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My maps Park Valley and The Island!

The Island is currently receiving a hotfix, please look out for that maybe tomorrow. Check Known Issues for details.

These 2 maps are meant for hanging out and chilling with pals while also exploring quite expansive maps and enjoying the scenery.
These maps are mainly built for multiplayer modes.

The Maps
Park Valley (Coop, Match)
This is the Main map, as said through the title of the PK3, this is a pretty expansive map with 6 sub areas, a collection hunt, and many secrets to find.
This map is used for the TitleMap

Park Valley can also be used as a Match map, with all the fighting happening just in the main park, which explains the M in the file prefix.

The Island (Coop)
A smaller yet chill map to more hangout and learn more about the inhabitants that live there. Made to be an expansion to Park Valley's Egos.

This now includes multiple files
Other than the Main PK3 there are 2 other files included.
PVTP - Park Valley the Past, includes archived old versions of Park Valley (27 past versions) with a lobby that explains more about each version.
PVTP Extras - a Zip file that contains old unused content like textures, graphics, sprites, and music. It also includes extra files like test maps and canceled projects. (This is not needed for PVTP)

Please note that PVTP is separate from Park Valley and should not be loaded together as there are file conflicts

Park Valley started back in 2010, starting from a small, random map from a guy who knew nothing of map making to an expansive map with a bunch of little things that I am satisfied with.

Known Issues
Park Valley
-A very rare crash going from the Main Park to FC most likely due to Change Music. if I know the exact problem, I will fix it if I can.
-The anti noclip room the hand will sometimes get stuck in a loop if it gets triggered more than once.

Park Valley 6.2
The Island 1.1
-The MB Release

Park Valley 6.3
-Halloween event, changes textures, objects, and has a custom palette
-Changed the sprite for the Ego toads in Park Valley for the Halloween event (master ego is the same)
-Preparation for a future event
-Updated the colormap for the water for the forest part of the Crystal area
-For the Halloween event: A Weather toggle so you can change whether or not you want the rain or not. (this is client sided and wont affect anyone else)
-The hidden room in the museum has its broken room changed.
-Made the file size smaller by 1,165KB (or 1.16MB~)

Park Valley 6.4
-Retextured everything for the Fall season
-Added Fall Season Variants of the Flowers/Bushes
-Changed the exit teleport in the Crystal Area (Ported from TMPack)
-Fixed a visual error in OpenGL being able to see parts of Park Valley from Park Base.
-Adjusted the museum to feel a bit more open rather than cramped
-Rolling Rock arena now gives you a shield on either platform, and removes all your rings in the arena, due to exploiting with Super
-Remote does things now
-More preparation for a future event

The Island 1.2
-Adjusted Park Valley's Cameo in the Skybox
-Changed some text that some EGOs say.
-Minor visual fixes for OGL

Park Valley 6.5 Christmas
-Christmas theme, textures, objects, and added geometry
-Finale event has started! This will last 3 versions
-Collect objects to create a teleporter and stop Park Valley from imploding​
-Added Alternate View points for Park Base to be able to see whats happening live in certain spots of Park Valley
-Added a button
-Buffed the amount of rings that get removed when entering the Rolling Rock arena due to people making funny binds
-Changed MARIOW7 to the one in Community Asset Pack

The Island 1.3
-Adjusted some dialog text
-Removed Park Valley Cameo

Park Valley 6.5.1
QOL hotfixes, Even though there weren't many problems that needed an immediate hotfix, looking through a server that hosted it made me think of some fixes that might make things better for multiple people

Park Valley's Void area adjustments
-You can now reenter the sector that opens the wall to see where it is instead of it only playing once (it is now moved slightly so its easy to dodge when you dont need to step on it again)
-Generator Room now has 10% less gravity than normal bringing it from 200% to 190%
-You can no longer softlock the Gargoyle Color Puzzle with Milne's Pickup ability (and probably any character that picks up objects)
-There is now a colored floor under the respective Dyed Gargoyle to tell which colored sector to bring it to as it was confusing for some
-A Thank you Room has been added for extra details about the Event and Special thanks

Minor Changes/Fixes
-Changed the Hotel Interior texture in Park Base as it was still using the Fall version
-Added more anti-noclip areas in the Crystal Area for servers that allow Noclip for less cheese
-Moved certain control sectors to avoid sequence breaking with servers that allow Noclip

Park Valley 6.6
-Winter version
-Similar to the Christmas theme but with no Christmas references (with the exception to the Christmas tree thats now OOB)
-Weather is now defaulted to off, this can still be changed at the usual location
-Finale: The Gargoyle puzzle has been adjusted to be able to move the gargoyles better.
-Slight changes to geometry to possibly get a tiny performance boost
-Replaced COMP textures to be more consistent to each other
The Island:Replaced COMP textures
The Island:Removed over 250+ scenery objects in the water for a possible slight performance boost
The Island:Fixed missing texture where the Park Valley cameo used to be.
(The Island didnt get a version change as there wasn't enough changes for it to be considered a new version.)

