Sonic1983 LevelPack
Welcome to my level pack!
There is a lot of new and fresh in this pack
There are a couple of zones in this pack
Flicky Island Zone
Normal beach level
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Electric Base Zone
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The electrical base consists of many dangerous traps!
This is my very first pack
Flicky Island Act 1 - Flicker Island By Karl Brueggemann
Flicky Island Act 2 - Emerald Isle By Karl Brueggemann
Electric Base Act 1 - Sonic Blast Final Boss (Genesis Remix)
Electric Base Act 2 - Ristar Lock Up!! (Round 6-2)
Logan McCloud: Sprites, Effects And rendered Models to Sprites
WellDoneSnake: WDS Pack
TheCrowBar: CheckeredZigZags HUD
TehRealSalt: GG Capsule
Cole207: Emerald Hunt Special Stages
MK.exe: BIG THANKS For Reusable Multiplayer Maps!
Initial Release

Added Electric Base Act 2
Added Electric Base Act 3
Added Flicky Island Act 3
Finished Flicky Island Act 2
Added new bosses!
Added Special Stages!
Added Special Stages in Sonic 3 Style
Thanks For Playing!

Supporters / Co-Authors:
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First release
Last update
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Latest reviews

Not the worst thing ive ever seen, but it has a LOT to be improved, thought it has some potential to it, only if you are really decided to put some effort and thought to it.

Flicky Island 1: As i said before, theres a lot of empty spaces that you can use to add some more decoration, or something else to fill it out, thought except that, map was fairly good in all other aspects.

Flicky Island 2: now.. this one, thought rather strange at the beggining, the sudden switch from 3D to 2D, im only annoyed at the fact of the Crab where the cave, that one might lead to softlocks, because its tendencys to wander around the edges, and also the fact that his pellets can arc down the platform where you jump from. You might need to relocate this guy, because it causes too many headaches and lost lives because nothing.

Flicky Island Boss: I wasnt really expecting a custom boss, cool! Thought i have an issue, he flies way too high, making him unreachable, you might need to make the corner platforms higher to compensate, also the rate of fire of hsi bullets, please reduce it, it makes the boss have a very tight window to attack it, its way too difficult for just being the first boss.

Electric Base 1: Im sorry, i got nothing for this, because map was so laggy i had to skip it. Please consider optimicing this one, it lagged hella bad. And cannot be played in Multiplayer games.

Electric Base 2: I assume from now on maps will be first in 3D and then 2D.. This one is complicated to review.. Thought not bad, it has a lot of issues. Like, the lack of marks or signals where the path is, making everything blend together because having the same texture, try adding more texture variation, maybe a window here and there, or replace some of the square lumps as if they were boxes with something darker, or simply separate the floor from the walls so they dont have the same texture, also again the same mistake from the second map, an enemy on the most inconvenient place for a cheap trap.

Electric Base Boss: In concept its not bad, but it has a LOT of flaws.. Mostly because the boss itself, again with the unnecesarily difficult bosses. Try reducing the ammount of waves he launches, theyre too many and give little to no reaction time added to the shields. Also, please, either remove, or re think the pinch phase, or whatever it is, that spam of electric waves lag pretty bad and affect performance very negatively.
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