player color

  1. Craynomic

    [Open Assets] How To Make A Skin Colour V.1

    First thing you have to do to do this is download Slade this is the link . Open the file saying Lua and open Base Change the word BASECOLOUR to whatever you want to call the colour make sure to use caps as it will not work without them But...
  2. Luwf

    [Open Assets] Luwf's Color Pack! v3 LAST VERSION

    Colors in This Pack: Shiny Blue, Shiny Green,My Friend,Pepsi! Enjoy! (If You Have Questions He writes In Reviews!!!)
  3. thesrb2fan12

    Cool Colors! v1 - RELEASE

    My First Color Pack (exciting) most of these where inspired by something but in the future there will be some more unique ones
  4. thesrb2fan12

    Color pack that idk what to name

    So i decided to start work on a color pack so far we have Ashura: *************: Mixed Up Fox (based on a random texture or color glitch i found on google thats from sonic adventure) : Ibilis Trigger (based on Mephilis the dark, of course) : More colors to come this is still a WORK IN...
  5. LeanelXD

    LeanelXD colors

    LeanelXD submitted a new resource: LeanelXD colors - First contribution to the message board :D Read more about this resource...
  6. LeanelXD

    LeanelXD colors V1

    Hello everyone, today as a first contribution I brought you some color skin that I have made and that some friends made on my PC, as a small detail I put the character that they use the most to present the colors What they did, without further ado, let's start With the extras that are there for...
  7. Lamonite

    [Open Assets] Xtra Shades 1.2.1

    I made this pack of 18 player colours around the end of November. You can use this for stuff.
  8. Soniku11

    [Open Assets] Soniku11 Neon Colors pack v1

    Hello! This is my very first ever attempt at making custom colors, ive always wanted to have some "neon" or at least "saturated" colors to be able to wear, and not be just a regular color that either darkens or lightens, but something more colorfull, so here they are! for now theyre only 6...
  9. C

    Toontown Rewritten: Exclusive Player Colors Pack v1

    Are YOU Robo Blasting Enough?! This is basically an 16-set of player colors based on Toontown Rewritten's New Colors (including events have new colors, tho!) than never seen before directly everywhere you're going in the stylish unique way! List of Colors to choose (even newer ones doesn't...
  10. RitzyJuice885

    Cyberspace Skin v2

    Enter the walls between dimensions! Overview: This mod gives your character an effect similar to the trapped characters in Sonic Frontiers! How to Use: To use it, go to Player Setup, and choose "Cybernetic" as your skincolor. In the menu, it will appear as just plain turquoise, but in...
  11. Muffin kid from Brazil

    [Open Assets] S3 Knuckles (Patch for Knuckles) 2023-10-04

    Hello.i'm MKFB This is a small mod that adds a custom color for Knuckles,Add custom STND sprites,and change his shoes to look more like S3 Knuckles But yeah! Take theses screenshots! The color name is StrawberryGelato,as when i was showing progess in the SRB2 Discord,a guy said that this...
  12. Alternative

    Alternative's Color Pack 1.1

    Hello people from the MB! I've come back with another color pack for those who enjoy them. The name of these colors in order are: Crystal, REVapor, Blackberry, Goldhour, Acid, ToastedRed, Bloodmoon, Blueberry and Darkness (lots of berries)
  13. bitten2up

    [Open Assets] bitten's sendcolor hang fix

    bitten2up submitted a new resource: Sendcolor - Players pick their own skincolors! Read more about this resource...
  14. bitten2up

    [Open Assets] bitten's sendcolor hang fix bv8

    This addon is a modification of sendcolor v7 which fixes the currently known issues that allow you to make the the client, and the server you are playing on to hang. Most of the rest of this description has been is copied from the original post as well, except for a few parts (namely the...
  15. BDonutGLXY

    [Open Assets] I got bored so I decided to make skincolors for the fuck of it + Old Colors V3

    Just a pack of skincolors, ALOT of skincolors!! There are 2 packs, one with completely new colors I made recently (IGBSIMSCFTFOI), and ones I made nearly *checks notes* 3 years ago and never released! (BDG2020COLORS) ^ Showcase for Old Colors ^ Showcase for new colors, also using Kris from...
  16. MobyKong

    [Open Assets] MobyHues V2

    The rest of them This is a 4 pack of custom colors I made on a whim featuring: The pen and paper styled Ballpoint. A Wallace from Wallace and Gromit inspired palette, Inventor. Boilerplate, a dark red with tan hightights. Headspace, for those Omori vibes. Miasma, its like Srb2kart's Toxic, but...
  17. WoodManSez

    [Open Assets] WoodMan's Discount Colors! (A new Dawn means new deals!)

    WoodManSez submitted a new resource: WoodMan's Discount Colors! (Now with extra *Seaweed!) - A set of "unique" and very cheap (free) skincolors for SRB2! Read more about this resource...
  18. WoodManSez

    [Open Assets] WoodMan's Discount Colors! (A new Dawn means new deals!) V1.2

    Psst! Hey you! Did you ever wonder why there isn't MORE Skincolors for SRB2? Well have I got a mod for you! Presenting: WOODMAN'S DISCOUNT COLORS!! Robo-Hood is, in fact, an edited version of the SRB2K color normal colors from left to right; Robo-hood, Undergrowth, Wilted, Muddy, Gourd...
  19. Muffin kid from Brazil

    Morange v1

    Hello! Today im releasing an Orange color pack Here are the colors itself! [/SPOILER] And.. This is the pack in the moment Bye bye :3 And thanks for JatDaGamer in discord for the mod name!
  20. Krabs

    [Open Assets] Custom Color v1

    Custom Color allows you to edit skincolors in-game, and share them in netgames as well! Simply use the console command "customcolor" to open the menu, and use the mouse and keyboard to create a skincolor quickly and easily. For those who like to work fast, use the tab key or up & down arrow keys...