Park Valley 6.7
-Removed winter
-Removed the Finale event
-Added more hidden secrets
-There is now a teleport to go to The Island, once everyone is on the teleporter, it activates. Its located in the hidden room in the museum
-Fixed an objects replacing a vanilla sprite (woops)
-Fixed the anti noclip room's hand from looping the animation (hopefully) This is still broken and I have no idea how to fix this.
-The Finale skybox is now unlocked by default when the skybox room is unlocked
-Moved the Special Thanks room to the museum, now unlocked by default

The Island 1.4
-The teleporter room in the lighthouse is now accessible and now teleports to Park Valley, it works the same way as it does in PV
-Added something for a future update.
-Moved Master Ego Easter Egg (Still noclip only)

Park Valley
*All changes related to event only
-Filled with holes*
-The Visual issue at the beginning of the Crystal Area is fixed (it was never there in the dev version so I had no idea why it existed anyway)
-Moved some locations of the EGOs*
-Removed 20 EGOs*
-New intro scene*
-New music for the Crystal Area

The Island
*All changes related to event only
-New intercom tower, I wonder who will be the person who will make the announcements*
-Some Sus changes to the skybox*

Check out the Updates tab for changelogs for newer versions

Version explanation
The extra (.x) is if it is a hotfix if there was one.
Where x is the version number.
first two numbers is Park Valley's Version, other two is The Island's Version number

Notice about performance
These maps were built to look best in Software, but its the most heavy in performance, if you are having problems either lower the draw distance or lower the resolution.
Though these maps run the best performance wise in OpenGL, if you're still having problems in Software, then maybe OpenGL can fix it.

These maps are a bit intensive, so don't expect perfect 35/35 fps on a lower end machine.

Also no, I will not make it so it can run on your low end android phone.

Also note that your connection can also affect performance in larger maps, so keep that in mind.
In netgames, if your game is taking too long to calculate game logic, you will time out of the server as the game will have a hard time catching up to the server, while this could be pinned on the map itself, its more intensive if said server has lua that has a lot of thinkers, so keep that in mind.

In the past I've had plenty of reports about this, as I never had any issue on my machine so its hard to fix.

Yes, you can use any asset without permission (most is just modifications of vanilla assets anyway), however, the permission of the submission should be respected.

Ego Hunt Walkthrough
Me running around and collecting every Ego in a specific order, this also shows endings
I do recommend to try to find the EGOs yourself first before just using the guide. If you are having a lot of trouble, you may look at it.


Twisted Metal 2,3,4, and Small Brawl textures ripped and ported by AirFox
Twisted Metal 4 teleporter sprite also ripped by AirFox
Any custom textures for the Hotel ported in by Markus
Any recolored varients to any textures and sprites done by AirFox
Some textures from the Community Asset Pack were used. [From Pipe Kingdom Assets]
Christmas objects ported in by Glaber
Diner Door and the outside hotel brick textures done by Zebusuu
Ego Segway Sprites done by ATastyPickleJR
Talk.lua (AKA LUA_PVTK) was made by LJ Sonik.

All music is credited in MUSICDEF, which can be viewed from the Sound Test page.
All credits should be here, if I missed something notify me and I will fix that.​
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Latest reviews

I know this is more of a basic comment rather than a review, but whatever.
Thank you for still updating this map in spite of its age. I love exploring it and occasionally having fun in it with a friend or two. It's great that you still add content to your addon.

Thank you.
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This is awesome, though admittedly the remnants from the fact this was someone's project done to play around with friends in makes me kinda sad, like I missed something major lol
The first intention when making this map was to make a good hangout map people would play on and enjoy. So people talking about this map and enjoying exploring around makes me happy, and I also enjoy how people like the history of PV and wanted to know more about its history. They also requested I brought back PVTP so I did.

So while yeah its always fun for me to play with friends on it, I always enjoy when others play on it.
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Great update as usual! love all the continuations and its nice to be able to see the secret room from the april fools event
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This is a really nice map. So nice, I end up coming back rapidly. And the island is a very neat extra.
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Good map for hanging out especially if you love hunting for secrets or easter eggs
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