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[Open Assets] Super Clash v3 and a half 2, again, again, 2

removed another test print I forgot to remove
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fixed ring limit being finnicky and working even if you're SMS, causing you to be unable to go above 200 rings
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added splitscreen commands (this is the 1386701760th time I've forgotten them and I just added them in now)
removed test prints I forgot I left in
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fixed auto rings infiniting people
whisper support
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fixed rushchars compat breaking
added support for silverhorn and scarf
removed the nohms command because why would you honestly everybody else is super, you DESERVE the ability to go hms

das it go home
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yaeh, not the big update as I really wanted, I don't feel like working on this anymore so I think I'll just post what's here and then move on, wish I could have added some extra gametypes though
despite the update being unfinished but it SHOULD be playable, as I never really got to work on the things that would be broken in an unfinished state

don't wanna read? mod dead sort of it alive but no major updates

an actual changelog ig:
montorsplus "support" (it works, stuff's supported but you still lose 1 ring per hit and since that has low iframes yeah that'd be a bit of a problem in the context of super clash, turn the ring limit off at least)
rtd support (aka I just copy + pasted the functions that transform you into the forms)
no more load order bullshit
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update title says it all
fixed altsonic being able to go hyper with hyperclash off
fixed mctails being able to go hyper with hyperclash off, cause I forgot to fix that too
the mario bros now get speed shoes, cause apparently you didn't get both before
should fix blaze and marine not being able to spawn in (again)
fixes super sonic being unable to die
fixes custom forms, hopefully for good
recoded damage
fixes samus
should fix super sonic being unable to spawn if rushchars are loaded
update sorta rushed, notify me if there's any errors