First, I love it.
Second, how the heck does the motorcycle work? This thing sucks to control.
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Three stars as character
Two star as laugh by
Damn chaos emerald bike and shadovv
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fun mod
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Almost perfect, only one issue: Please make a Homing attack on Spin! sometimes it gets really frustrating when I try to Teleport with Chaos Control, but spin into tnt XD. Creators of Surge did it, and it feels great, so please!
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The homing attack is a game breaker for me, i think it doesn't make sense for a character which ability revolves around mobility just for this mobility to be completely against you when there's an enemy or a monitor, especially when they are under you (since the HA range is huge below Shadow) it's super annoying when you wanna snap but you HA on something that you can't even see or that is under a bridge, it limits the character potential and it's also super annoying when you die because of something completely out of your control (ie you wanna do a skip but a spring below you completly ruins it, it happened to me and it's annoying).
I think it's better to either put the HA on a different button or just removing it, in fact i have more fun in general with disabling Shadow's HA true SLADE (i did not host it online don't worry about it) than with the current version, i think the HA worked for old shadow because he didn't have as much mobility as he does now.
Anyway the sprite work is great and the easter eggs are fun, pretty good mod
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There is GOOD REASON this is one of the character mods with the most ratings.

Let's just get the visuals outta the way and say they are excellent, especially the chaos snap animation.

Speaking of chaos snap, this is one of (maybe my #1) favorite ability I've ever used in this game!
Having 2 per jump just feels SO cool, being able to hold spin and go down super fast (but not bounce) is so sick... It's an incredibly stylish, sick ability and I would love it even if it didn't retain momentum.

but it DOES retain momentum.
That is... so, so cool.

I just... cannot praise chaos snap enough. I'm in love with the implementation and how it adds to gameplay. On a minor note I kinda wish I couldn't snap straight up just because I feel like the level design in this game is based on having to earn your elevation (besides tails who is ez mode like in the classic games), but honestly the ability is so cool and fun that I can forgive that and let it slide. Heck, it's still less broken than tails flight because if you snap up you can only move a little forward.

Unfortunately, my intense love of chaos snap is at odds with the existence of the homing attack. When I first got my hands on shadow I would try to snap all over taking into account my momentum only to find I had snapped right next to an enemy and now I'm homing attacking when I didn't want to.
If homing attack or snap were on a different button so I could choose which one came out, that would be the best of both worlds.
The ability to homing attack built into a kit isn't really something I'm a fan of, as I feel like the devs locked it behind the elec shield for a reason. But I'm ok with it being in Shadow's kit, as it adds to how cool he feels.
My problem lies in being forced to homing attack when I want to snap, or being forced to just drop because I rather not homing attack. Just kind of kills my flow and vibe.

I WILL however give credit in that if you have 0 snaps left and homing attack, it refunds a snap. That's super cool, and feels really good! I say go even further with this train of thought and really intertwine the two.
Let the Homing Attack also refund if you used one snap, putting you back at two. I feel this would lessen the sting of being forced to either drop in the air cuz I don't wanna homing attack or forcing me to homing attack instead of snap.

Or as suggested earlier, just put snap on a different button and everybody wins, it's all the same to me.

I wish I could give 4.5 stars because the mod really is amazing and even with the homing attack problem I have loads of fun with this character, but they don't let me give out half stars and I want my score to reflect my feelings so I'm rounding it down to a 4/5, but do NOT let that fool you.

