the ability to bash through enemies. Things like defeating enemies and collecting rings will increase this meter, and there is no limit to how many rush points you can accumulate. Running at top speed stops the points from going down, so use your skill and speed and keep that number from hitting zero! There is no penalty for hitting 0 rush points other than losing rush mode until you collect 100 points again.

- a neat as hell purple pallete! and if you dont like it just go in slade and remove it i guess -

- what ya need! type "sunkmusic" in console, and on every map load, "What U Need" from Sonic Rush will play! -

Banddy - literally did pretty much everything unless something is mentioned below

Maril - helped with the wait animation code so it would play faster, cuz doing the figgin club penguin dance slow is BORING

as per usual i used this squash and stretch code

if i forgot anything be sure to tell me and i will update this page!

Idk most of you probably dont know i was working on this gal, wanted to work on something with as little help or feedback as possible.

also as i was writing this, i see now that the "parody" tag exists, i hope this was only recently added or else i will be sad that i have to change sonki and talez's tags ;-;​
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Latest reviews

I love her! She is super adorable! Not only that, she is super fun! The rushmode is very cool, and have unlimited thoks in neat! The only thing is a can think of that is really just meh, is that you can't really just turn off or on the screen palette, because it kinda hurt the eyes, not really and it effects all other characters. But besides from that, i love it! :3
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This character has a LOT of potential. I like what you were trying to do here. But this character feels is really unbalanced.

#1: The "MultiJumpThok" is just a mix of the spam thok from sms with the twist of the first thok going up. Not terrible but It has a low skill ceiling and kind of basic.

#2: The "Rushmode" for this character has a really good concept. Collecting rings, and defeating enemies. But because all you have to do is run for 1 second to get it started. There is next to no reason to even collect rings and/or kill enemies.
Plus the amount of points you get for collecting just five rings is WAY to much. Same with enemies. The amount of points needs to be incrested for it to feel like you need to put skill into it.

#3: The "BodySlam" is Basic, but still I good tool for keeping the RushPoint meter up by making it easier to kill enemies. But feels over powered for that purpose. Id recommend shrinking the shockwave radius by a lot.

Sorry if this comes off overly negative, But I'm more brutally honest then most people on this site. I really think you have something really, REALLY fun here. But needs to be worked on.

Hope this helps you!
what the fuck is this an actual review of an addon, no way. finally some actual criticism. i would agree with your second 2 points, those seem to need improvement. not gonna do much about the multi jump thok tho, sorry.
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who the fuck is this
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yo i love this. been playing it for a bit and it's pretty sick. score as an expendable resource to stay in dashmode is a pretty unique idea and i really like it. i'm a stickler for score attacks so this also nice incentive to keep going and never stop so i don't lose points. i also really like the special stage sprites, they're hilarious. on top of all that, sunkeeck is just a really cute character. i love her <3. i'm gonna keep playing this now. luvyarockkthxbaiiiii
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yo mama so fat, she ate kirby
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I didn't expect you to make a mod about Sonki's sister, but she is still amazing as well!
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