Hey there! It's been a while! I've been cooking up some stuff for some of my other projects and unfortunately have been neglecting Shadow because of it. I do plan on doing a much bigger update for Shadow in the future but for now please take this quality of life update!

- Chaos Snap now truly carries over your momentum rather then being at a set speed.
- Chaos Burst knockback has been decreased.
- Chaos Burst now has +3 in defense
- Chaos Nightmare knockback has been decreased.
- Chaos Nightmare now has +3 in defense
- Shadow's homing attack now functions more like fang's cork in battle mod.
- Various Misc improvements.

Shadow Monitors now has an assigned doomnum meaning it can now be placed inside maps! Included in the Downloads section is "L_ShadowMonitor-v1.wad" which handles spawning the Shadow Monitor even when Shadow isn't loaded! "L_ShadowMonitor-v1.wad" is reusable so feel free to add it to your level mods!

  1. Shadow Monitor
    1. doomnumed = 3524
    2. Sprite = TVOW
  2. Golden Shadow Monitor
    1. doomnumed = 3525
    2. Sprite = TVOW