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  1. Sls64LGamingBro

    Mostly Colors

    Sls64LGamingBro submitted a new resource: Mostly Colors - Just a kindish colors Read more about this resource...
  2. Sls64LGamingBro

    Mostly Colors v1

    Welcome to Mostly Colors This is a "mostly colors" to atleast try to do sonic games's colors, that's really it. I will add more, sorry if this is kinda short colors. But I will add in more in the future, anyways, have fun with some colors!
  3. 1Unknowned/Alternative

    Lake Feperd Sonic Game Color Pack! v1 (And probably the only one.)

    First MB Submission.... Alright let's get started. Remember Sonic ATS/BTS and Chrono Adventure? Presenting to you.... LAKE FEPERD SONIC GAMES COLOR PACK!!! (such a long name geez.) Now let's get started! Here we have the first color. ATS/BTS/Chrono Adventure Blue! The color of the speedy blur...
  4. Cheese-boi

    [Open Assets] Color 255 1.1

    <Color 255> A Very Weird And Funni Character That Plays Like Sonic If He Was Drunk.
  5. sir-_Salde_-

    REN's Custom Colors (RCx2) v1

    okay so this is a reupload since I forgot to show the skincolors in it, somehow)) Didn't make it past releases? Not this time! Anyway, these are some skincolors I made. Use them in your server or whatever but they're not reusable so don't go putting them in your mods all willy nilly. There are...
  6. Gurjinter

    Gurjinter's Player Color Assortment v1

    "Gurjinter's Player Color Assortment" is a pack containing 11 total colors you can choose to stand out from the crowd. Color list: Deep Wave (internal name: SKINCOLOR_DPWV) (a "deep" version of Wave) Jolly Rancher (internal name: SKINCOLOR_JOLYRA) (be on the lookout for more flavors next...
  7. Muffin kid from Brazil

    Muffin kid From Brazil custom colors! yep i just changed the name V3

    A custom colors pack! In the moment im making more colors soo idk v1 colors: OHIO (A bunch of random Colors mixed with a potato) LORANGE (Light orange) BLACKINK (Black and pink lol) ALTSUPER (A Dark Gold) BLURED (Blue And Red) LITKYES (Light to kill you eyes) Error (My first color that is 0-0...
  8. ValidUsername

    Sketchy The Stickhog 1

    Ability: Bomb Drop Press jump mid-air after having jumped already to dispense a small bomb that also flips your gravity! Ability: Quick-Dash Stay still and tap or hold Spin to get a quick burst of momentum! It isn't based on length, you just need to tap it and go! Credits...
  9. InnocentDalek785

    InoocentDalek785's Custom Skin Colors and Replacements 1.4 - Added Teal

    This lua introduce some new custom skin colors, as well as altering existing default skin colors. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Custom Skin Colors ID785 White ID785 Seafoam ID785 Jade ID785...
  10. * e *

    E's srb2 color pack 1.1

    A color pack by me * e * /Random user name with a few more to be added soon. Soon there shall be more colors.
  11. Dremen

    Fancy Palette v1.3

    Meet one of them million! Fancy Palette! Fancy Palette is one more of those luas you see that change player colors! But not like any other.. :worry: Fancy Palette takes the vanilla colors but makes them a lot better like Vapor, Wave, Flame, Seafom, Sunset, Quail... ETC. You know. These...
  12. Insert something funny

    [Open Assets] Toy Freddy's Crazy Collection 1.0

    This is a large package of colors I made with tons of different inspirations and ideas all in one! This addon was originally going to be called "Rom Colors", and all of the colors were going to be based off of Sonic's pallets from various Sonic ROM Hacks. However, I wanted to make even more...
  13. shortnameswill

    [Open Assets] Will's Random Colour Pak 1.0

    Hello! This is my first attempt at a mod, so I hope you like it! This is a collection of a bunch of colours I made just for fun. There are 4 waves planned, when will they come out? I dunno! Aaaaand that's it! Thank you for giving me your time! You can also find it on my Website. Credits...
  14. MarioFaker

    Simple Colors 1

    I have created six colors that are minimalistic versions of base game character colors. Such as a light blue for Sonic and orange for Tails. Currently only contains the vanilla cast but I will update this to add modded characters.
  15. Macholor


    Macholor submitted a new resource: The Cman - He is THE Cman Read more about this resource...
  16. Macholor

    Cman 1.2

    SMS Alfredo and Macholor and MarbleCheese present to you: Cman jumps right back into SRB2! -HE'S BAAAAACKKK!- there are no airdrops here While he can jump on enemies to kill them, he has a variety of different attack and speed options such as instantly propelling himself forwards in full...
  17. ~Smokey~

    Smokey's List of Colors! v1.8

    This color pack adds a whole bunch of colors!! Hope you enjoy these colors as I did making them! also higher quality icon if you are interested. (There will be more icons so stay tuned.)
  18. Shanon

    [Open Assets] Penguinator want to give you a gift!Colors! V1

    Hi, today i want to give you a great gift. by Penguinator While i was working on penguinator in my mind was if i try copy the original color for the little guy and....oH My God i hope you all liked this gifts colors from the little penguin:wonderful:(is not 100% accurate the blue one but i tried...
  19. SBT

    SBT's color pack 1.2

    this is a color pack i made with weird name like piss and milk anyway hope you enjoy
  20. LuckyBell15

    8-Span Colors 1.01

    This is a pack of 8 skincolors that are based off the Moss, Azure, and Lavender colors. They each span 8 color indexes. List of Skincolors: Syrup (64-71) Sunshine (72-79) Desert (80-87) Chlorine (120-127) Metal {prev. Diamond} (144, 145, 170-175) [ONLY exception] Hearty {prev. Carnation}...