Things were rocky the past week, I cleared some things out and this should definitely be the new version.

Park Valley
-Unlocked secret room from April Fools event by default. Check out what you missed.
-Added music for the Crystal Area
-Fixed version text (it was wrong in the AF version)
-Updated some text so it flows better.

The Island
-Added underwater Soccer Field (though its unfinished as I dont know custom objects well heh)
-Tower fell apart, see as the fire slowly disappear where the tower used to be
-Preparation for an expansion to the EGO Temple
-Fixed the skybox not changing in the diner sometimes
-Updated some text
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Park Valley and The Island receive an April Fools touchup. This version will last approximately one week as there was a lot of effort put into both maps for the holiday.

Notice:This version adds voicelines that contain profanity. Keep that in mind.
This Version also adds 10MB~ but this is only for this version.

*All changes related to event only
Park Valley
-Filled with holes*
-The Visual issue at the beginning of the Crystal Area is fixed (it was never there in the dev version so I had no idea why it existed anyway)
-Moved some locations of the EGOs*
-Removed 20 EGOs*
-New intro scene*
-New music for the Crystal Area

The Island
-New intercom tower, I wonder who will be the person who will make the announcements*
-Some Sus changes to the skybox*
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HotFix to fix something that annoyed me when I found it out
-Fixed certain circumstances where the skybox would be wrong if you got teleported by the blue button in the museum to the cabin if the skybox was the Finale one. This also fixes some failsafes that broke as well (woops)

This should be the last hotfix before the next update. Hopefully.
A small hotfix cause im dumb lol
-Fixed an oversight with an anti noclip for the level exit in the island

Also new update since I forgot to add it here
Park Valley 6.7
-Removed winter
-Removed the Finale event
-Added more hidden secrets
-There is now a teleport to go to The Island, once everyone is on the teleporter, it activates. Its located in the hidden room in the museum
-Fixed an objects replacing a vanilla sprite (woops)
-Fixed the anti noclip room's hand from looping the animation (hopefully) This is still broken and I have no idea how to fix it.
-The Finale skybox is now unlocked by default when the skybox room is unlocked
-Moved the Special Thanks room to the museum, now unlocked by default

The Island 1.4
-The teleporter room in the lighthouse is now accessible and now teleports to Park Valley, it works the same way as it does in PV
-Added something for a future update.
-Moved Master Ego Easter Egg (Still noclip only)