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-Reveries Lite-

This mod adjusts the physics and shields to match Reveries as closely as possible using only lua. The shield and physics changes are in different files.
Reveries Physics
  • Momentum is preserved on the ground
  • Slopes have been denerfed and no longer cut your launch speed in half
  • You actually gain speed from going down slopes
  • Base top speed increased, acceleration smoothed
  • Spindash charges far more quickly
  • No speed loss while rolling
  • Jump heights globally increased
  • More maneuverability while jumping or spinning
  • Slightly stronger global gravity which adjusts its strength dynamically
  • Conveyor belts are stronger and will boost your speed when running or rolling in the same direction
  • All characters can run on water when above the hardcoded speed adjust threshold (52 fracunits/tic)
  • Dash mode cannot be lost in the air
  • Fang can shoot at any speed in ground or air with less delay
  • Tails was given holdfly
  • Knuckles slightly modified to flow better
Reveries Shields
  • Attraction Blast homing attack provides some iframes.
  • Force Stop freezes your character in place while spin is held and will redirect stored momentum to the direction the camera is currently facing when spin is released. You can also press jump to redirect downwards instead. When taking damage with a Force Shield, you won't be knocked back.

  • Whirlwind Jump has a new particle effect.
  • Elemental Stomp has been replaced by Elemental Rise. You'll rocket upwards and detonate into a fiery explosion. Its passive flame trail now applies while running in addition to spinning.

  • Flame Burst thrust speed is more consistent and can also damage enemies when used by nospin characters
  • Armageddon Shield is now the Armageddon Monitor. When popped, it unleashes a devastating attack which destroys everything nearby and also targets all enemies in the map with a small chance of killing each. In cooperative gametypes, all shieldless players will receive an Ash Shield (no ability) when someone destroys an Armageddon Monitor.
  • Thorn Shield has been added. This new shield protects against spike damage and will destroy any enemy that damages it. Its ability is the Thorn Switch, which reverses your vertical momentum and fires thorns in the direction of your old momentum. Upon impact, the thorns scatter clouds of poison.

By default, the Thorn Shield is given by Pity Shield monitors. If you'd like to see it in vanilla, load this soc to swap the locations of Pity and Armageddon monitors.
Clairebun- Code from momentum mod, sprites & code from aerial popgun

SuperPhanto - Sonic peelout sprites

All content may be reused.
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Latest reviews

While this doesn't quite compare to the physics in rphys, this is a good and fun alternative you can use for multiplayer.
I wish the master server had better support for custom builds. But yeah, multiplayer as well as maps rphys might break are why I'm still keeping the Reveries physics around.
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Very good addon! I've only tried it with Fang and a little bit with Sonic, but from what I've played, this is pretty good. The tighter midair movement did catch me off-guard a little bit at first, which did mess me up a few times while trying to rush through the long rope lift section at the end of ACZ1.

Also, was Fang's popgun needing multiple shots to hit bosses a thing in the base game? If it was, I never noticed it. I spent most of this playthrough thinking half of my shots weren't registering until I got to the final boss and noticed that each hit took the same amount of shots.

I'm a big fan of the way Fang's moveset was buffed overall, though! Having him keep all of his momentum when starting/stopping the tail bounce made it a lot easier to use, and the ability to use Fang's popgun in the air/not have it be as restricted as it is in the base game is really alleviating. Having tighter controls in the air also makes it easier to bounce around everywhere and not accidentally throw yourself into pits quite as much while doing it.

I didn't actually pick up any shields during my playthrough, so the verdict is still out on how good they are. I like them in concept, though - I've always found the vanilla force and elemental shields' abilities to be a bit useless, so it's good to see them be given more practical ones!
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Gotta love this, make you go super fast!
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