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Plague Knight - Plague Knight comes to show Dr. Eggman how to really blow up a mountain, hee hee!

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Plague Knight comes bursting in from Shovel Knight! Plague of Shadows was always my favorite campaign, and I wanted to pay my respects to it by bringing his moveset into 3D.​

Double Jump
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Press Jump twice to double jump. Pretty self-explanatory, but it pairs well with his other abilities.

Bomb Toss
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Tap Spin...

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I'm pretty early to this (hasn't even been a welcome to releases message yet) and very excited to check it out :) I love shovel night


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As the resident Shovel Knight enjoyer...

Well Done. Our friendly neighborhood plague doctor is awesome. My literal ONLY gripe is related to a bug that makes it so throwing bombs at Metal Robotnik's electricity aura softlocks the fight, which almost ended my playthrough (however, it didn't ruin the whole thing for me and can be fixed, so it may as well be within nitpick tier.) Other than that I could really gush about this guy all day, but...

I think I'll let the hard work speak for itself while people play him (:


hello, I want to say that I really liked your character I really like the characters associated with the plague doctor, thanks keep it up

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This is absolutely wonderful! I love when a SRB2 character is transitioned in such a way that it feels almost 90% accurate to it's source material; in other words, it feels just like playing PK in Plague of Shadows.

If I can recommend something in terms of QoL, how about having his boss clear fanfare/stage clear fanfare from is campaign play after beating a boss battle? Im just a sucker for those really cool ending fanfare/themes that play after each level

(Even if it was condensed to be a tad shorter I still feel it would work wonderfully)


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Am I the only one who gets the feeling P.Knight should be able to bust spikes


been eyeing the little previews we've gotten over the months of this mod and I'm really glad it's finally out. Feels just like playing plague of shadows. A little thing i would like to see down the line is the elemental shields having an effect. Maybe have the whirlwind shield give you the slow falling bomb jump from plague of shadows, or the fire one giving you the large explosions for the bombs. Just a thought. Mod's amazing as is


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It begins, i have to hope that one day someone will make mods for the rest of the cast, specter and king especially. bash'n bounce gameplay from king would be perfect here.


idk if this is known or intentional, i haven't seen it mentioned anywhere but when you jump right after you land it burns your double jump for no reason and makes him really frustrating to speedrun with
IT'S SO GOOD. I love how you can stay in the air practically indefinitely as long as you keep spamming bombs, it's such a lifesaver strat. Between it and the propulsion charge move I'm afforded such a nice array of unique traversal mechanics I'm having trouble putting it down

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