This is one of the BEST character mods, period. Thank you so much for making this, it's so cool.
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Addictingly fun to use. Very simple and understandable moveset, but the chaos snap is immensely fun and versatile. The way it chains homing attacks makes for long and satisfying combos that make you feel like the ultimate lifeform
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Beautiful sprites, fun moveset, great visual effects, one of my favorite SRB2 character mods! Thank God that the Chaos Snap is now momentum-based and that you can do a Homing Attack without all your horizontal momentum being gone.... I have no problems with this mod.
Keep up the awesome work!
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yep i like the mod ,in future update can you make a commend that changes shadow stripes and his accesories to what color the player wants but overal the mod is great1
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pretty fun but my only complaint is how shadow will lock-on to things off-screen or behind you, which resulted in alot of deaths caused by trying to chaos snap but getting a homing attack instead.
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i loved it,this is so well made
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It's pretty cool honestly, I love how well done his sprites are! it's just EPIC
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I want to break the 5 star limit, this mod is TOO GOOD. Shadow is MY BOI and to FINALLY have him come back is a GODSEND. THANK YOU SO MUCH INAZUMA, IF I EVER MEET YOU IN REAL LIFE I AM OBLIGATED TO GIVE YOU A BIG HUG AND A GIANT HIGH FIVE.
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It's the character mod I have download. Shadow is very simple to control, the chaos snap is fun and the chaos spear I don't have the words to describe it
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Shadow and seeing what he's about, I'm happy to say he's wonderful character to play, and takes more simple approach like The Werehog and Silver.

Chaos Snap is great you can use it get up in high places and push yourself forward to, it's a little slippery but I think that was point it's a con of the move that keeps it from being OP so you can't spam it without a little risk, so it promotes smart usage of it.

Homing attack is also mapped to the same button as Chaos snap and will activate when locked onto an enemy good thing about it is that shadow maintains some of his momentum off of his homing attack chains so it's not a pace breaker.

Shadow was a character I was waiting on for a bit, and I was always wondering how he would turn out, because if think about Shadow doesn't have many moves that compliment going fast, like Chaos Blast would be cool and all, but how useful would it be in this type of game?
Some people seem to be upset he doesn't have more moves, but like before a lot of his moves really don't lend much for this game, and the one's he does have are basically the things Modern Sonic has, and Shadow doesn't need to be Modern Sonic clone, the way Shadow was made gives him his own identity amongst the other addons.
But as any reading can tell I'm pretty satisfied with this incarnation of shadow in SRB2.
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I tried this mod when it came out and continue to use it now (Shadow is my main). This is 100% the best character mod in SRB2 and that is saying a lot when you have such a talented community that creates such amazing things! Chaos Snap is a very fun ability that is very powerful in the right hands. It is super satisfying to teleport past obstacles and reach new areas using Chaos Snap. Shadow is easy to pick up and hard to master. Super Shadow is really rewarding and fun to use just like regular Shadow. Chaos Spear was a very nice addition.

The sprites for Shadow are beautiful and capture his character well. There are plenty of awesome references and easter eggs in this mod that are a joy to see. A ton of love and care went into this mod and you can really see it. This mod is official quality and fits right in with the cast of vanilla characters. This character not only looks badass but he also is a blast to play as. This mod reminds me why I am such a fan of Shadow. If you were only to download one SRB2 mod (Why would you only download one?) it should be this one.
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One of my favorite characters ever made for 2.2.

Simplistic moveset that's easy for beginners to try, and great for masters to excel with. Chaos Snap being momentum based also makes it very incentivizing to use, considering it can even outspeed Sonic's thok in some instances. My only gripe (which might as well be a nitpick from how minor it is) is that downward Chaos Snap is done by holding spin, which makes it clunkier to do with any shield in tow. Homing Attack having a clear momentum difference from holding the button down also makes it very satisfying to use, and allows Shadow to plow through enemies a bit easier than he could in 2.1. Buffs to super (infinite chaos snaps/chaos spear that technically doubles as a super hover) makes collecting the emeralds VERY worth it.

The amount of visual polish is a treat for the eyes, as Shadow skates and snaps around zones more stylishly than ever before. Other smaller things (Homing Attack poses, being able to change skate fire color, etc.) also give it that extra nice touch. Some of the animations Shadow has are expertly referenced (i.e. his spring,falling, and skid being from Sonic Battle) and make the experience much more enjoyable on top of what makes it great already.

(Secrets within Shadow are also very neat, but I advise people to find out what they are for themselves.)

Overall, Shadow feels very cohesive and is a sheer blast to play any and every time.

Vanilla game completed with all 7 emeralds many times over. Play him. :)
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I like OP characters so 10/10 or 5/5
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Too bad it can't be reused, modified or ported. I had plans to include Shadow in my newest SRB2 project as it's so good. Anyway, it was a perfect work of yours and I wanna say congratulations for this.
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