player color

  1. Shanon

    [Reusable] Penguinator want to give you a gift!Colors! V1

    Hi, today i want to give you a great gift. by Penguinator While i was working on penguinator in my mind was if i try copy the original color for the little guy and....oH My God i hope you all liked this gifts colors from the little penguin:wonderful:(is not 100% accurate the blue one but i tried...
  2. SBT

    SBT's color pack 1.2

    this is a color pack i made with weird name like piss and milk anyway hope you enjoy
  3. LuckyBell15

    8-Span Colors 1.01

    This is a pack of 8 skincolors that are based off the Moss, Azure, and Lavender colors. They each span 8 color indexes. List of Skincolors: Syrup (64-71) Sunshine (72-79) Desert (80-87) Chlorine (120-127) Metal {prev. Diamond} (144, 145, 170-175) [ONLY exception] Hearty {prev. Carnation}...
  4. Platex

    [Reusable] Plat's Old Color Pack 1

    I made some custom colors a while ago and felt like submitting them. There's not much to say apart from that.
  5. jayflamestar

    Jay's Colors v2

    Hi! I decided to make some skincolors for fun, and I thought I'd publish them for some people to have if they like them! This pack has 21 normal skincolors, 3 animated skincolors, and 1 special skincolor, totaling up to 25 new skincolors! Credits: SkinColor Effects by Rem - Used as a base...
  6. Hat

    Hat's.. odd Skincolors v1

    I'm not sure if anyone's all too interested in skincolors anymore, but here I am. This is just a pack of a bunch of skincolors, which I definitely plan on updating to add more. Here's a GIF of all the current skincolors: Well, I guess that's pretty much all there is to say? It is just some...
  7. Light The Digigehog

    [Reusable] Light's Epic Colors :D prev 2.0

    UPDATE ALERT! UPDATE ALERT! (new version : Prev 2.0) A pack of colors lol , here are the colors : Cyercury : a combination of cyan and mercury lol, this is perfect for robot characters Overlay : a color i made and i put this random name lol Alien : yes you got it is a green (and cyan lol)...
  8. ThunderHammer915

    Reese's Heraldry Color Pack! v1

    Here it is, my first finished addon: The Heraldry Color Pack! This pack adds a TON of colors, each one using the Vanilla Color Ramps in reversed order with varying intervals, shined with a neat Gold or Silver hue! (It was a bit of a pain to get the colors to work with Blaze's firecolor command...
  9. TheLastKitchenGun

    [Reusable] TLKG'S Colors and Supercolors v3.1 - v2

    I made colors I got colors and supercolors Normal Colors 1. Mischevious 2. Pilot 3. Origin 4. Corruption 5. Jade Supercolors (you can select specific versions of the supercolors in the player setup screen) 1. Void 2. OceanWave
  10. Ceru1088

    Cerus Rushed Colors 2.0

    Hi! this is my first skin colour pack. also my first mod. Please leave feedback and make sure to go to the discussion for suggestions!
  11. SonicSpades

    SonicSpades' Colors Version 1

    My first addon! It's pretty basic skincolor pack with 9 colors.
  12. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    Archie's unFunny Colors

    Zxyrollix_Gaming submitted a new resource: Archie's unFunny Colors - They aren't funni, they're stupid. Read more about this resource...
  13. Zxyrollix_Gaming

    Archie's unFunny Colors 1

    Hi there ! Check out my new unfunni colors !
  14. Specter

    [Reusable] Specter's Weird Colors v1.12 & supers 1.4

    A pack of 54 colors (for now) will continue to be updated until i'm satisfied oh yeah um here have this: We also have Super colors too! it's literally a 2-frame super color that flashes between "Actual Dogsh*t" and "Inverted Dogsh*t" from the main color pack. (command: supercolor dogshit)...
  15. Tayes

    Tayes' Color Pack v1.1

    Colors i made last year and... Today, lol (Today = 28/01) There are 4 Colors here, namely: Aqua Turquoise (Originaly called Brighter Cyan) Cyanide (Originally called Custom Cyan) Hot Red Spider-Hog Hope you like them!
  16. TehRealSalt

    Plague Knight 1.2

    Plague Knight comes bursting in from Shovel Knight! Plague of Shadows was always my favorite campaign, and I wanted to pay my respects to it by bringing his moveset into 3D. Extremely huge thanks to Jeck Jims for the 3D model & reference, and for being probably my single biggest tester...
  17. SAG4kid

    Sonic Pulse Custom Colors 1.0

    This pack contains 7 colors based on the default colors from a ROBLOX Sonic RP game called Sonic Pulse. They aren't exact replicas due to SRB2's limited palette, but they do the job in my book. This is also my first ever mod for SRB2. The colors currently are: PulseWhite PulseRed PulseGreen...
  18. PHITHGOD24

    [Reusable] phithagod24's color pack 1.1.2

    this is my first addons is a skincolor pack and plus is all vapor? hope you like it!!
  19. Nookels

    Character appears green instead of Sky (color 50 i think)

    So I made a custom character and made his color "sky" in "S_SKIN" but in-game he's still green.
  20. P1asmtik

    Plasmatik Colors 1.3

    so if you downloaded this you know i like the color purple so I decided I'm making this whole pack based around reds, blues, and purples so if you want the old colors you should've downloaded this sooner ¯\_(ツ)_/¯